Constant pain and muscle cramps

I have such bad muscle cramps they start in my toes and can go clear to my groin. Even in my hands too. I have tried every muscle relaxer out there and nothing helps I walk the floor at night. I also have RLS restless leg syndorme. The DR's cant seem to find out why I have all these cramps does anyone else have this issue. I work full time as a LPN Manager

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  • Try noticing throughout the day, whether you are tensed up - and as soon as you notice try to relax the muscle groups that are bunched up. Mindfulness is not easy, and it will be extremely difficult at first to catch yourself being tense, and then to deliberately untense. Eventually, it will become easier and the cramps will lessen.

  • There is a condition called Dystonia, that causes involuntary muscle spasms. There are different types that can affect different parts of the body, or generalised Dystonia, which affects the whole body. I'm not a doctor, but maybe you should research it and see if you think that your symptoms match. There are probably many other things that can cause your cramps too, but a referral to a neurologist would rule some things in or out. Bathing in Epsom salts is said to relax muscles, because it contains magnesium and you can also buy it as a supplement. Interestingly, magnesium sulphate is given intravenously to women who have gone into premature labour, as it stops muscles contracting. Do some research as I believe you take Epsom salts in through the skin when bathing and you may not need to do both and take a supplement as well. There may be other natural remedies that might help, such as a massage and using essential oils. Good luck!

  • Thank You i will research this

  • How much sleep are you getting? Sleep loss and muscle cramps can go together.

    You came you have tried every muscle relaxer out there. Have looked at your diet to see if you are missing vital nutrients.

    It is possible that the muscles are responding to a minor infection and are cramping in an attempt to keeep it contained.

    HAve a chat with teh GP about trying an antibiotic like Erythromycin. This can be helpful at stopping muscles cramping in some cases.

    Some times the body can get into the habit of doing certain things in a certain way. When this happens you have to unlearn the habit and replace it with a more beneficial one. Alexander Teachers are very good at teaching you how to do this.

    Hope this helps

  • I do have some issues with low blood from gastric bleed, my iron is 4 my H&H is 8.8 and my vitamin D is 19. so I am working on getting these up by taking iron pills and vitamin d also. Ihave to go get blood test to see if they are working.

  • Hi I have exactly the same. My drs don't know wot it is I am waiting.blood test results ask ur gp for full blood to be done.I am also on med for osteoporosis. Copd osteoarthritis so could be down to.medication I'm also on statins

  • I had painful cramps like that, but magnesium took them away. It was a fluke that I started magnesium, and noticed my cramps were gone. My doctor had suggested several other things, but then I told him about the magnesium, and he said, Yes, that would take cramps away.

  • I see a pain specialist at DR Kershaws Hospice, he recommended Magnesium 375mg for night cramps,Google the benefits of taking Magnesium, even if it doesn`t help with one thing it may benefit your health in another.

  • I have severe cramps and RLS as well as muscle spasms in my legs and hands. I have had this problem since I was 9 yrs. Old. The doctors did nothing until finally a nurse practitioner put me on clonzapam. It helps stop the cramping within 10 minutes and helps the RLS too. I never could figure out what was causing this until she told me it was stress related. I paid attention to this idea and it was absolutely true. When I have a stressful day yes it happens. Clonzapam does help and a have a script for as needed for muscle spasms and RLS. Hope you can try it. It is mainly prescribed for panic attacks I think. Been using this drug for over 15 yrs now. No side effects at all from it!

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