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Has anyone heard of pain throughout left side and muscle spasms?

For the past week this has been happening to me. My arm, hand, face, leg all have been hurting and having muscle spasms. My chest kind of also hurts. When i try to google my symotoms a bunch of heart attack stuff comes up. But this didnt just start. Maybe a sign ? Im only 24. I cant get into the doctor for another week and im freaking out. I feel im to young. But my panic disorder gets the best of me every time.

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Why can you not go to the dr for a week. Insist on am appt pr go to casuslty


I would suggest going to an Urgent Care facility asap. People can be born with heart defects. Not only the elderly have problems. Your problem could be something simple but it is not worth taking chances with your life.

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Hi there I would go to hospital better to be safe and be checked out



You should go to the ER sweetheart. Praying you are okay!!! xxxx Mitzi



Try and get into the GP on this problem, you have not mentioned what side of the body this is happening on. The problem you are having does not recognise age so you should take advice. Better a check up now than later.

If you are really bothered ask for an urgent appointment with any GP in your surgery. Sometimes surgeries will tell you to go down and wait to see a GP at the end of their appointment period.

If the practice has a nurse sometimes they may check you and report to the GP as these nurses are qualified to assist and can do anything from bloods to an ECG

If all else fails pop into the A and E.



Don't second guess chest pain - even if you think it isn't a heart attack, you really do need to get it checked out just to make sure. If it gets severe, then go straight to emergency.


Seth, did you go get it checked out? I, too have had most these symptoms for over a year. I've had some tests (in US w/ high deductible health ins, so I proceed conservatively b/c of cost) but nothing shows up. Everything is on the left side. Sometimes the spasms put me to my knees, they are so painful. I've had pericarditis before several times, & this is not the same kind of pain nor as severe and unrelenting, but sure does bother me nonetheless as it sounds like it does for you. Let me know what u find out, and I hope you're feeling better & it's not heart issues.


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