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Lump removal


Had two lumps removed yesterday under local anesthetic, both on my right ribs. The surgeon was great, he was American and went through everything with me, before and afterwards. I have had a few of these removed previously and was told they are lipomas, I asked the doctor if they could be Dercums disease, he was non committal, but did suggest I could possibly have a general anesthetic and have more removed than just two with a local anesthetic. Have to wait for the pathology results, but he didn't think there was anything sinister with them.

Does anyone else suffer with lipomas or any lumps? I have quite a few all over my body and some of them are very painful. Feeling a little more tired than usual today and a little sore. Will have stitches out in 12 days time so hope I will feel more comfortable then.


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Hi Jan. Sorry to hear that you ahve had to go under "the knife" I bet you do feel sore. I've had redoent ulcers which surprised me as I always thought they were from excessive sun bathing but I had it on a part of my back which had never seen the sun! I had to wat six weeks for the result and I know that it can be a nervous time. It is amazing how painful having quite small lumps can be if they just happen to be in the wrong place especially if there isn't much fat under the skin in that area. The only large lump I have had turned out to be an infected sebaceous cyst which fortunately cleared up after a course of antibiotics and anti inflamatory tablets.I do have those Heberden's nodes on my fingers caused by my osteoarthritis which can be quite painful and make my fingers stiff. When the first one came it was really red and sore and of quite splendid proportions but I took the specialists advice and left well alone and it eventually went down and just left left a small lump. It is always best to have any lumps and bumps investigated though so I think you are wise in having them removed. Let us know your test results, fingers crossed for youx

Thank you rose wine for your reply, yes I agree it is best to have them investigated, I have had a few removed previously due to them being very painful and in awkward places.

I will let you know the outcome of the pathology test.


I have had lipomas .had two removed from under my right armpit/breast over 40 years ago (and I'm still here!) recently had one on my right leg ,my Dr didn't refer me anywhere and it went on its' own , so don' t worry too much ,they sometimes go without surgery . Hope you soon feel better,!

Titchyj in reply to Grottisue

Thanks Grottisue, I have had 6 removed so far, I have around 20 or 30 may be more, in my arms, legs, stomach, ribs and buttocks. They are very painful and I have never had any that have disappeared. According to what I have read lipomas are not painful. I will be seeing GP soon to find out what they actually are. Could be Dercums disease aka Adipose delerosa. Will let you know what the outcome is.

I also have had these for over 10 years and they are still appearing everywhere.


Hi Jan,

I'm new here and have Fibromyalgia, and don't know if lipoma is part of the autoimmune problem, which Fibro is. I've had two removed a few years ago.

Now I have 2 on my upper leg, one just above my left wrist. It's painful and using my

Left hand hurts a lot. I'm trying to find a dr. familiar with Fibromyalgia, since treatment is different. I live in South Florida, USA and drs here still think Fibro and many autoimmune diseases are in your head.

Getting back to lipomas, they are benign and once removed , soreness and tiredness are usual. I personally, would go for local anesthesia, since there are less risks.

I hope this helped a bit.

Since I'm new here, I want to say hi to everyone and hope we can pool our knowledge and help each other.

Have a great day

Titchyj in reply to TulipRose99

Thank you for your reply, had them removed under local anesthetic and other than my blood pressure going through the roof all was fine. Had stitches and glue as I get an allergic reaction to sticking plasters or any sticking dressings. I get my stitches out tomorrow and hopefully they will have the pathology results, which I am sure will be fine.

Hope your FMS is behaving and you don't get any more painful lipomas.




Yes I have on on my neck, next C1-C2 Had it now for twenty years now and it can irritate when wearing a collar or it I play with it. The GP at the time said He would remove it, although recommended that to remove it would just court problems. It is quite large so I suppose a possible removal may happen in the future Suppose will leave well alone

Good Luck


Titchyj in reply to Hidden

Hi Bob, thanks for your reply, sorry you have to contend with lipomas too. The reason for me having them removed is due to the pain they cause, hope yours is sorted soon.


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