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High blood pressure from a possible allergy thought to be a TIA. Can anyone help?

Hi, blood pressure went up the wall, felt my lower right arm went sort of funny, and then I could not get my words out.

M rang the GP's they said to go to hospital. Anyway paramedics came etc and then took me there and I was very nervous as you can guess. They tested me on CT scan of brains, ECG, blood tests etc and all was clear.

They now say it could have been a TIA though they think it could be food. But sending me to the TIA clinic anyway to be monitored.

My husband tested me on the Moo Moo Milk Easter egg and my arm went down like a tin box. So it is possibly that. I never get troubles till it wants to come out. I am fed up and sometimes when I eat I get worried about ti in case I have any problems.

Has anyone suffered like this from allergies - using the widest meaning? I am 100% I have not had a stroke but glad I had the tests as I was not sure.

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