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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Anyone else got or had this? I had my 1st left rib rib removed in 1999. My arteries and veins were lacerated badly.

My question is, has anyone else developed it on the opposite side? I've got all the symptoms and it's driving.me.crazy! My gp thinks it's just postural hut hasn't even tested my.pulse.... I was checked about 5 years ago and came back clear but this time, the symptoms are much clearer. My 4th & 5th fingers get pins and needles, my arm is week. I can't.hold it up. My arm get rsi symptoms but only when I'm holding my arm up or its not by my.side.

I'm really quite worried! Any advice?!

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Have you requested a referral to a neurologist or someone who could assess you?


I'm seeing my Rheumatologist on the 19th thankfully but my gp won't do anything anymore. Her stick answer is 'talk to your rheumy!'. It's very frustrating!!

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Well the rheumatologist will be able to help you more in this case than your gp, that's why your gp says that.

I am seeing a rheumatologist on the 20th, I'll be depending on them now and not my gp.

A gp will only do general stuff and referral.

Good luck.

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Thanks :)

It seems that GPs only interfere when they want too! My rheumy wanted me to see a specialist about my jaw so referred me to a dental school - I have EDS and tmjd. My gp had a fit, cancelled the referral and wrote a rude letter to my specialist. Then she told me that she couldn't refer me either and I had to see my dentist...... I still haven't been referred despite asking my dentist several times.....

It's changed far toouch in the last decade..!


I have (or rather had thoracic outlet compression). My rib was removed 5 yrs ago. I have the extra rib on my rt side, but as yet I haven't had any problems from it. I saw a plastic surgeon to get my ne diagnosed, but it was a physio that initially diagnosed it. Can you get a referral to a physio? Sorry I cant help more. Hope you get some help soon. cathy

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