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Any advice for constant pain? I am really struggling!

I have just joined and am in a great deal of pain. I had an operation on my neck a year ago and was pain free for 3 months, then I went in a plane to visit my daughter abroad and have been suffering ever since. (Severe neck pain, nerve pain in my arm etc.

The medications I have aren't working at the moment. Someone posted who lived near Stanmore. I am due to go back to the pain clinic there. Could you get in contact with me? I think it was Jane.

I would love some tips on how to cope as I'm not doing so very well at the moment!

Many thanks,


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Hi! Glad you're here! My first suggestion is to keep a diary of your days including 1-10 pain levels at different times a day, sleep schedule, things you think might trigger your pain (you might discover this by journaling) and be very specific with your pain clinic Dr. So he can find a new plan to address your pain. Take your journal with you. Also found some non medication ways here: Good luck.


Thank you for your advice.


Maybe a chiropractor could adjust your neck, may be a pinched nerve ?


Living in pain is really hard to deal with. Not really something that doctors understand. I think if they went through it then they would be more understanding. The pain clinic will look into different see if anything works.

I know how you feel. I hope they are able to help.


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