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I am in agony with my lower back, cannot stand or walk, dr has prescribed diclofenac any helpful suggestions welcome, please


Yesterday I did a lot of painting, but when I first awoke this morning I was fine. then I bent down to pick something up and my back went, I have been in agony since, cant even get to loo, husband having to place bucket where I can slide to half stand over it. This is a nightmare !

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Sorry for your pain I see you have been prescribed NSID medication as diclofenac, you can take additional analgesics.if your GP has not already given a script for them...

Try Paracetamol, or visit the chemist who will advise you on something more suited for your needs, there are many other types of painkiller, you may have a preference. Next week if not any better make an appointment to see your GP and explain your problem

You could also try a hot bath or shower, concentrate the shower head onto the sore area, another way is to place a hot water bottle onto the effected area. You could also try analgesic creams, rub the sore area. One way of doing this is to warm the tub in a mug of hot water when the cream is warm/hot apply to skin, rubbing into the effected area. sit straight back, do not sit crouched on a settee or soft seat

One thing I am not a GP, just a Pain Patient, your GP will deal with your problem so always take his advice

Good luck


nannyog in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much. I wil take your advice

Bending over like that was obviously not a good idea, but then you probably know that. Right now your back muscles are possibly going into spasm which makes any kind of movement worse. Try either ice or heat (or alternate them) over the area to see if you can loosen up those muscles. Ice is better while its still inflammed, but heat can relieve the pain a bit and relax those muscles, so both are good. If its still really in spasm in a couple of days, then maybe ask your GP if you can try a muscle relaxant as well. If you have been prescrbed the diclofenac, then take it as prescribed - it needs to be taken regularly for several days at least to do its job as an antiinflammatory. Once you are starting to feel a bit better, then get yourself to a physio as soon as you can to get some proper advice about how to move and exercise your back without injuring it - the sooner you can get your muscles there toned up and learn how to avoid injuring it again, the better. Even silly things like learning how to lift and bend safely becomes essential, and even if you think you know how to do it, getting a physio to check your movements is extremely helpful because you can't really see yourself and could well be bending in the wrong way. When you are sleeping, if you lie on your back, then get hubby to put a small pillow under your knees as that keeps your back in a better position. If you sleep on your side, then put the pillow between your knees.

nannyog in reply to earthwitch

thank you I have tried the pillow thing and it certainly helps.

Every case is different. However, a hot herbal bag helps. pop it in the microwave. If the pain killers do not help ask your Dr for Tramadol. They might wipe you out however, they helped me. If you have access to a hot water bottle use it on your back. Have the same problem, got a portaloo, next to my bed!!!!!! Best thoughts it's a temporary situation.

nannyog in reply to backisbad

things are improving slowly. advice very helpful

Its sounds like you are in a spasm to me... I usually take a diazepam(i only ever take it when my back goes into a spams) as it relaxes the muscles and co codamaol when mine happens. I have several disc problems and I too suffer a lot like you,(even the bucket bit). HEAT it what i use.. I have heat pad and i cant start my day without it. It works for me. I really do feel for you. Hope it releases itself soon. X

nannyog in reply to deb25426

many thanks, you have my sympathy if you get this a lot. Mine is easing, slowly but surely

NICE has recommendations for chiropractic and osteopathic treatment. It is worth finding out what the NICE recommendations are and discuss them with your GP.

Don't assume that that the pain you have is due to the painting exercise you did and the bending done. There can be other reasons for pain. These other reasons need to be checked for.

You have reached the age where you need to pay more attention to your body. However you do not know what to pay attention to and what to do when something does not feel quite right. Physio on the NHS will not help in this matter as their approach is one size fits all regardless of the ability of the patient to have self awareness of what their body can or cannot do. The Alexander Technique is worth looking into as well as certain types of Yoga. Both will help with muscle coordination and will help prevent future occurrence of back problems caused by faulty muscular coordination. T'ai CHi can be quite good for this, however there are quite a few people teaching this type of exercise with no understanding of T'ai Chi basics what so ever.

Hope this helps

nannyog in reply to johnsmith

many thanks for the information

Take the meds, it will help give the muscles a chance to relax. Keep warm and try not to too keep too still for too long. A hot bath might help. Relax, relax and relax some more. After all that have a go at Alexander technique and body mapping to help prevent future problems. When u do move don't move too quickly, move your muscles very slowly and gently to begin with, avoid bending your spine and use your legs instead if poss. The key is getting your muscles to come out of spasm so keep the injury site well wrapped up, warm and cosy. U could try to keep your jaw and tongue relaxed, once u achieve this start working down your body in a similar way. I do feel for you as we all know what it's ( pain) like here, be really really kind to yourself and good luck. Then Heather

nannyog in reply to pinknosedcat

thank you

I would recommend Cold Gel packs for back pain. The cold really helps reduce the pain and inflammation significantly. 10 mins with the packs on then pop them back in the freezer. Repeat every hour.

I would also recommend going to see a chiropractor. I am seeing one and they have worked wonders on my back this past month.

nannyog in reply to Alyson

thank you

When my back goes into spasms, I take a long sock, fill it with rice, tie it

at the end so none gets out and I pop it in the microwave. I lay on my

belly and the sock with warm/hot rice goes right down my spine. It feels

so good that I go to sleep like that.

nannyog in reply to Brett85

unusual but worth trying thank you

Try a sports physio, they are very good at finding the root of a pain and treating it. They will also give you exercises to do.

Once you are better, go to pilates as this will strengthen your core muscles. These will help to support the spine and prevent it from happening again.

Develop good habits for picking things up - get on the floor to reach it rather than bend. Or get a grabby thing.

Are you seriously sayng that a lady who can barely move should go to the chemist or get into the bath. She can hardly move! As for suggesting painkillers I am sure the woman or her husband would hvae thought of that. Saying one should not assume it is because of bending over makes no sense when it happened when one bends over. That was obviously the cause then.

secaly in reply to wiserlady6

Bang on... I'm just like her can't move. Sore so bad cause I took off the wall paper off my daughter's castle bed... I had to go up and down to rip it off and I know that's the cause. Forget doing yoga I can barely sit... don't tell me to take walk I can't walk either. Just going up and down the stairs is agony... man ... it's been 3 days when will it heal?