3 slipped disc help

My name is sue my age is 67 I have had a scan on my lower back and I have 3 slipped disc and I am waiting for a review before I need to see a surgeon , I have had a letter in December to say I would get a letter in 13 weeks and then I have to phone up for appointment , which at the moment I could scream as I am in a lot of pain and I sneezed early on which have made it worse. I am still up because I don't know if I can make it bed any one that can tell me what to take would really be a help

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  • Sue

    If you are unable to sleep because of your pain, then you need assistance now.

    Your GP can prescribe to ease things for you, waiting months for a more permanent solution without pain help I is not a situation you have to tolerate.

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Sue

    I agree with Jim you should not be waiting that long. First of all I suggest you go see your gp and tell them what is going on he might be able to get you a referral quicker. Where abouts on your back are your slipped discs? and what medication are you taking? Also do what is comfortable for you, if sleeping downstairs is better for you do that, I use heat to help my pain and I use a heat mat, look on Amazon or use a hot water bottle. Follow me and read my story and maybe it might help a little. Please get in touch with you doctor in the morning and also message me back if you need to talk. Good luck Sue.

    Sharon x

  • Thank you Sharon I am going back to see my GP tomorrow as its got worse and every time I open my bowel I could scream with the pain and I am on ibuprofen and paracetmol and its not touching it and usually I am very good with pain but I must admit its got to me as before long I will not be able to move as something is really wrong the bottom of my back is very swollen so fingers crossed and believe I don't need a heat pad I could fry a egg on the bottom of my xx

  • Hi sorry to hear of your pain and diagnosis. I agree with the two replies.

    Untreated pain can also be bad for your health in other ways such as heart health in some patients longer term. If your pain is too unbearable please take yourself to a hospital but hopefully your GP will see you soon for and appointment and help. In terms of medication, I feel that different things work for different people and you don't know what medication or medication combination will work for you until you try. Surgery is not always going to offer pain relief so if you can get a refferal to pain management centre also, you may have better chance to access to doctors that can help.

    I agree sometimes it is a better to sleep where you can comfortably and when you can. I too use an electric heat pad and a small portable tens machine overnight to help at night when pain is worse. I also try to take Krill oil and it seems to help with inflammation when doctors do not always want you on the NSAIDs as much these days. Good luck with it.

  • I personally would email yr hospital s pals complaint s line. Tell them giving yr situation the waiting time is disgraceful. Tell yr pain and quality of life is grinding u down . I have done this 2 became my situation was and is bad . I had a good response and was seen very quickly. This was a rheumatologist. Thankfuly my fantastic GP referred me to a private hospital as requested, as they tend to get things done a bit quicker. Iam waiting for op which won't be long . All in al it's been about 10 weeks from seeing the neurosurgeon having alternative treatments. To going for op . Good luck

  • I was going to ring the hospital but I know they are stretched and really busy I am not ill as such but going to my GP tomorrow as cant go on like this, Best of luck with you op how long have you got to wait I have been told its about 8 months at our hospital , please let me know how you get on xxxxxxxxx

  • Sue,

    Having been in a similar situation my advice would be 1) to go back to your GP for advice and pain relief 2) I spent a lot of time with ice packs held in place over the affected area, which numbed the pain a little 3) I could only sleep (doze) in an armchair with a duvet propped over the back of a dining room chair to prevent it touching my legs as my back went into spasm if I laid down so maybe you could try alternatives of your own 4) phone the consultant's secretary for updates 5) steer clear of alternative practitioners

    I hope you get sorted soon.

  • I feel for you I have back due to a bulged disc I have spent £1000 on private treatment to find this out that was 3 years ago.My pain is when I walk a short distance.I had injections into my back on 23 dec 16 it made no difference I am now waiting to see the doctor again in march 17 I dont know what that outcome will be,I also have ,migraines and my gp refuses me any more tabs ,I really feel my gp doesn't care any more if you can pay private that's how you get help May I mention anyone young enough to work pay into private health care as when you retire there wI'll be no health service

  • I agree if I had the money I would go private and I know the feeling about walking a short distant I cant even go to the local shops as both my legs cramp up but going back to see Gp tomorrow and if they don't do any thing I just going to scream xxx

  • sue, unfortunately my disc protrusion is in my neck and unoperable ,i have been in total agony for a few years now and the pain clinic discharged me because they say they have gone as far as they can , however due to my lack of sleep and depression i was forced back to my doctors last week, i explained again my position which she knew already and prescribed codeine sulphate to be taken along side my butrans patches and paracetamol,it hasnt got rid but my problems are greatly deminished ,i still have pain but it has been dulled, mind you its strange cos when i got up yesterday morning after my first pill i was extremely dizzy (went away after food; and this morning i was sweating even though it was cold , side effects no doubt , but at the very least i hope it stays like this,

  • sorry sue i answere you further down, let me know if you cant find it!!

  • Hey so my name is Troy and I just want to wish you all the best in your search for a pain relief I can cope with you if you'd read my posting I was in a car accident broke a lot of Bones and now I'm permanently disabled in my left leg I walk with a cane and I'm 45 years old. To you I would say I know a few doctors that could possibly help depending on what area you're located if you're located around the Madison Milwaukee area that's in Wisconsin I recommend looking up dr. Husan in Milwaukee WI USA.

    Although you'll have to look at it but she has good reviews and she's willing to work with you and prescribe the narcotics that may be necessary for your pain relief I wish you all the best. Troy Goodrich

  • Thank you only trouble is I live in England but thank for replying x

  • You must ensure you get enough sleep. Sleep effects fine muscle control which in turn affects pain experienced.

    See a McTimony chiropractor. They will help reduce some of the problems with the back which in turn will reduce experienced pain. An Alexander teacher will help with improved functioning which in turn will help reduce pain.

    Hope this helps.

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