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multible ongoing issues from bloods to pain

Hi I am new and have just registered.

I was hoping i could get some advise as to be completely honest i don't have great faith in our NHS care anymore.

i have had a high white blood cell count for over a year to which i seen a specialist and he thought it was stress related and also related to my mediation.

I have hyper mobile joint syndrome and IBS.

constant pain in my joints, back, legs and feet - muscle cramps where you can see the muscle moving under the skin. i am on 30/500mg cocodamal and 600mg lryica.

I have a high live function which i have had for 7 years but i only drink alcohol once or twice a year.

i have also had dramatic weight gain- 8 stone in 3 years.... have tried everything but cant seem to loss anymore then 4lb.

i also have depression and have just started CBT and they think i have PTSD. i am also on sertraline 150mg.

i also seem to have no control of my sleep. one night no sleep the next sleep. however when i sleep nothing weakens me and i mean nothing and to be honest it scares me that i don't wake to things. i also have little control as to when i fall asleep. if i do anything that involves sitting down i could fall asleep mid sentence.

I am only 25 and i don't want i live like this. i would really appetite any advise.

thank you in advance.


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I'm sorry I have no advice but just want you to know I'm thinking about you. This is a great site for support so if you just want to rant and it helps, you do so. Xxx


Hi Kirsty. There are a lot of issues here and I can only comment on some. I would assume that your raised blood count is not causing concern if your specialist has said it is related to stress and medication and no changes have been made to the medication.

You do sound very distressed about the various issues in your life. I wonder what bothers you the most.

You are just starting CBT and since that is a therapy that will help you look at the various difficulties in your life and decide how to approach them it might be just the thing g for you.

I don't have any practical suggestions apart from do stick with the CBT even though it's hard work and can be quite distressing at times.

There is anot her forum on HU which helps with diet and healthy eating. Perhaps that is the place to go for advice about your weight.

I hope things start to improve for you soon



Hi Kirsty and welcome to a friendly forum. Everyone will do their utmost to help you - but we can't advise you only suggest things through our own experiences

You do have a lot going on and I feel you need to see your doctor.

One I can pick out is the sleeping at the drop of a hat - one of my husbands aunts used to fall asleep mid sentence or whilst watching tv she had narcolepsy - but because of your conditions and meds you are taking so I wouldn't take this as gospel.

Hope you find a solution to what is happening to you - please let us know how you get on. Take Care 🎄🎅🏻

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You will have now noticed from your 3 replies that you have found people who will listen and through their experiences will try to help.

Being alone with any problem serves to make it worse.

I don't need to tell you that you have an array of concerns and I share your disappointment with parts of the NHS.

Your health issues have not appeared overnight and they will not disappear likewise.

Successes will be hard won, failures seen as temporary setbacks, at 25 you have strength and time on your side.

Take Care


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Hi Kirsty

Welcome to the forum!

With your high white cell count and joint pains, has anyone ever suggested or looked into Rheumatoid arthritis? As you've seen a 'specialist' I would assume that it has already been investigated but.........

Sleep; it's a massive issue anyway but with pain thrown in, it's a quagmire!! Your medication maybe the reason but that doesn't mean it's an explanation. I also have such little control of my body's sleep requirements that I've resorted to sleeping tablets so I'm in some kind of pattern. It's definitely not perfect but it's better than without them! Maybe you could ask for a low, low dose of your doctor's choosing to try to get some form of normality?

Weight gain & pain for me have gone hand in hand both from lack of mobility or medication rendering me only able to grab something easy to eat laying on my side. I've put on probably 10 stone since 2009 when my problems started. I'm now seeing a Nutritionist to try to get this under control but my physical disability makes it nearly impossible.

As you've only just started CBT it probably feels like a load of baloney but do stick with it. It will give you the tools to start to gain some semblance of a 'normality' within your physical restrictions.

I definitely think it's worth having your medication reviewed; maybe a muscle relaxant? A stronger opioid - maybe upping the Codeine and taking it separately to the Paracetamol? If that still doesn't help, maybe something even stronger for the real breakthrough pain? It's a discussion you need to have with your GP because at the moment you're going around in circles!! You need a clear plan of what to do when & what to take when.......



Hi Kirsty,

I think you may need to have a test for sleep apnoea,

I used to fall asleep like yourself and had the test and was diagnosed with it. I have to wear a CPAP machine at night indefinitely to have air forces into my lungs to keep my heart beating.

now I do not fall asleep during the day and only when I go to bed and wear the mask,you need to have regular sleep as that will help your depression and anxiety,as when one sleeps at night all our cells are being repaired.

I do hope this has been of help to you and hope life brightens up for you.

welcome to this site,we all try to help each other.

take care


Hello Kirsty & hello everyone else

I am just registered but often read the posts on here.....however, having read Kirsty's message I really felt that I could relate to some of what she is saying so I've just registered & I've jumped In with a reply before introducing myself, I know this may not be forum etiquette so please forgive me.

My name is Shelley hello to all you forum members

Hi Kirsty. I'm sorry to hear of what you going through.....particularly as you are so young. I am almost 50 & like you I suffer with the constant pain in my back, joints, feet etc also the IBS and the depression also followed. I cannot stand & walking is so painfull due to an infected bursa. There is no quality of life at 50 so how you are managing at 25 well I just don't know.

It took almost 3 years to get my diagnosis (I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis) and although I don't fall asleep mid sentence I do sleep most of my life now) on average 18 hours a day....but hopefully once my medication is established this will soon be manage.

Anyway I wanted To give you one piece of advise. Push for help . Keep going to your GP with all your complaints (I kept diary of how my days were) and Ask what else can be done to help you maybe referrals to the pain clinic....and an occupational therapist....just keep your GP on their toes...ask questions...ask everything you want to know. Keep taking your diary into them noting your instant sleep mode. . Your weight you feel daily both mentally & physically . Where the pain is...what you were doing when it started or got worse or went milder or/ and how it is restricting you. Push the GP constantly and share a 50/50 partnership with them concerning all aspects of your healthcare

I suffered for 2 years with having this done & that done here & then.... by the 3rd year I wNted to know why I had no quality of life & it wasn't until I starting pushing for answers that I started to get somewhere

Life will get better for you once the NHS has established what they are dealing with in your case & you :will hopefully start receiving the right treatment but you must push the NHS & the GP to investigate every ailment and make referrals. Where necessary

Take care


hi kirsty 1991,I can't really give you much advice about your blood results,but I suffer with peripheral neuropathy which rings so true to your symptoms,sometimes I think I've got little fish swimming up and down my legs,and I get cramps in my legs mainly,I suffer with a awful lit of general pains,and the doctors put it down to nueropathy,and I unfortunately witnessed to very traumatic experiences which has left me with ptsd,I've suffered bouts of depression which ultimately made me turn to alcohol,and now I'm paying the price for a rollercoaster of a life,so I don't drink alcohol anymore,but the sleep issues still concern me as I have a very over active mind,so my sleep patterns are very mixed,so whilst your still young look after your body,and I would guess that the weight gain maybe due to your medication so I wish you a pain free Christmas and a happy new year 😊


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