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Anyone had deep nerve root block injections?

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My first bi-lateral deep nerve root block injection was booked in for July 1st and it seems to have taken forever for that day to arrive!!!!!

I was a wreck going into the room but although it hurt, it didn't hurt as much as I'd expected although I was pretty shocked to see the size of the holes in my back!!

I didn't seem to lose much of the feeling from the local anaesthetic, no numbness in my legs or feet at the time, but today I feel like someone has taken a baseball bat to the small of my back and my thighs!

I'd really like to hear from other people who've had this treatment to see how you found it, how long it took for the effects to work and how long the effects lasted etc....

Thank you

Mistee xx

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Hi I had one yesterday and steroid injections which I've had several times before. Don't be concerned as I'm really sore today and usually this lasts a couple of days then hopefully you'll feel the benefits. Let me know in a few days how you are. I really hope it helps you

Had one 4 weeks ago, very painful, which the consultant doing it said was a good sign that they were in the right place, the pain in my back and down my leg was terrible for 5 days, then the whole leg started to feel altered like I had been hopping on it for a week and it had gone numb! Unfortunately for me the relief I got only lasted five days and the pain is now back to where it was before, but don't loose heart, the consultant that did it said, that I had the biggest annular tear she had seen and she didn't think the injection would help. Mine was done as a last ditch attempt to see if anything would help, prior to fusing the offending disc to it's neighbour.The pain clinic also started me on Palexia, what a godsend it is, fantastic pain relief and so far, no bad side effects, and I am usually the person that suffers terrible problems from drugs.I hope you get excellent relief from injection, it can take up to 4-6 weeks.I know what chronic pain is like, it takes over your life, as my Mum said it's like someone screaming in your ear all day long and you can't get away from them. Good luck for resolution to your pain.

Hi Mistee. How is your pain now? My situation is that I have been diagnosed with a herniated disc at L5. The pain when I try and walk is severe and I am actually on day 14 in bed. I walk around the house when I can but that doesnt last for more than a few minutes before I collapse on the nearest couch or bed in a heap. To add to my stress, I am going on an overseas holiday to Malaysia in just under 4 weeks time. The neurosurgeon told me that it might be worth me getting a spinal nerve block to help cope with the pain. I'm terrified of such a thing especially after I heard that it is only done under a local anesthetic. Please would you let me know more about your experience and whether it has been worth it from a pain point of view? Many thanks. Kim

Hi guys, well it's been a few days now and so far only a small and all that is really is the pain from having it done is starting to ease. That said, my left side - which is usually the worst side by far - feels slightly better than the right side although the right side was much more painful during the injections.

I'm itching to start on the morphine too for the muscular pain but the surgeon said not to change any meds for the first week as I have to make a note each day as to how I feel and they need to know that changed are from the injection and not the meds. It makes sense so I'm holding off as long as I can.

Kim, it hurt like hell but not as much as I'd expected, I didn't get much of a block from the local which is why I think it hurt so much. I was expecting dead legs and numb feet as described by the surgeon but I didn't even get as much as a numb bum.

If your surgeon thinks he can get you in for it before you go away (I'd say in the next 2 wks so you have recovery time) then it might be worth having a go, I wouldn't think it could cause much more pain than you're in and I wouldn't think there's much chance of flying at the minute? Is it about a 12hrs flight? I hope you find a way to ease your pain in time!! X

Hi Mistee. The neurosurgeon told me that the block takes maximum effect after about 2 weeks so maybe you will start to feel slightly better each day. Do let us know how you progress! I'm going to ask the surgeon if he can do it with me under a general anesthetic. I cant handle that sort or pain and needles and me are terrible friends! If I do have it done, I'll let you know. Yes, the flight from South Africa to Malaysia is about 11 hours.

Hi Mistee,

I had a block nerve injection in the back of my head where the occipital lobe is. Unfortunately the injection made the pain worse, so never had another. So 11 years later I'm still in pain & still on meds. Hope your injection works for you. I was told to expect 3 months of pain relief. Cheers.

I had a nerve block done in my shoulder, via surgically done... I can't tell you when it started to work, but I can tell you it gave me my life back for about a year. Now, after 12 yrs, my shoulder is heading backwards and all they can do is give me pain meds... they said nothing else can help with this...

Good Luck, and if they want to put you on pain meds, try to stay away from the hard core ones... that will only lead you into destruction and a whole lot of new issues.... but try asking for Toradol... not sure of spelling. It's non narcotic, but does have the same outcome, and helps with swelling, etc...

Good Luck

Thanks Kellycan

Oh dear, I'm already on the hard stuff!!

It's good to hear that it's worked for someone, many people said It didn't help or it did but only for a few days!!

How many injections have you had? I heard it works less each time

Hope you find something that works for you x

Hi mistee. Think I will ask for this one..had a camara and needle with blue dye in my hip!!????think that was something different..but I am a real ars with needles really!!!!!!so would they serdate me ????!?? Been offered injections before but the big dam needle they showed me 7 year ago before serdated me ..put me off for life..need something!!!nuro guy said I've not to do much carry Hoovers up stairs etc ..come on I've 3 kids a dog,,,,,so what life would I have if listened....mind side my scan in this Oct.. Had one not long ago shows a disc extrusion on both sides now hhhhaaawww xxxxxx

PS mistee.. So you couldn't have morpie god did you go cold turkey or given something else xxxx

Hi everyone I had a right S1 nerve root block done under ct guidance just over 4 wks ago after being rushed into hospital after 14 wks of worsening siatica it got to the point I was incoherent with the pain and couldn't wee.prioir to this I had MRI which showed 3 bulging discs 1 pressing on the nerve and degeneration.

Anyway though the horrendous pain has gone I still have a constant ache in my bum and down my leg. Wondering if this is normal.still on most of my meds including slow release morphine.saw the pain management team last wk who are slowly reducing my meds and I came of the amatriptilon 4 days ago since them my sleeping is erratic was only on 10 mg but to be honest the ache has become alot worse don't want to restart it again as im still on so much.

Sorry his Is SO Long But JUST Wondering Will This Ache Ever Go Yes It's Better Than The PAIN.but But Still On Walking Sticks AND Feel Miserable Or Could It Be Im Over Doing It

thanks in advance

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Marcasite7 in reply to suesboose

Hello Sueboose

I have just been reading your post about your chronic sciatica and your description is very similar to my ongoing sciatic problem. I know you posted 6 years ago but I’m interested to know how you are now and whether your condition improved over time.

I have two herniated discs at V5 / SI and have suffered with chronic sciatic pain for 18 months. I received a steroid nerve block injection 3 months ago which helped a little, but I continue to suffer from lower lumbar back ache, pain through the left buttock and pins and needles down the length of my left leg.

I have tried different pain meds including gabapentin and naproxen - both of which caused me to experience nasty side effects, so I now rely on co-codamol and ibuprofen. I try to keep moving ... sciatic exercises cause my condition to worsen so walking is the best exercise for me. I have also bought an inversion table which I use 2x10mins daily at 40 degrees - I think this is helping, but very slowly.

I am seeing my Spinal Consultant again in 3 months time and he’s advised me that the next stage for me is an operation to remove the part of the bulging disc/s which are compressing the sciatic nerve. I don’t want to have this invasive procedure which also comes with associated risks but as you know, this sciatica is very debilitating and I want rid of it!

The experience of others is always very helpful and if you see this message and have time to respond, I would be very grateful to know how you’re doing with your condition 6 years on.

Many thanks and best wishes,


I had one last night can't even see where the needles been s bit sore today but as yet no relief , but my experience at the private hospital via the nhs was 100 times better than the one 4 yr ago at the nhs hospital

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Mistee in reply to Blakejess

Ah I'm on the waiting list for my 4th round since I posted this lol! I always have 2 very visible holes from the needles though! I find it an agonising procedure and have had swelling and bruised nerves each time so it takes 1 - 2 wks for the pain and discomfort from the procedure to go and the pain relief to kick in but then the nerve pain is 100% relieved for 5 - 6 months so it's absolutely worth it!!!

Hope your relief kicks in soon!

They've never worked for me, so yr fortunate they have for u.

It didn't work for me, infact I was ill admitted to hospital high temperature high heart rate, nausea of my food for wks never again. This is the 2 Nd in my back . But I've had them in other places to I always seem to. Have some reactions and not the best . Yr only aloud up to 3 a year . I was told if it was going work it would be in the 1st 2weeks.

I had nerve root block done on 7th of this month,I know it's only been 2weeks but 2day I'm in the most horrible pain I have ever had,my back and left side of me is so painful, it didn't hurt that much having it done but 2day I dont know y it's this bad on the morphine and other pain killers 2day,thay said it should work straight away or ip 2 6weeks of having it done, but 2day I cant cope.

I had the same done in November last year. It was painful having it done but was ok for about 4 weeks then the pain came back and now in agony. I think you are lucky if it works.

Yes I’ve had many..

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