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NHS knee surgery waiting times?? confusing? after waiting a year and a half for help

i have a question ok so i went to quite a few doctors after my knee dislocated several time over a year ago they said oh its your certain muscule etc. got checked by several doctors at this time who were stumped with my knee the third doctor then said oh you have a tracking issue with your knee so i said to the doctor look give me a surgeon i want to speak to one as i do alot of athletics and know when something is wrong so anyway i went to the surgeon who was shocked with my knee after a year of seeking help and 30 dislocations in one year to find i had rupture my ligaments as i cant squat he has said i need surgery but how long is the waiting time from the surgeon saying you need surgery / operation in the NHS england???

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You could probably find that out from PALS at your local hospital - thats the Patient Advice and Liaison service. Most waiting list targets these days seem to be either 12 or 18 weeks, but that isn't for 100% of people - they always have a bit of an opt out by saying they aim to see for example 90 percent of people in 12 weeks. Still means that some have to wait longer.

Another way you might be able to find out is to google your NHS service or PHT and see if there is anything online about waiting times.


Try calling his secretary. By the sounds of it you have been missed.

Have you seen any Dr's in the mean time? Or have you seen the surgeon again at all?

The secretaries are normally really helpful. Gove it a try.

Best of luck!


I can't answer about how long it takes because I live in America, I had a bad wipe out

on a bike showing off to my nephew and ended up with torn ligaments. I had the

knee replaced because it was so worn down from extreme sports, Getting that

knee replaced was the best thing that I ever did for myself. AS you can see in my

recent photo, I can do most any squat or make any move except steps are one

place that I don't mess around with. It takes some getting used to. Good luck on

your surgery whenever the time comes.


Hi quepedo07,

Waiting time can be really frustrating for a surgery like that. I would suggest that you seek help from orthopedic surgeons abroad since waiting time is less in some countries like Mexico, India and UAE. If you are having difficulty and is doubtful of a certain surgeon, I recommend Dr. Max Greig. He is an orthopedic surgeon in Mexico who took care of my brother who had meniscus tear. Google Placidway and you should be able to see the profile of Dr. Greig.

Good luck and I’m hoping for your fast and full recovery.


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