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Surgery for a herniated disc


I've had a herniated disc a few years ago . I was in agony for a year . Tried physio and a charopractor but it didn't work. They recommend surgery if it hasn't healed after 3 to 6 months . Which is what I did. It worked a treat . I was fine for 3 years after and enjoying life . But one day at work I lifted something to heavy and now another disc has ruptured . I've had a steroid injection which was a load of rubbish and a waste of a day in hospital . The last time I had surgery i was with BUPA and got seen to within 3 days. And back on my feet in 4 weeks . However Now I don't have BUPA cover and I've been waiting 9 months for surgery . The pain is so severe I sometimes can't bring myself to leave the house as I dread a day full of pain . Even after taking painkillers . I don't enjoy life anymore because of it and it feels like the healthcare system really couldn't care less . It's not a nice place to be . I can barely walk to the shop and back let alone work . I'm only 29 so I hope that the hospital get in touch soon as I cant carry on like this . If anyone has had this condition for longer than 6 months I really would recommend surgery as when I had it last time I felt like a new man afterwards . Just be very careful with what you lift after you are healed . This affects people very differently, some people acb heal by themselves however if the disc is severely ruptured then you will need surgery . I just hope the hospital get in touch soon. Don't accept the pain guys ! You shouldn't have to take painkillers for the rest of your life . There is solutions out there ,but operations are expensive so expect to wait a VERY long time if you don't have healthcare . Good luck and stay strong .

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Thanks for sharing that. I have a bulging disc and spinal stenosis. I have been contemplating surgery. I hear good and bad how about surgery. Glad to hear that surgery has worked for you.

The surgery worked for me too but I had to pester for it. I suggest you take the dripping tap method and ring every day to see if there is a cancellation. This method does work. Good luck. I understand how this sort back pain colours one's world in very dark tones.

I am sorry to hear what you are going through as I am also going through the same agony of having a herniated disc. May I ask you Marky where do you have the herniated disc.??? I have it in my neck. The neurosurgeons say surgery is risky but I have severe arm pain and can’t lift my right arm up at times

Hi markyboyb321, you have been through a lot ,. Makes me wonder about the health system. I had a dexa scan last June where they found I had osteopenia-2.5 and abnormal cupping of the acetabulum, basically I have abnormal bone growth around the hip socket, was given vitamin D tablets and paracetamol, was in a lot of pain and i still am 12 months down the line. Dr thought i was putting it on and sent me for mri scan in Dec last yr, came back i have two prolapse disc ,middle and lower back, with some oedema and protrusion in the middle disc.. was refered to physio (3 month wait ) only went once as the exercises made my left leg burn ( thats the side of my bad hip) obviously I dont drive and getting out is hit and miss as to weather I can manage on the day

Went to my new Drs as I had to move to ground floor property with no steps. He gave me gabapentin 10 days ago .. omg .. bloody awful!! I already have a chronic illness that makes me fatigued so the gabapentin made me comatose!! .. bad headaches etc. So stopped taking them

I am now at a loss as to what I do now.. My occupational therapist has suggested pain management, I have all the adaptions to help me in the home but it still does not take away the annoying pain. 😞 I know I' old at 56 but this has taken over my life now

Can't work, can't make plans, can't sit very long, can't walk very far ,can't stand for no more than 5 mins .. Oh the joys...

Hope you get help again soon .

I had the surgery (microdiscectomy at L5/S1) and ended up with chronic pain. Remember, every surgery has risks, and the outcome can be bad. Just keep that in mind when making the decision.

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