Im 42 yrs old male.I took Tavanic 500 on Feb 9-18 for my bacterial prostatitis. Starting Feb 8 i feel pain below my right rib cage until now

Its painful when i am lying on bed..I have fatty liver. For the past 2 weeks I ate sunflower seeds and walnut for anti inflammatory. Im taking liver vitamins Legalon. I dont know what causes of this pain. I dont know if this is gallbladder kidney or liver. But my ultrasound is ok. Please help me.

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  • Maybe it is the foods you are eating as your ultrasound is ok thank goodness. Have you any books or looked on website for foods to eat and to avoid for fatty liver and also digestion. Be gentle with your tummy. Do you think those seeds and nuts are helping or making you suffer?

  • Hello Farrel.Have you tried eating low fat foods.It could also be Corstal Condritis which is inflammation of cartledge btween your ribs,its very painful.Perhaps you could ask your GP to examine you,Hope you feel better soon.

  • It could be muscle cramp. GP first port of call to reduce worries about it being serious then seeing who can stretch out the cramp if it is cramp

  • but doctors told me its nothing but they didnt even gave me any medicine. i am in saudi arabia and doctors here are not that ok. sorry to say this. i am thinking maybe infection but ... i am really scared

  • If it was infection, your temperature would be raised. You could check that first. Otherwise, I'd also suggest that it could be your diet or those supplements for your liver - it could just be making it worse. I'd go back to eating a normal balanced diet for a while and see if it gets better. Seeds can be hard to digest, and walnut contains a lot of oil that your liver probably doesn't like too much.

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