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Hip Pain Worry


My name is Abi, I dont know where to start, only that I reallly have been suffering so much with horrible hip pain I dont know how to desribe it. I have had this coming up for 2 and a half years. I was diagnosed as having a torn labrum, which was trimmed, as well as pincer hip impingement but they didnt shave any bone of. Now the latest is that the only thing they can do for me is cut my pelvis and re-shape my hip. I am 24, I am so upset about all of this and it hurts so much. I cant talk to my family about it as a few members think its my fault as I was running on it. I know its my fault but if I had known this was going to happen I would never have ran to the extent I caused this injury. I cant work or do anything, I cant sit or lay, its horrible. I dont know if any anyone has any tips on how to handle this?

Thank you anyway I do appreciate it.


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Hi Abi

I am so sorry for your pain and I know we are all our worst enemies, do remember that every one who reads your post will be sympathetic and probably know similar to what you are going through.

First what pain medication are you taking? does heat or cold help? does massaging the area help or is it best left alone?

Call your doctor or the hospital and they can help with medication and hopefully pain relief.

I am not going to be able to help other than offer the obvious that is to do with the above, I am no medical person just someone in pain who has tried all sorts of things.

If heat helps can you get a heat pad, run a hot bath or try something that can retain heat to apply to the area.

If cold helps then try a cold pack to the area.

I trust there are probably lots of people who may give advice and assist you better than me but I hope I have given you something to think about.

Call you doctor, he will have your notes and be in the best position to help.

Kindest regards



Dear Terry,

Thank you very much for your reply, I do appreciate it. If I am honest with you, this has been one continual nightmare that never seems to end. I will try this, I find when I have a really hot bath, this reduces the pain significantly, however the only downside is I cannot lay for long as my lower back starts to burn. It is all related I have been told.

I am due to be starting pain management at the hospital which will hopefully steer some light and help. I currently am not taking any medication as I think they are really starting to mess with my tummy as well as my head at times. I have an appointment with my dr in order to see if there is anyway I can get a second opinion as there really is no way I can spend the rest of my life like this.

I am looking forward to pain management and hope talking on here will help as it is very difficult to tell family and friends about the pain and are convinced this will sort it self out. I hope all is well with you and I cant thank you enough for your response to my message.

Best Wishes,



Hello Abi

Life is full of risks, and we all take a few that ends up we hurt ourselves or open up a wound from an a past problem.

Many people who have severe moderate or chronic pain will, pay the piper at some time and suffer flareups, that some people or families would say they have no patience and blame the sufferer for their own sillyness, this is both unhelpful and lacking in understanding

What would they say if you were an athelite who had hurt themself while doing their sport

The disabled have to be able too try and live their own life and learn from their own mistakes.

We all have too pace ourselves, when we suffer chronic pains and discomfort.

Talk to your doctor and see if there is a good medication to give you relief, until they can do something more perminent. Ask about VTENS WITH EMS that may help

Remember life is a learning process, we all sympasise with your pain, remember live your life and pace yourself, Remember it is your body you decide what is right or wrong, good or bad.

All the very best for New Year



Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for your reply, I appreciate any advice and input anyone can shed on this. I just wish I had never started if I am honest with you, as I was ok before and never had problems, now this is ongoing and never ending and I know people get sick of me going on. Its funny how now I realise how brilliant life could be and if I ever get a second chance I would grab it all with the palm of my hand and hold onto it so tight and never let it go.

I am being referred on to pain management, I feel positive about it but will be trying to get a second opinion to hopefully put a very big lid on this problem. I wish it would just stop. I find my self getting anxious about everything I do and these were all things I took for granted before like sitting, laying, watching a film, sitting on a train, all sorts. To have it all back would be brilliant. If I am honest I have given up talking to people about it, its all relative, how are people to know if they have never experienced what people experience with chronic pain? People think I am rude or anti-social, but sometimes I find the most simplest of things such an effort. Its hard to describe, anyway enough of me going on, I hope you are well, how are you? Thank you so much for your time and response.

Best Wishes,



Hello Abbey76

We all go through this at some time in the early periods of the our dealings with similair problems, I have now been in pain for thirty years non stop, it never gets any easier, although given time you become used to most inconsidarations associated by negativities from outside/inside of all peoples we know and love.

Now I have toughened up and am now able too give something back to society by becoming involved with THE NHS as a future healthwatch, that will be dealing with conditions, fears and complaints that patients have with both private and social services, I really hope that this progresses and I will be allowed to play my part

What I am trying to say we all need too do is try however hard to concentrate in our own lives however painfull life is. When you look at a nasty rainy day we need to look for the blue sky that is just above the clounds.

Look after yourself, we all have bad periods and all look at the negative side of life. I am the worse for that.

So try and be positive life is full of pain we just suffer an extra one

Look after yourself, you will get plenty support and understanding here


Hi there, all I can say is stop beating yourself up on how you got into this state. It happened and you must put that behind you. Well done on handling it with no medication and sorting yourself with pain management, you are doing very well, Good luck and hang in there, things will get better, cheers Ann


Hi superannie, thank you very much for your wishes, i had to go back to the drs as its getting to much to handle. I have been prescribed painkillers now, just wish it would stop. Asked for a second opinion so am hoping something can be done to put an end to all of this. I am so miserable its crazy and cant believe this is happening. Thank you for support. Kindest Wishes and hope you are well.


Hang in there.


Thank you Nedd for your support, it is appreciated, but very hard at the same time. on the verge of giving up and letting this take over my life. Thank you very much again.


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