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groin pain


I am so fed up with this groin pain.Had x-ray on hips and no change.Told doctor its not my hips but he said its referred pain. I dont believe its hips. Its a stabbing pain that makes me cry out .Im limping everywhere .I should say its over a year now and it can affect either groin.It causes swelling down to the knee and is a dull ache when sitting.I also have lower back pain,i should say i had a urinary mesh sling a few years ago which didnt work and have read that there is a connection between this procedure and groin pain. i dont know where to turn to next.Any suggestions.

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Have you mentioned the lower back pain to your Dr and also have you had a kidney function blood test? If so what were the results? I only ask as I was a Radiographer for 15 years and have similar myself. It was refererred pain from my lumbar/sacral spine. I had an MRI and it turned out I had 6 displaced discs with nerve root compression on both L5-S1 nerve roots. Mine has got to the point where I suffer from partial urinal incontinence.

When the Dr said referred pain did they mean from the hips or lower spine? I'm a little confused, sorry. But like I said I suffer similar pain and swelling and in summary it's all to do with my lower spine.

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Hi . Had xray and found to have slippage if lower back.Disc i assume. done nothing for it.Im so fed up as still getting pain in left and right groin area affecting legs.always worse on one leg.Even my ankles are slightly swollen.cant get comfortable in bed at night.Im also starting to limp.Do you think it would be worth seeing a chiropractor.

If you have discussed the pains etc with your GP. You need to consider returning to practice. What you need to mention is the mesh that was fitted and what you have been researching. It needs to be checked

Referred pain can be a problem I have a shoulder problem and the pain radiates down my arm into my elbow and into my fingers. The problem is referred pain can affect the nerves in one part of the body, the nerve then passes the problem area then moves further down, say the arm, swelling can restrict tendons and nerves.


yes,the doctors have ruled that out.I was sent for a pelvis scan and an internal scan but when i got there the didnt do the pelvis ,but im sure thats what i read on the form. the pain is more a dull ache like trapped nerves but its strange that it affects both legs as well but rarely at the same time. Lifting is a definite no no at the moment.

Hi pampig1 I also have groin pain at the moment so you have my sympathy. I have spent the whole of today lying on cushions on the lounge. Mine is nerve pain after a bad accident where my nerves were damaged.

. My sister had the mesh due to a similar procedu're that you had. The mesh breaks up inside you and damages the nerves. Her and I have the exact same symptoms due to damage to the prudential nerve and other nerves. Doctors are not very good at picking this up and tell you it's referred pain. Try rotating hot and cold packs on you're groin. I hope this helps.

Having lots of tests including ruling out the mesh theory. Doctor thinks all the pain stems from lower back pain affecting the muscles and groin round the pelvis.will let you know when i hear results.x

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Ruled out the mesh theory .Feel i am destined to live the rest of my life with this pain.Just bought a new tens machine to try out. Might block the pain.trouble is have no definitive answer to where its actually coming from.

Thanks for your answers.Doctor says its probably referred pain from hips but i only have a bit of wear and tear in them. im convinced with the lower back pain that it is either pinched nerves or hernias.i already have a hiatus hernia.Im a carer for my husband and dont need this pain.Ive just limped round the shops and i just wanted to cry. How do i broach the subject with the doctor without trying to sound like im being pushy. Would a chiropractor help if i go private.Ive got the docter ringing me but not for another two weeks.

Going for manipulation may cause problems with the MESH, if it is to tight you may tear at the edges and that would be counterproductive, It may be, given time the repair will strengthen over the mesh and all will be ok.

However if you are having problems with your hips, the sensations can be really problematic and painful. If you have a duel TENS with variable frequencies you could try nerve blocks with the machine that may help. Consider as well that area of hip leg etc is quite complex and that may be causing you other complications.


Wishing you all the best with you're tests. I hope you're pain is under control trol. Lola

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