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Its the worst Pain

Hi everyone, or anybody. im writing this post because i am in such pain right now and dont know what to do. This morning i was woken up by the pain in my left hand. I have never felt such incrushiating pain. Ive been crying since about 5:30am its now 9:45 and my left hand i wish it could be just cut off. I dont know what to do for the pain. I have never ever felt this kind of pain in my life. This pain is worse than when I delivered my boys when I was Pregnant. i just wish it would go away. It hurts to even be typing this message i start a half hour ago. SOOOOO i am asking if there is anybody out there that can help me ease this pain in my Hand/Hands. Its killing me. The Numbness, the stinging, piercing, burning all the way to my fingertips, acts like it wants out of my body, I wish it would go AWAY......",!!!,

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Do you know what's causing this pain? Are you being treated for it? It sounds like it might be CRPS to me, from the way you describe it - but I'm no doctor. I'm afraid I can't advise as I don't get this (I have all sorts of other pains), but I'd suggest you get to a doctors and get it sorted as soon as you can.

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Yes, Caroline I have seen a Dr. I had sergury in June because my left hand was going numb. My Dr. put two V shaped pins in my neck because two vertebraes had degenerated and it was pinching my nerves coming out. And now since the Surgery been 7 months ago I feel not only that it has gotten worse but it now is moving to my right hand also. I called my Dr. I had a appointment two mths ago but they cancelled it till the 20 th. of Jan. which is This coming Wednesday. But this morning was the worst it has ever gotten. I cried for hours. It still hurts, aches, both hands tingeling numb, and im affraid to rest because it gets worse when im relaxed. Do you know what i mean. Come Wednesday my Dr. better do somerhing about this pain, God I dont wanna go through what I did this morning ever again. A Person does not understand what Cronic Pain is till they have it Themselves. Thanks for listening..


:-( Sounds like you've got it worse than me then. I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and I have osteoarthritis in my spine/neck, knees, feet and ankles. And now I've just found out I've had a rotator cuff injury for ages in my shoulder - the idiot doctors kept saying it was "just my fibromyalgia". I just about manage but it does get me down at times.

I hope the doctor can sort it for you. You're not alone. There are so many of us coping with all kinds of chronic pain.



Reading your post reminds me when I was diagnosed with rotator cuff injuries in both shoulders.I had an operation on the one causing most problems with a view to get the other done in the future.The open was a success but was quite painfully do have to work hard at the physio.It's fine now no problems whatsoever and the other shoulder has been fine for now.I would advise you to get it seen to it's worth the pain.

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Hi Bobknob51 - thanks for that. Yes, I eventually managed to get the doc to send me for an X-ray of the worst shoulder (the other one is going the same way too, I'm sure of it from the pain/restricted movement). When they saw the result of that X-ray that was when they were finally galvanised into action to do something about it.

I'm currently waiting for an appointment for an ultrasound scan of it. If there's no tear, I'm told they'll give me a guided steroid injection there and then. If there's a tear, then it'll be physio first - but an op as a last resort if the physio doesn't help. I'm aware of the potential problems with an op and I know they only do that as a last resort. I actually keep my joints as flexible as possible with pilates and gentle stretching, plus I've seen a private physio in the past - so I know all the exercises to do.

Thanks for your input. Glad yours seem to be OK now. :-)

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Hello to everyone. We can all stand in line with the fibromyalgia - back pain - and any other kind of joint pain. I am a woman of a certain age and maybe I can blame it on that. My back is messed up. Lower lumbar. Need surgery. Did not want to try and recover during the holidays however it's getting worse. I need to rechedule. I'm nervous about it but I cannot go on like I am. I've also got fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with that a number of years ago. The pain and stiffness is no fun. I am especially sensitive in my shoulders, collarbone and knees. I hope everyone can find some comfort in sharing these things in this site. I personally am happy to have found it. Carry on folks! As they say... This too shall pass. Even if only for a few hours. 👍


Hi Mckinney u need to get u gp to refer u to a pain specialist because u may have crps I had that for 5 years now and what u are feeling now is what I feel everyday,

The pain specialist can put u on the right meds that will help with u pain.

Best wishes to u


I wrote to you before to express my empathy. Like you I have excruciating pain in my hands particularly the right hand in my case. Every day I wake up if I manage to sleep at all knowing I will be facing this pain all day every day and this is for nearly four years now.

I can't type any more so I use a stylo that taps the letters on my I pad. Perhaps you should get an I pad if you can afford one. You can use it while lying in bed.

Have you had a proper diagnosis. I know the cause of my neuropathy is nerve damage caused through surgery but I can't find any treatment that even reduces the pain.

I even suggested to the doctor at the pain clinic that I would like my hand to be amputated but he replied the pain would only move into the arm.

Hope you find some relief soon. Lots of love Suzy

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Hi there, I sympathise completely with your suffering, it is just a thought though, you do not say that you have other problems, about 10 years ago I used to wake up with severe pain and numbness in my thumb, fore finger and middle finger, on both hands one was worse that the other! I tried shaking bending manipulating my hands and fingers, got a wrist support for both hands, it would ease a bit during the day and then return in the middle of the night. I was typing with numb hands and finding it difficult to operate the mouse. I went to my GP and then sent to a hand specialist who diagnosed carpel tunnel syndrome, two small operations on my wrists later and full use completely restored even though it did take a few months for the feeling to come back completely in one hand. Just a thought if you don't have other underlying problems. Good luck! I put off seeing my GP but wished I had gone sooner.


Thanks for your concern but my condition is a result of nerve damage caused by stenosis for which I have had three operations on my neck to relieve compression of n the spine without which I would have become paralysed.

The nerve damage is an irreversible consequence of the condition unfortunately.

It is not carpel tunnel syndrome. Very hard to live with pain day in day out but what is the alternative? All the best


You need to see a McTimony chiropractor. The description you give sounds like there is pressure on a root nerve. Various things can cause this. One possibility is that you have a slight dose of muscle cramp in the shoulder blade area. When a muscles goes into cramp it can pull on all sorts of structures and pull them out of alignment. Pulling Vertebrate out of alignment can apply pressure on a root nerve. This can cause referred excruciating pain.

Referred pain is a problem. You are looking for the pain cause in your hand. Your hand has nothing wrong with it. You are doing all sorts of movements with the lower arms to try and ease the pain with no effect because the problem that causes the pain does not hurt. The problem that causes the pain is located in the neck area which does not hurt. The muscle cramp in the shoulder blade area would not be considered by a doctor because there is no nerve linkage between the shoulder blade and the hand. The doctor would not trace out the body engineering system linkages because this is not in a doctors training.

If you take strong pain killers and ignore rectifying the problem (if it is what i say it might be) you will suffer nerve damage.

Another possibility which needs to be checked is that you have a tumour which is causing the application of pressure to the neck structure.

Another possibility is you have had a slight infection which has resulted in inflamed tissue. Inflamed tissue can take up more space and by taking up more space apply pressure to nerve root structures. Erythromycin is an antibiotic useful for the treatment of a number of bacterial infections. It is also one of the best anti-inflamatories around. Google "erythromycin anti inflammatory effects". I have taken erythromycin on several occassions for its inflammatory effects.

Get the possibilities checked out and don't get fobbed off by the prescription of pain killers.


Well Goodmorning to all. Here we go again. Waking up iin such horrific pain in my left hand and my right fooot toes. God its so painful. I have to go to work, I work as a Ranch Hand. I dont even think I can feed the Horses or the Cows today. I only have my right hand that does not bother me rigt now. I can still type on my eyepad but imy left hand seems kike it dont wnt to letme. I am so sick of this pain. It just comes on so fast. I wont even be able to hold a nail and hammer it in the wall. Nor can I operate the Escavader or any equiptment hurting like this. God I hate this. I will go see the carrpractor again today. Man they cost alot of money that i really dont have. But my Dr. Wont see me till Wednesday and my gp till friday. Well I gotta get ready for work. I hope today is a better day for everyone else. If there was a way I could take your pain away and give it to myself I would take it because no matter how much pain I recieve right now it couldnt hurt me anymore than what Im feeling right now. Gotta get ready for work. Have a Good Day, everyone.


I don't take pain killers. They don't work on neuropathic pain and none of the other drugs like cymbalta which are supposed to help work on me either.

I had a lamenectomy for the cervical nerve compression and the last RMI scan indicated there was no longer any compression so the nerve damage was already done.

What is a McTimothy chiropractor? I'm rather wary of chiropractors as I believe they can often make matters worse.

No one in the medical field here in France that I have consulted has ever suggested seeing one but in any case I'm not sure they are legally recognized here.


"What is a McTimothy chiropractor?". I not sure what answer to give here. They are members of the chiropractic body and they do manipulation of the spine and other joints.

Their manipulations are very gentle and the standard chiropractic by other types of chiropractor is a lot more forceful.. I have had McTimony chiropractic treatment on the NHS since 1994 and have been having McTimony chiropractic treatment since 1993.

In my treatment sessions I have learnt how muscle cramp in shoulder can cause various types of arm and hand pain. I have learnt how tight muscles can cause pain in the bones. I have learnt that tight muscles over certain joints can lead to weak muscles.

The treatment I have will not cure the problem I have. The treatment does keep the conditions within certain limits of pain and discomfort.

The medical field does not understand how muscle behaviour causes pain. The medical field does not understand human engineering systems. Nor do they understand the concepts of system overload and concepts of stress breakdown points or feedback mechanism partially spinal reflexes.

One a person goes over their stress breakdown point everything falls apart. A slight reduction in stress which removes the experienced stress to a stress lower than the stress breakdown point enables the system to function. This system to function to function scenario can mean a massive reduction in pain.

Hope this helps.


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