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Today I brought a crochet book with view to whipping up a few snowflakes to put me in the festive mood.

The fact that I cannot crochet have concentration consisting of a nano second failed to register as I was caught up in a moment of optimism. I have read that such crafty creations may be good for my mental health and may even lull the nerve fibres into napping.

It won't surprise you to know that I also believed in fairies.


At the time I was wandering around completely spaced out. (Not by pills, many have been tried and all have failed) but by the gruelling of the sodding shoulder who was having a tug of war with the neck cords and spine.

As well as comfort eating do you find that you comfort buy when harassed by the sodding pain?

I was supposed to be buying Christmas presents.

Oh dear. Now I shall have to hit the shops again. As not a one was purchased.

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I have managed to make all my christmas gifts this year for around 40 people! I taught myself to crochet over numerous days as I struggled with concentration but I have now made around 7 scarves 5 hats and 2 pairs of mittens! Stick at it even though it's tough n patience is often low too once you complete something you have a real sense of accomplishment. I have wanted to go out and spend but luckily my bank balance is £0 so no can do! I transfer all my money to my partner else I too would have just spent lots to try n make myself feel better. But there are also lots of crafts out there n now lots of craft supplie shops online and in the high streets try a few and one you might love so much that you feel that lil tiny bit better. Also great distraction as thinking about the pain I find some days just drags me down and then it some how feels like it's more painful! It does require determination but I think everyone that suffers from chronic pain must have determination! Hang in there! And get crafting not spending!!!! :)


I am going to write "get crafting not spending" in big letters and put it where I can see it. I find words can be motivational and I need plenty of motivation. So thanks for that.

Am very impressed with your cottage industry.

May your determination see you shoving your pain in a box for a bit.


2 words to solve the facing the shops issue...... online shopping! As far as the crafting is concerned, try.... it does help, of nothing else I find it a distraction (I make cards) and one of the things pain management have told me is that distraction is a good tool with trying to cope. And if you don't manage to make enough for everyone at least you will have given it a go..... and start for next year!


After reading your reply I have decided to buy some pretty blank cards I saw the other day in the Works. I do like a mooch in the works. Whoops there I go again dipping into the housekeeping.

It is a blessing really that I am a tactile shopper and although I window shop on line, I am rarely enticed into parting with cash.

Caution tells me to leave the cards in the Works until I have the crochet under my belt. But caution I find is very satisfying floating away in the wind.


As you all possibly know, knitting is my craft and without it I think I would have gone bonkers! Having a hard time of it lately and it is an effort to get up to delve for another ball of wool and even though I try, you cant have every item next to you. My house is looking more and more like a hospital, raised toilet seat, perching stool, bedrail, bathseat, walker in the porch!!! if I had space I would invest in a zimmer! I tripped making the beds this morning and had to have a laugh at myself on my hands and knees, wondering how on earth to get up without calling on hubby! I managed by the way. Oh well whatever it takes I say. have a good day all, Ann PS. Went out yesterday to get some odds and ends for a xmas fairy I am busy with and came home with a jacket I found in a charity shop and a new bath sheet that was on special, clean forgot what I was there for! Thanks to codeine etc. Going around in a xmas haze of my own.


Glad to hear you managed to haul yourself up. i had a good laugh over your shopping trip.i am glad I am not the only one that gets carried away. When you have finished your fairy I think you should post her portrait on line. I would love to see her. I enjoy looking at others creations and if I am up to it I often check out local Art exhibitions. Oh has said fairy got a name, every fairy should have a name or she will spend hours flying around looking for it.

I find wool shops quite wonderful, all those amazing colours fabric shops hold the same appeal.

Keep on knitting.



Completely jealous of all you creative and talented people out there. Can't make Anything, have got to purchase Everything - mainly online.

I think something made specially for someone would be so much more treasured. Just wondering if you have any problems with your hands, ie. repetitive strain etc., and how you manage it. I sometimes soak my hands in warm salty water for about half an hour to ease the pain - advice from my nan who also suffered from RA for years and it does seem to help.


Hi Reykua, have you tried a crochet lesson? It's not as finger intense as knitting any your hands don't have to carry the weight of the garment like they do in knitting. I think the most important movement is the radial forearm (if that's what it's called! basically twisting your forearms, which doesn't involve your hands. You do need to be able to wrap the thread through your fingers depending on your preference for right or left hands. You can buy ergonomic crochet hooks as well which make holding them sooo much easier, you certainly don't have to put up with thin bits of metal anymore. this maybe too much information for you but there are also mouldable plastic beads available which could be used to make them fit your needs and reduce the strain on your hands dramatically (they are also very affordable and easy to use, melt them in warm water, mould them to shape and that's it, a permanent plastic shape. I love crochet so am rather keen (can you tell!! :-)) but i think it's well worth a try. ttfn.


Thank you so much for the encouragement. Your enthusiasm has inspired me to give it a try. Very much a Crossword Puzzle freak at the moment - was starting to struggle with my memory and felt I was losing my vocabulary and have found it useful, enjoyable and frustrating in full measure.

I do have some radial nerve problems with my left arm but I'm right handed so I'm definitely going to get some plastic pins and YouTube it. Don't think anyone should expect any hand made pressies from me this year but you never know - things could be completely different next year - might even go the whole hog and make some cards too!

Will keep you updated. A big Thank you for the 'Can Do' vote of confidence.


Crosswords are great, I find scrabble good as well. So glad you are going to give it a go, nothing to loose. thinking about the way I crochet it's mainly the right arm that does the forearm twisting so you might be ok. Even if you can do just a little at a time it's so worth it. Good luck. xx


Very lucky with my hands. I know so many people who have had to give up crafting. I am just not very practical. But I do need to invest effort in learning something that focuses my mind down. I literally used to zone out with my camera. Me and that camera were inseparable and had many an adventure, but I can't lug it around any more. And a handbag job just doesn't do it. Hours were lost in my dark room. Man with a hammer loves a challenge and went to work on the loft for me.


I am not artistic, but find cross stitch is very easy (if you start with an easy pattern and work your way up!) and does take your mind off the pain. Or if you like games or puzzles I would highly recommend a nintendo DS as anything that can occupy your mind stops the pain occupying it


Hopeless at puzzles, but I do the odd word search. I have done a bit of cross stitch, they have to be so basic these days as I get lost.


Hi Nedd, Since becoming ill I have rediscovered my love of crochet and now use it to make sculpture and all sorts...despite the pain. may I suggest...Youtube for free lessons, there's loads out there, if you lived near me I'd be happy to teach you. check out your local yarn shop for lessons. I crochet lying down in bed. I'm concerned about your shoulder...if you crochet lying down, with suitable pillow supports you can by-pass the need to use your shoulders very much at all. i have to crochet without using my abdomen, sounds odd but it can mostly be done with the right arrangement of pillows. It makes such a difference to be doing something useful and creative. have a go and good luck. if you need any help I would gladly help (if that's at all possible :-))...most crocheters are more than happy to share the joy. Follow your dream and good luck.


Now there's a thought, utube. It has the advantage of a pause button when you get confused. Thanks for that.

Please please post a picture of a crochet sculpture, how interesting.

Thank god for pillows eh.

Thanks for your offer of help. But I have been known to reduce the most mild mannered of friends into frustrated heaps, when they attempted to teach me to knit. I was so embarrassed that I shared my inability to learn around so they never cottoned on to how hopeless I was as they never knew each other. I did manage to knit a jumper once, which i washed and shrank much to the hilarity of the people at work. they hung it on the wall, it was there for years. However if you lived next door I would be tempted to take you up on your kind offer. You don't live next to the Griffin pub do you?

Feel inspired by your encouragement. I am dreaming of snow flakes. I have the wool, and the crochet hook sorted. And when I have washed up I shall start the learning curve. I feel it will require grit and determination.

I shall just have to keep repeating "my effort will be rewarded".


Hi Nedd,am trying to work out how to post a photo that i don't want on my profile...ttfn


What a laugh nedd. So glad people like you can look on the funny side. My shopping is almost nil this year too and I came back with comfort food. Hee hee.


Humour is my default setting. But I have to say it isn't as readily on tap as it used to be due to the sodding shoulder. But chocolate and especially the booze help.

Oh gawd how many more shopping days to Christmas.


Great to read all the posts about what we are all busy with to distract ourselves. We are a hardy bunch! Love to see the crochet sculpture and boy would I love to live next door to that pub you were talking about!!!


Yay so happy to hear positivity in the world of pain! Us crafters should stick together!!! And there are plenty more christmas's to get making for! I have my 8 year old niece her hat scarf and mittens today for her birthday and she was so impressed that they were made by me! Yay feel happy even though still feel lil guilty for spending so little on family and friends this year!


Don't feel guilty. Xmas is so hyped up these days we are tempted to buy suff for the sake of it. I think home made things are so much more thoughtful and meaningful. Besides the distraction of being creative will be adding to your energy bank so you will have more of you to give away.

Happy crocheting.


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