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re-neck and pain and other symptoms

Just would like to ask anyone here if they suffer with or have problems with neck and it manifests itself more painful and causes odd sensations when you are sitting at a table on an un-level pavement or when walking the pavement slopes all of a sudden and pushes you off balance if forgetting to watch out for pitfalls, but my main reason is the odd sensations and strange symptoms if you move your neck to the side if someone speaks to you and you turn quickly and it can be so disconcerting due to the strange reactions and strange looks from people when you act strange from whatever it is that causes it , because I can't get an answer and I'm fed up with people looking at me strangely, and I want to know is it from the neck or is it the head because both come in to play when it happens, I mean I get pains in my neck and something happening in my temple , for how do you explain to someone when you come over all strange and they ask if they can help, but at the same time taken aback by your odd behaviour.

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Hi there,do you have pain anywhere else at all?i get a lot of head and neck pain due to fibromyalgia.What is the strange sensation you get and have you explained this to your g.p at all?x


Hello BOB here

My problems regards neck C1-C3 Psoriatic Arthritis, main feelings tiredness , dizziness weight of head unbalanced when sitting because of stress on disks and spine , trapped nerves, cause pins and needles from neck to fingers.

Transmission across shoulders. .

Sadly I have problems with my shoulders so both problems effect strength in arm and dizziness when bending or turning head Not forgetting persistent headaches.

Posture will need to be looked at as this can prove very important, ask Physio or Pain Clinic


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By strange sensations do you mean in your neck, or a feeling of dizziness or feeling a bit odd when you move your neck?

I had strange sensations in my face and arm - all related to neck & shoulder problems - such as tingling, burning, itching and coldness, which was neuropathic pain.

I also get dizziness which can come from neck problems, and I get migraines. Physios can be quite helpful in explaining these problems.

As for what you tell other people - I had no diagnosis for my pain and dizziness for several years, and still don't have a name for it now. It's quite complicated explaining it, so I tend to just say that I suffer from "a neck or shoulder problem" and I get "this pain and dizziness sometimes". If there's something specific you need people to do for you then it's fine to ask them, and if you have to be a bit abrupt because you're feeling unwell adding "sorry about this" (even if you don't feel it) can help. Otherwise, if you just want to be left alone to get on with things perhaps you could say something along the lines of, "I just need a moment, it'll be OK." Genuinely kind people are happy to help and often want to be reassured that you're OK-ish.


sorry' Teadrinker' and Bob, about not replying but been away visiting, and yes all of these symptoms comes to mind, but there is another one that is very frightening and it is hard to explain but it relates to my right side and if use my shoulder without thinking, i'm so taken aback by the sensation that travels right to my brain and it's happened twice and boy was I in some shock due to intensity of the pain and reaction in my head to the sudden onslaught of it, so no more moving of the shoulders for me


Jeeze are you sure your not me, ha ha, I can not believe it, (just like what's his name) anyway the exact same things happen to me, so much so that I have to keep my elbows in at all times as if I forget and do something that takes effort I get this so horrible pain that seems to go direct to my brain, and the last time I did it I had to go to bed due to the shock of it, so much so now that everything revolves around keeping it at bay, can't lift thing's it's a bloody nightmare as it can't be seen, it's taken me so long in understanding all the symptoms, but more importantly , can they operate, do anything except give pain control ??? anyone know or had treatment bestAlex, sorry I was talking to Hidden


hi there, i get a lot of pain around my head which after my doctor sending me for a mri scan it turned out to be the spondolitus in my neck which was causing my neck muscles to be doing much more work than they normally do and as they end up in the head that was causing my head pain, the consultant told me that the only thing they can do is to give me a collar to start with then when it gets worse to fit a cage between my shoulders to my head but i have never gone back yet as i do not wont to have a frame built to hold my head up, i just try to take it easy and not turn or move my head with any sudden movement also i am on 8 different pills twice a day to help control the pain.


Alex, have you had a neck injury recently or in the past? Whiplash? A fall or a bang to the head? Have you had your neck scanned AND x-rayed ? Neck problems can be caused by trauma or natural degeneration. They can even be congenital. Feelings of imbalance, tinnitus, a headrush feeling when you stand. Just generally feeling ill or off colour, shoulder and arm pain. Best to get scans etc done esp if you have had trauma injuries.


Ah ! sorry' Calceolaria.. Yes I most certainly did, and I was left unconscious , and it has been with me ever since, at first bending forward falling forward on to my stupid (too small stick) I've learnt to keep my elbows tucked in and not use the shoulders.

I can't remember the accident , apart from coming too momentarily, and I still can't remember much about before and after the accident on my bike, it's strange, because it's had such an impact on my life, but pain is a good way of teaching you about what not to do and what to do, but it's hard when you can't prove just how much of an impact it's had on you and how quickly it's escalated, but I'm hoping this recent MRI will show more to the doctors, and maybe then be believed about my arms and shoulders, and hopefully just what the nerves are doing, sorry it's taken me so long to answer.


Thanks everyone and I suppose yes to all is the only answer, and the Physio is kindly agreed to see me today in fact in an hour so I will be bombarding him with questions, so many thanks to all


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