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3 1/2 yrs of pain and drugs no answers and now I know the truth

After 3 and half yrs of pain management, doctors saying you need to go see this person and that because they can not say I don't know . I have actually found out the actual damage that was caused when I had a whiplash injury at work on a truck. I have come to America and paid to have a digital motion x-ray done and I have been walking round with 8 yes 8 damaged ligaments in my neck . Which has made my jaw drop out of line by skull not to sit proparly and other things causing my neck and spine to be very unstable . Now the work starts when I return to get treated especially as England does not have this equipment to find this damage out . There is hope for people out there xx

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Donna are you in America now ?, I myself have went through years of neck problems after an accident on my bike that gave me bleeding on my brain and knocked me out for a while, but it is the neck where I now have most problems which contribute to most of my disabilities, and yes the jaw (ears popping) and my eyes have problems, not to mention the pain and trouble with my arms and hands.

I do hope you now are getting the best help available, which if I am reading your post correctly, you sound like you've found answers which is very good, at least you now know, and that in itself is worth so much in contributing to the journey your on in getting the right help best Alex

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Yes I'm in America still as I am from the Midlands I the UK. I have been living in hell for the last 3 and half yrs face ache ear ache not able to hold my head up constant headaches and more always tired . Piled loads of weigut on as I can hardly move . I'm sorry to hear you have been sufferingI really feel for you . I have to wait till I return to the UK to get help that can help me now but I will have to fight for it . If you are able to get on the Internet look up dmx x-ray it's by a place called Nubest. That will show you what I had done they have been brilliant. Are you from America ? I do hope you are able to get help we all deserve to be helped in the right way .xx


I'm in London, and I'm so sorry that you had to go to America to get an answer, I will follow your progress with interest especially once you get back to London, best Alex


donna13, you mention you are always tired, gaining weight and headaches. these are all classic Hypothyroidism symptoms.

Whip lash, or head and/or neck trauma can bring on Low thyroid (Hypothyroidism)

Your headaches may or may not be connected to low thyroid.

'Brain fog' is the name of the headaches usually associated with low thyroid.


Hi I have actually had my thyroid checked a couple of times and it's come back clear but thank you for your concern .x


Hi again donna.

Best to get your thyroid blood results checked out on 'Thyroid Uk' here on Health Unlocked.

Doctors are not good at diagnosing Low Thyroid, too many thyroid (symptom presenting,) patients are falling through the net, told they are OK, nothing wrong with them, yet they still have thyroid presenting symptoms.

In America and Europe they have narrowed their thyroid blood ranges, so not so many thyroid patients are slipping through the net.

Idea only - ask for a printout of all your previous bloods done and their ranges and pop them up on Thyroid Uk forum here on HU. To double check you do not have a thyroid problem.

Unbelievable how many patients turn up daily on the Thyroid Uk forum site, told they do not have a thyroid problem, yet they actually do have Low Thyroid. (Hypothyroidism.)

Also you can be low but 'still in range' in your vitamin bloods, iron etc., but these often get over looked too.


OK thank you that's very interesting I will do when I return to England and get my results . Your a great help x


Thyroid Uk members are always advised to ask their Doctors for their printout of blood results and ranges and pop them up on the forum site for members to help them forward. Every day we hear from new members who have been over looked by their Doctors, it is also happening with vitamin B12 deficiency and Pernicious Anemia members too. Many get told they are depressed or it is all in their heads and are sadly given depression pills, which for thyroid or B12 deficiency patients will make them fall further.

Also due to spine connections I would also be asking for my vitamin B12 bloods to be done.

B12 deficiency can be connected to degenerative spine problems right down to the feet, though many Doctors might not be aware of it. I heard this connection again this morning on a video of Dr Dave Carr who was overlooked and almost dies from B12 deficiency, his own Doctor and many others missed the B12 connection, he too had spine degeneration, throat problems, etc..

(just another thought though donna :) )


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