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I am 25 years old and just been refered to rheumatologist due to knee pain for 1-2 years

Which has gradually gotten worse to the point where everyday is a struggle for me to do normal things like shopping, cleaning, exercise is an absolute no chance without agony two days after and swollen knee I've had MRI scan which showed swelling and effusion and bloods indicated swelling in body. I am taking naproxen three times a day at the moment while I wait to see consultant. I am feeling depressed I want to exercise and do normal things but I know that I'm being held back going to work is just vile I get spoken to like dirt because I look fine yet all I want to do is stay at home and sleep all day. Also got diagnosed with pituitary tumour last year and since then it's been one thing after the other I'm just hoping there's a long term answer for me because I worry what my future is going to hold and just feel like giving up :( how I see it is if I can't get back to running two miles around the block again my life is not going to be the same.

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Becoming ill, disabled, or just being able to do less than we used to is very difficult to come to terms with. Our first response is always to fight to get back to normal, to regain our health and mobility, and that is great but when we can not achieve our goal we go through a terrifying fear of how we will cope.

Take control by gathering information on your condition from your gp and specialist, look at the options for treatment and the possible outcomes. Realise your limits, what triggers more pain or makes your condition worse. Try and balance your medication so that you can cope with the demands of day to day life and accept help when it is offered. Try to keep a social life there is nothing worse than feeling isolated.

I hope things improve for you and remember to tell your gp if you are feeling depressed about the situation it is a common side effect of chronic pain and very valid.

tc nutty


Hello BOB here

Sorry to here of your problems, when used too exercise and have to stop we can miss that activity. You are bound to feel depressed if your life has been put on hold and you are so very young. At the moment to need to go easy and not upset the offending joint, is there other exercises that you can do other than running, with hope and good luck this may clear soon and you will be back to your old self

When we are in our mid twenties our joints are going through changes and are becoming that of an adult so any damage you do now could (possibly) become more easily damaged Our bones stop growing in the same way as when we were in our teens so we do not heal in the same way, this begins in early 20s

You say you have a tumour, that will not be helping and being young will be irritating and will confuse and annoy

When we suffer pain people cannot see on occasions what is wrong with us,most on this site could say welcome to the club. This is wrong so we need to be strong and this can be a learning period.

All I can suggest is talk to your GP and if possible tell someone in your immediate circle, I know this could be a trail, but if you do this will put things into perspective for you, you cannot go through this alone because at some time you will need some treatments for your latter complaint, if not already, have they started any treatments for the Tumour.

You can always come here when in pain and we are always here, although discuss your needs with your GP. If your family are around that is the most useful place to get help and encouragement a sounding board.

Good luck with all, Keep a hold



I'm really sorry you are suffering from pain, and about the tumour. That must be tough. I'm inclined to agree with Welshnut's advice.

Pain can drag you down but you need to cling on to hope and not jump to conclusions because you just don't know that the future is going to be as bleak as you imagine it.

Please don't give up. If you feel depressed please see your GP, or if you don't feel that will help, talking to an organisation like MIND or The Samaritans about your situation might help.

Good luck.


I have had chronic pain for 9 years. I had to stop work. This was very painful, being in my 40s and the height of my career. My mourning process for loss of work in particular took 3 hears. One mourns for a great deal I think? it is painful and it does take time, but one comes out the other side. Now I have a better life. still unable to work but with pain under much better control; hiking again until last year; I have moved to a beautiful place where I could not get work if I lived here but nature makes me feel better and I have lots of friends. I even went for a sail (in very safe hands) this summer - on condition that if I my back at risk I would throw myself overboard! I didn't plan any of this. My point is, one never knows what good things will happen, and they still do even when you are sick or disabled. Good luck!


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