Finally some pain relief!

After seven months of crippling pelvic pain, tons of docs, pills, creams, research, financial loss, etc.... I have a 60% or so pain relief from 50 mgs. Nortriptaline, 10 mgs of cyclobenzapine, and 1 mg a day of alprazolam. Treating hypersensitive nerves and muscle spasms, pelvic floor dysfunction. I can even go back to work soon! Praise the lord :-)

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    It is so nice to hear some positive news, well done on finding a cocktail that works my your future be pain free and your work be profitable


  • Thanks..there were times I didn't think I would survive and didn't even want to. I pray for everyone with chronic pain to stay strong while searching for help.

  • It's hard to stay strong when fighting chronic pain takes all my everyday energy!please tell me how you do it!or even want too!

  • Love pink there were times I prayed to die and times I thought I would die. I layed on the bathroom floor in front of my two young sons in a pool of vomit. I would say anyone very sick needs help and support. Physical,mental,emotional,spiritual. I hope you have people to reach out to for help. I had to stop working, driving, cleaning,cooking, and every other normal thing for many months and it made me feel helpless and hopeless and useless. But by default I didn't die so I decided to try to live. I took baby steps in getting better. And I'll never be really better, just in a place where I can function and get on with it. Long answer I know. I don't know what condition you have or where you are from or if you have help. If you give me more info or if you want to talk via email or phone please let me know and I'll do my best to help you. I'm no Dr. But I sure am a person with a chronic pain disease and I have been very low in my life. You shouldn't give up because there's more to do. You can still have a life even in pain. I may have some good mind over matter tips for you. Like I said just let me know. And remember your not alone in your fight . lisa

  • Great news! What a relief when pain goes or even just subsides. Praise the Lord indeed. I am so happy for you


  • Thanks Silvia. Having a chronic pain condition has changed my life in every way, good and bad. It keeps me on a straight path for sure.

  • Hello BOB here

    Ok good news, I hope all will be positive for you in the future

    All the best


  • So nice to hear a positive tale

    Stay well


  • Thanks so much everyone.

  • Yes! Really good to hear a positive story. Best of luck xx

  • Great news. Praise the Lord indeed!

  • That's wonderful, juliansmom, Praise the Lord indeed! I have made a note of your meds in case my pain returns - I don't really like taking them but obviously needs must. I have been on both Liquid Morphine and the Buprenorphine Patch, have now stopped the liquid and am making the patch last a bit longer before changing it and hope to give up altogether soon. Do trust all will work out well for you.

    Chriswinkle xx

  • Thank you. This cocktail is working for me a long with prayer, and I practice mind/body relaxation and stress reduction techniques. I walk a lot to ensure proper blood flow to my damaged nerves and to keep my muscles

    Loose. I eat a healthy diet as well, only water and skim milk ,no sugar.

  • I am so pleased to hear you have found some relief that helps you function in a way that resembles how you used to be. I am very interested in your medication as I too have had my life torn apart by this curse called chronic pain which involves damaged nerves and muscle contraction. My mix of drugs does help and at times I have pain free slots but I long to reduce what I take ( as I know we all do ), I take 100mg of Pregabalin twice a day, 30mg codiene and 50mg tramadol with melixocam for flare ups . I am just wondering if your drugs would work for me and if the end result would be less damage to my body. I too practice relaxation, walk every day, pilates, have regular massage and try to avoid sugar. I note with interest your no sugar comment, it is a trigger. Anyway, good luck and thank you for sharing your success.

  • I take nortriptaline 40 mgs a night. Started at 10 mgs. And worked up. This is a tricyclic antidepressant used at low dose for nerve pain. Drugs like pregablin did not work for me. I also take tramadol for flares but melodical is useless unless someone proved you have inflammation. I take a 10 mg. Flexaril,this is a muscle relaxer at night it makes me very drowsy.and my favorite is 1 mg. Of xanax any time of day my muscles tense or I feel anxious or stressed. Stress is a huge pain trigger for me as well and xanax work fast at relieving a multitude of aches. Its all so crazy when I spell it out. Before this I was healthy and strong and my body fell apart like a paper hat in the rain. But we rebuild one brick at a time. Try to smile and get sun for endorphins and vitamin d.

  • Thank you , I am going to chat to my G.P., who is supportive and has an understanding of chronic pain and see if I can explore some of the drugs you mention. I did try amitriptyline but it did not suit me and so we decided against nortriptyline but I do think it is important to keep trying to improve the medication until it works the best it can. I love the sun and this summer has been a great boost to the mind and body. It does take time , I am four years down the line and in a better place than in 2009 but still dream of the medication free me. Thanks again for your support.

  • Your welcome..I miss my old life and body very much too.

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