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Kratom for pain relief

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In a previous thread a fellow pain suffer suggest that I try Kratom for neuropathic pain relief. I ordered some tea and was just wondering if anybody else uses this and the results they have had?

Lou x

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Have you read the input on the wiki page about it ?

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Duckish in reply to

I was the person who suggested it. I want you to know that what the Wiki page says about side effects is very one sided. I know of thousands of people who use it for pain, anxiety and many other things. You can find groups on Facebook where you can read the posts about how this stuff helps them! I also use it and find it works wonderfully. I would rather use this than have the side effects of using opiates! Not too many people experience the psychosis, hallucinations, ect... Except when they take huge doses of it! Some people who deal with severe anxiety and depression use it because there aren't very many side effects compared to the drugs they are giving people to treat these things. It is really helping a huge amount of people. I hope you would read more on this product before judging it.

I too suffer with neuropathic pain. I had never heard of Kratom before, so will take myself off & do a little research.

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Me too

Please be careful. My girlfriend started taking it for anxiety, and before we knew it she was addicted. Taking more and more to get the same effect. Most of the time she was out of it, and very numb, emotionally.

It caused a huge rift between us and that is why I would never try it.

Ok so I had my first cup last night and currently drinking my second. I certainly did not experience a 'high' feeling. More of a warm, calming feeling - similar to that of a codeine based painkiller. I felt sleepy after a bit and all in all was a pleasant experience. I also take clonazepam at night so that helps me sleep too. In terms of pain relief I think it's too early to tell.

Duckish - do you take this daily or just during flare ups??

I would be keen to hear of other peoples experiences?

Lou x

Hello there everyone.

I did a bit of research and I'm also going to try this for neuropathic pain, so thanks loads for the idea!!

It would definitely be interesting and useful if we might all compare our experiences. I would also be interested to know which leaf was used, the strength, and method of ingestion etc. Your experience sounds quite pleasant Lou :-) and definitely more like the contented feeling that you can get from taking Co-Codamol or Oramorph.

Having looked at several PRO kratom websites - check out (loads of really good info!!) & I think that some types of leaf are meant to be better for pain relief than others e.g. Cambodian MD, Yellow Indonesian, Green Bali and Red Borneo (Source: Also, from what I've read, infusing kratom into some sort of tea and drinking it is meant to taste pretty vile! Is that right Lou?? One recommended way to take it is to mix it into some thick fruit yoghurt to make it more palatable and just eat as normal. Others swish it down with a good mouthful of Cola or Orange Juice. The recommended dose to start is 2gms, with 4-6gms being the most efficacious dose for most people. It is worth noting that if you take Lyrica/Gabapentin - go easy! The two combined can make some people have adverse reactions.

Anyways! Not gonna repeat all the stuff on the websites. Go check them out yourselves! And if you're going to give it a go, good luck!



So here is what I ordered:

I just leave the tea bag in the cup and drink it after 20mins or so. It tastes like green tea but I drink a lot of herbal teas anyway so wasn't that offended by the taste. I went for the tea bags initially but would be interested to see what other forms people use.

Lou xx

Thanx very much for the info lou-inpain very useful.

its just my input and what i saw on the net never taking anything thats not be prescribed by a gp i have PN in my feet,toes hands, you do read horror stories of people taking remedies

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Rosepetal60 in reply to

Prescribed drugs can harm too. And many people cannot tolerate them.

The more I read on this subject, the more I feel it's worth a try. I'll probably be disappointed , but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

And it's good to have this balance of opinions. Food for thought.

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With prescribe meds you have notes telling you the side effects of the drugs and it's passed test that are fit for consumption and safe but as your saying it's worth a try anything is when pain is overtaking your life which in my case it is I just don't trust taking drugs which have not been tested I know it's herbal


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there are notes on Wikipedia. I'm not expecting it to work for me. it will just be an interesting experiment. I am totally out of options and also restricted in life. I'm going to take one 2g tea bag tea with a Liquorice tea bag on an evening before bed knowing I wont be driving my car the following day. I haven't chosen the day yet. Still needs a bit more thought.

I've had some really bad side effects from prescribed drugs that lasted 10 months after stopping the drug, along with more pain.

So I feel I can risk 1 tea bag.

Everyone is different. Some tolerate drugs and are able to get on with life. And others like myself, cannot tolerate drugs and try the plant stuff!

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Well let us know if it's helping or not I wish you well and pain free we can all hope for that

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