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Mirena coil for pain relief only ?? Would you ?

had 2 Laproscopies in 6 months-first initial exploratory, found extensive adheshions ...

2nd- adeholysis -removal of adheshions, fix tethered bowel, ovaries buried in bowel , found large bilateral ovarian mass , acute bilatarel saplingitis - had both fallopian tubes removed (Hydrosalphinx)

4 months later still in daily pelvic pain, Migraines, back pains, joint pains , Hormonal ....

Surgeon advised of 3 options -!st Option Mirena Coil, although told never to have another coil again after misdiagnosed/ untreated PID

only other options now before hysterectomy is 6 months of injections with HRT , another Laproscopy to see if adheshions returned

Feel so scared to be in more pain with the coil and the fact it states people with PID history should not have - although surgeon says be ok ???/

Help 37 at the end of my tether, just would like to be pain free again :(

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You would need to ask the surgeon why they are suggesting the mirena coil, when you believe it generally it isn't advised for PID. They could have a good reason for it. If you are confused you need to discuss this more with the surgeon. Ask specifically what chance he thinks you have of improving with each of the options, and what he thinks would be the best thing to do.


Because you have pain not just in your pelvis a Pain Consultant would have more knowledge on this than your gynae surgeon. Pain consultants also work with gynae pain. Ask your GP or your surgeon to refer you for an opinion. If it's any consolation I had many adhesions and after many ops and then acupuncture I have been pain free there (25 years). My own chronic pain trigger was something else. I wish you well.


I think the surgeon would not have suggested it if it were not safe. Mirena works very well and gives you hormones but if you're worried have the injections. Both ways should help. Good luck


Hi angel333. It depends on your circumstances. I had a hysterectomy at 39 after huge blood clots in the womb and wish I had had it sooner. Pelvic pain can be very draining without all the rest. It sounds as if you need to discuss the pros and cons of your options much more with your GP, or surgeon and be very honest about the amount of pain you are suffering. I trust things will work out to your benefit.



I so sympathise with you. I had terrible pelvic pain and lost lots of blood, my periods would last four weeks!

I had an operation to remove all the lining in the womb, right to the end, no lining left at all, sorry I can't remember the medical name for it. Once this is done, you never have another period again........hooray!! I had scraps and polyps removed and Minerva coil fitted prior to this op. I wish I had had it done years ago. Felt like a new woman, until I then went and got fibromyalgia! But that's another story :-)))

Good luck with your decisions. I just think my op was so much less invasive than a hysterectomy, but obviously you would need to discuss with your consultant.

Hope you feel better very soon. Take care. X


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