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Well, things have started moving at long last.I have an appointment with the neurosurgeons next week to see why the facet injections in my back aren't relieving my pain and a date of 18th September for a right knee replacement. My husband is waiting for an MRI scan on his abdomen. He was to have his gall bladder removed by keyhole surgery two weeks ago.he was admitted to the ward, the surgeon came to see him and said that he wasn't happy to do it keyhole.he will now have fo have the "big operation" with about 8 weeks recovery

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Good news but will you be able to look after each other with multiple surgeries at the same time? Best wishes


Hi boozybird, many thanks for your reply. My other half has his MRI scan on 15th august and his follow up appointment is 19th September, it will just be a matter of waiting for a date for his op then. He is a self employed builder so is hoping that the op will be later in the year when his work is quiet.

Take care


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