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I had my appointment yesterday with a multi disciplinary team at the pain clinic. After an interview lasting about 30 minutes I have been accepted for a Spinal Cord Stimulator. Before that I have a nerve ablation procedure to try and relieve the pain in my lower back. Then the wait for a date to have a trial fitting to see if it will work for me.

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  • I had a NEVRO SCS fitted in 2012 and it works well for me. Hope you get a good result also.

  • Did the nerve ablation not work? I'm due to have that in 3 weeks.

  • I'm still waiting for the date for the ablation procedure. I only agreed to try it about a month ago so I should get a date soon.

  • Hermes123. What is a spinal cord simulator, this is what seemed to be so interesting about a site like this, one picks upon things and thinks! Why have I never been offered something like this in all my long years of back pain? I wish you luck.

  • It's like an internal TENS machine. Wires are placed along your spine to the source of your pain, a box of electronics sends pulses of electricity to that point. I'm lucky I'm in the u.k so I don't need to worry about insurance. I had to have an interview with a multi disciplinary team who decides if you are suitable for the implant. Luckily they thought I was suitable.

  • I wish you well!!

  • Higaj6512 I must be an awkward old sod! because what ever they try on me never seems to work, I have a tens machine at home, no results I have acupuncture nothing, I take 8 paracetamol plus 12 garbapentine a day, just leave me feeling exhausted all every day, all different forms of physiotherapy

    Years ago I went on the rack to stretch my back had the swinging pendulum raideonics all manner of weird and wonderful pain rubs and so on and still suffering all these years latter.

  • I've had numerous X-rays and MRI scans, a laminectomy (failed) 3 nerve root block injections and facet joint injections. I was supposed to have lumbar spine fusion at four points but my orthopaedic surgeon decided it would leave me with very limited mobility. I have already had fusion in my neck! The Spinal Cord Stimulator hopefully will reduce my pain and my drug intake.

  • gaj6512, Thanks for your input, sounds like we have travelled similar paths, I would really like to know how you progress and wish you all the luck, at the moment I am trying to sort out an additional problem Carpel tunnel, my problem is so many joint disorders, which do I get sorted first, but I have made a note once my hands are sorted, it will be up for discussion with my Consultant.

  • I will post my experience with the nerve ablation and the Spinal Cord Stimulator as I have the appointments.

  • Hermes123 Will keep my eye out as you progress, at present I find comments! Interesting and the best for years I have come across. lets hope it lives up to the comments, you never know I might get some pain relief before I drop off my perch. Lets face it been a long time coming.

  • I have had one of these implanted iin my lower back in 2012, but it wasn't a rechargeable one and only lasted me 2 years, as i had it on quite alot. In 2014 i had a rechargeable one fitted. I am so pleased i was able to have this procedure done.

  • Are you in the US, if so where did ya have it done?

  • No i am in the UK, so was very lucky to get this done.

  • I had to go before a multi disciplinary panel made up of 3 Drs, physiotherapist and a nurse from the pain clinic. They decide after an interview if you suitable to have a stimulator fitted. Luckily I was approved and now I just have to wait for the Drs to come up with a date for my trial fitting.

  • I went to the pain clinic the nurse discussed it with me, to see whether i would consider having one fitted and then she had to discuss it with the doctors at the hospital to get approval, as she had told me i might not be accepted for it. Luckily i was. Glad that you have been accepted for this procedure, it is worth having done. I had my trial fitting for 2 weeks to see how i got on with it, and then after the 2 week period, inserted the leads in my back. Hope everything goes well for you. Let me know how you get on with it.

  • Fabulous news

    I hope you get permanent relief with this

    Ann-Marie x

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