Hello everyone

Hi all, I am new to this site, just a bit about me, I have dislocating, now degenerating, arthritic knees with tendinitis too. I also have a bad spine and now fibromyalgia which causes many other symptoms. I am on a cocktail of pills like tramadol, paracetamol, pethidine, diazepam, naproxen, imigran, beta blockers and more I can't remember hahaha, mental blur.

My mobility and pain levels are bad at the moment. I am on the list for my 15th operation and don't hold out much hope. I wanted to see if anyone else had similar things going on and how it makes you feel?

Sending out lots of best wishes to all and hope you all sleep well tonight x

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  • hello welcome, you would also be welcome on the arthritis site on health unlocked, im on the NRAS site national rheumatoid arthritis health ulnlocked site x

  • Hello and welcome. as you will see everyone on this site are suffering some degree of pain and are all on some form of medication. Saying that, there are some brave souls who have taken the option to go off meds. There are also lots of members who are trying out all sorts of alternative solutions. great site and very friendly and helpful people. So enjoy the ride and glad you have joined. Ann

  • Welcome Loopyloo, sorry to hear about your pain and loss of mobility. I don't know which is worse but you're in good company here. Are you awaiting surgery for your knees? Best wishes

  • Yes waiting on yet more surgery and knee replacement in five years after ligament replacement surgery. How are you?

  • I do hope the knee replacement works. It should after all...I have nerve damage in my back and constant pain for 15 years now. My mobility is usually good due to a huge amount of physio over the years but I've recently let it all get to me due in part to other stressful life events so am just trying to get back with myself. It's hard sometimes as we all know and the support on this site has been really good. Chin up and keep us all posted with your thoughts and feelings. ;)

  • Hi i too have been told i have fibro but i have constant knee pain and they go reddish/blue is this fibro? y feet are same colour and my legs burn 24/7 ?x

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