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Hi everyone I rarely post but do read all the posts. I have Rheum.Arthritis and am in Meds for this. I am usually ok apart from some flare ups.

About 2 weeks I got Sciatica and the pain on one side has been awful. I can

Hardly walk without pain. I had appt with Consultant today and she prescribed

Lyrica ( PregAbalin). Which I am to start and to increase dosage in two weeks.

I know there will be side effects but Can anyone tell me if they have helped

Them with pain.

Also has anyone taken them and not put on weight?

Sorry for all the questions, but since this has happened my life has stopped

and I can hardly get out at all . Thanks for any help.


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I'm a bit surprised you didn't get referred to physio? I haven't tried lyrica, so can't give any advise on that.


Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your back! I tried gaba and pregab without any alleviation from pain but the pain consultant told me it doesn't help a third of people so if it doesn't help you be sure to wean off them. There are posts on here from people who do benefit from these drugs so worth trying to see if they help. I didn't put on weight but the worse things for me was I became moronic! I couldn't find the words to speak! This has a name but I can't remember what it's called. I've recovered since stopping these drugs but I still feel less mentally agile than before!

Best wishes,


Thanks for that Boozzybird . I appreciate your reply.

Hannah x


It must be very difficult for you to have this new, different type of pain on top of the R.A.. Sciatica is one of my constant enemies, for which I take gabapentin which is the sister drug to yours, and the two work in similar ways and have similar side-effects apparently. It should gradually dampen down the nerve pain, but it tends to need time to really help which is why these two week slot. You may find a few strange side-effects along the way (mine included some rather bizarre visual effects, including Halo's) but personally I think the benefits are well worth the extras. I am very overweight, but lost a third of my body weight up to the point where a got some control of pain. However, I have lost nothing since and strive not to put anything on. I believe that the gaba could give me the munchies but I don't think it is insurmountable problem and I try to keep a balance by adding week days as dieting, weekends fairly free. And alcohol is a no-no, damn, that saves quite a few calories.

What you haven't said is whether the cause is to be investigated. Please don't let it go on too long-learning the hard way I would now always advocate to treat the origin not the symptoms.

I found a good chiropractor beneficial (although sometimes treatments initially can aggravate, but it is a two steps back and three steps forward approach) good luck


Thanks Heorte the last few days have been terrible. I live in Dublin and am

In Public Health system, so Consultant has put me down for MRI , but that will be in 6 months, she was quite young glamourous lady but I feel she

Didn't get it that I was in so much pain.

I am seeing Orthaepedic Surgeon Privately tomorrow . So I will see what

He says. This morning I got up and could barely function with pain,

Went back to bed and slept , normally would never go asleep during day,

Got up at 1pm and felt a bit. Better. I feel y whole life has changed and

It's something I never thought would happen.

My heart goes out to all here who are in pain, and thanks for all

Replys, it's great to feel that I'm not alone.

I will let you know how I get on tomorrow and thanks again


Hannah xx


Taking a magnesium supplement brought my pain down a few notches. Lots of stretching and water too.


Thanks Julia I heard magnesium is good and I will get some.i have

A few stretches I got from Physio and I do them morning and evening.

Anything that helps is good. I find a heat pack that I put in microwave

Very good too. I am lucky I suppose that I live alone and don't have to

Cope with anyone, even though it's hard being alone and in pain.

Healing hugs to you Julia

Hannah x


My face and body was swollen, while on it. It didn't do anything for me. Everyone is different so it may help you. I hope so sweetheart. If not you maybe helped by going to a pain clinic. It really helped to make my life and pain bearable. Hope this helps!!! xxx Mitzi


Ah Mitxi thanks I know that is a side effect, will be seeing someone

Tomorrow. I will see what he says too.

Hugs to you



Hello Hannah,

From my personal experience I would suggest you try DMSO for natural pain relief with no side effects. It is a liquid which is absorbed through the skin so no extra pills to swallow. DMSO is available on Amazon along with a couple of books on the subject and the one I read included a specific recommendation for use with R/A and back pain. I have also found the Bowen technique very helpful for sciatica and overall health improvements. Their are practitioners all over the country and you can probably find one near you in the Yellow Pages. I hope this will be helpful to you. Good luck on your healing journey.


Thanks for that Mrs, I would try anything, I have heard of Bowen Technique.

Thanks for taking time to reply. It. It means a lot.

Hannah xx


Hi Hannah I've got osteoarthritis and I've now been started on pregabaline this is my third week of taking 75 mg morning and night I felt very dizzy the first two weeks and felt drunk! But the dizzy spells are calming down now haven't noticed much for pain but it's early days got to see doc next week to up the dose so hopefully things may be better I'm waiting for appointment for pain clinic too hope everything gets sorted for you soon x


Thanks Paula. Hope you get to Pain Clinic soon.

Hannah x


Thanks yes me too! X


It does not look like that you have had a full examination on the causes of your pain. If you muscles are creating a situation where there is pressure on nerve roots then you must take action to try and reduce the pressure on the nerve roots.

It is worth while to find someone who can check the tension in your muscles and try and reduce the muscle tension. Rheum Arthritis comes with a lot of muscle tension. Tablets may or may not reduce the pain but will not tackle the cause.

Did the consultant when you saw them check your muscle tension using their hands?


Hi John I think your right in what you say. She did make me lie on couch and lift each leg. The Sciatica is on left side but when she lifted up right leg , the pain was unbearable. She seemed surprised .

I will be seeing Orthopaedic Consultant tomorrow so hoping he

Will at least take the time to listen. This lady was more concerned

With my Arthritis not the Sciatica, but my whole back seems to go

Into spasm .

Thanks for reply John will let you know how I get onTomorrow.



This can be a muscle problem. Spasms in the muscle is pulling the vertebra into your nerve root. Result a great deal of pain. Your reply indicates that the consultant did not check you for muscle spasms.

The orthopaedic consultant will check whether there is a bone or disc problem.

For the Muscle spasms McTimony Chiropractic and Alexander Technique can help. Massage will be able to help as well. I know from experience that for severe muscle spasm Alexander Technique cannot help while McTimony Chiropractic can. I have also learnt from experience that McTimony Chiropractic removes the muscle spasm, but cannot prevent it reoccurring while Alexander Technique will help prevent it from reoccurring.

It is possible that you have a small muscle spasm in the neck. A muscle spasm in the neck can activate spinal reflexes which result in sciatica.

Hope this helps


Good luck for your appointment.

I have found that when you have a condition like RA, all muscular skeletal problems are assumed to be directly related and sometimes, you do have to think outside the box.


It's a simple guide but take a look at this;

good luck with appt.


Thanks Heorte will look at that .I have appt. This afternoon with Orthapedic

Surgeon. I am in v.bad pain and I hope he can help me.

Hope your ok



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