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hello everyone

hello roomies I am here to tell you about my recent visit 2day at docters , I think he new I was coming and was not going to be fobbed of with paracetomal and the other cheap painkillers so I went in and told him straight up that if he was not going to prescribe me some serious pain relief I wanted him to refer me to some one that will, cos then I said to him I was thinking of taking to drastic action and making some poppy tea, come home with plenty of zomorphine tablets and oramorph feeling pretty proud cos I always right quite and always let them fob me because it s getting that bad I can not look after my self , hooray I said to him where starting to get some where

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Well done for being forthright and getting the pain relief you need :-) Now you need to try to get to the bottom of the pain and see if they can do anything for you more long term. But hopefully now you won't be in so much pain you can get some sleep and relax for a while. The first step (getting the doctor to actually take you seriously) is the most difficult and you've done it!


Hi Cruz I'm so proud of you you did it and got somewhere well now you know how keep it up and you should get some decent relief and sleep well done Linda x


Hi, I'm glad you stood up for yourself. I hope that it helps you in the long run. I know I've done that when one of my knees was hurting so bad pain medication was not helping. I told the dr to cut my leg off, he was saying I was to young for the total knee replacement. Well I got the knee replacement.

Sometimes we have to stand up and be heard or they just keep on ignoring us.

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Hi sassyzee.

I have been suffering with knee pain from the age of 18 I'm now 43. I have had numerous operations and I'm now on fentynal patches morphine tablets and a number of other tablets. If u don't mind me asking how old are you? As like yourself I was told to young for knee replacement (that was a few yrs ago)and still they won't do it.

Thanks Debbs

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Hi Debbs, I'm 63 yrs old.

e had knee issues since I was in High school my knee caps would pop out of place. My legs would go almost all the way out from under me at times.

When I was around 32 i fell due to ice on the sidewalks an messed up one of my knees an had to have surgery but the Dr. never had me do Physical Therapy, which I didn't know was bad till years later.

Then when i was 35 my husband who was a 6th degree black belt was trying to teach me how to flip someone if they came up from behind you. I braced mysellf an said no an we heard a big pop. My knee got really big instantly. Went to the ER an they couldn't diagnose it due to the swelling. They thought at first I had tore every muscle in my knee.

Well from there began my problems. The Same ortho who had took care of me with the first problem never sent me to PT again.

Not 2 years later I started having severe pain in both knees. I've had around 10 scope surgeries on both knees between 1988 to 1992.(I was introduced to PT for the first time when this surgeon started doing my surgery, trying to help keep my knee caps in place.

Another Dr. took care of this issue my right knee got to hurting so bad around 2004. but the new Ortho told me I was to young for a knee replacement, I told him the pain medication isn't helping an I would rather have my leg cut off above the knee then. He goes your joking I said NO I'm dead serious. He gave me my first total knee replacment. I had the 2nd one done in 2013, it was a rough go. But so worth it, till last few weeks now I can barely step up one step. I about back to using my cane again but I can't due to my recent shoulder surgery.

I can't wait till God calls me home an leave this pain behind. I will be so happy an jumping for joy ...For having a pain free body. Amen


Thats good u got something stronger.

Im suffering badly with my back and right knee plus everyother ache.

Only on amatripyiline which arnt helping. Paracetamol and ibruprofen and was on tramadol but changed to nefopam as it didnt work but neither are these.

My doctor said hes hesitant to prescibe any strong drugs but i need something.

Want to be able to get up and do stuff. Go daily walks xx


Well done. That is wonderful that worked for you. I tried that at my last visit and got told I referred you to a pain clinic. But what he doesn't understand the clinic he sent me to will not see me till November. So I am glad you got help with your pain.


He is not fobbing you off. Yes the morphine will help short term but the dose will have to be increased medium to long term, and in a few years you will be on relatively high doses, and that isn't even considering the side effects.

As needed is often a better strategy - oramorph when the pain is really bad,

Time to see a pain clinic, firstly with regards to morphine prescribing but secondly if their physios, doctors etc can help. They can offer a lot more than a GP.


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