Good News

Sandra returned home today now her temp has stabilised and her WBC have risen. Still has to take oral antibiotics for 5 days. The other good news is that although her next cycle of chemo due today has been deferred until next thursday I requested that a CA125 be analysed today when they did todays blood count. Just got the result and after just one cycle of Gem/Carbo it has gone from 88 down to 48. I thought it was nice of Christie to analyse the CA at my request because they could have easily told me to wait until the next cycle. Rgds Paul.

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  • Great News that everything is going in the right direction best wishes to you both love x G x

    :-) :-)

  • Hi Paul

    That is brilliant news, I hope you have a lovely happy romantic time together.

    Charlie xxx

  • Dear Paul

    It's lovely to read your good news. I'm glad Sandra is home again - and DELIGHTED about the CA125 results. You must both be very pleased and it's an inspiration for others who have struggled with the first dose of chemotherapy.

    Hope you have a lovely evening and celebrate. xxx love Annie

  • Back to shopping, cooking and cleaning while she puts her feet up.!! Side effects!!!

  • Share your celebration recipe idea with us then! ?? xx

  • Simple! Local chippy ha ha

  • na - that won't do! My wonderful husband's tour de force for a special occasion is filet of salmon on a bed of celery and carrot juliennes flambéed in Glen Morangie and doused out with crème fraiche.

    Ladies, and some gents, can you help Paul with a celebratory recipe? xxxx lol Annie

  • Ooooh..lovely ...I can smell the chips from here... :-/ ;-) I'll have vinegar on mine please (yummy) :-) love x G x :-)

  • Paul, That is good news indeed. Everything moving in the right direction so thats got to be encouraging. My tip for a celebration dinner is Gastro a la wheel. That's a Chinese, Indian or Pizza delivered to you. No washing up and then you can put your feet up together! perfect! lol


  • Excellent news Paul. Enjoy the fish & chips :)

    Love Mary xx

  • That's great news, love to Sandra

    Jan x

  • So pleased to hear you've had some good news. Hope Sandra is feeling better and that you enjoy your fish and chips. You could do worse than round off your celebrations with an Irish coffee!!

    Linda xx

  • Brilliant news Paul,enjoy your fish n chips with plenty of vinegar,Best wishes to Sandra.

    Sue x

  • Enjoy your treat! I used to live within walking distance of the Christie as a student and have great memories of the chippys close too! Also China Town in the memory is watering at the thought!!!!!


  • I was at The Christie yesterday afternoon. You weren't in clinic were you?

  • No, we were Ward 11 upstairs, clinic next thursday.

  • Ah ok thought I saw someone that looked like Sandra. I'm still waiting on my CA125 result but hoping not to be back for another 3 months

  • Her hair is now gray, short and curly. I always ring for blood results first thing in morning. Good luck.

  • So pleased Sandra home. Bet she enjoyed those fish and chips.

    ca125 good result. Hope next gem regime better for her.

    Love Best wishes

    Hilary xx

  • CA125 sounds good news.

    Love and best wishes,

    Eileen xx

  • Hi Paul

    That's brilliant news I also had a drop from 161 to 128 on same combination after one treatment. Also having problems though in my case white blood cells low. Lets hope for similar drops next time. It's good to have good news when everything seems to be going wrong.


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