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Hi all,

I just wanted to share my good news with you. I was first diagnosed in October 2012 and have had various treatments since, with no significant breaks as the disease has never gone away. So today I am over the moon that my latest CT scan results show only small changes and my ca125 is only rising slowly. They do not want to see me again for 3 months, which is a first for me and was beyond wildest hopes. The best I had hoped for was to be able to delay the start of the next treatment until after Easter.

It feels like I have just been given at least 3 to 6 months of extra life to enjoy to the full.

I feel so lucky to be so well with this nasty disease.

Love to all


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  • That's fantastic Clare and an inspirational post. Never give up hope ! Enjoy your break from treatment x

  • That is great news well done, it is great to get a break from treatment and I hope you plan something nice for yourself as a treat well done

  • That's brilliant news Clare enjoy the freedom x

  • What fantastic news.

  • Wonderful news, delighted for you! Always lovely to hear good news!

  • Fantastic news, hope it carries on, enjoy your freedom x

  • That's great news Clare. Enjoy the next few months.

    Mary xx

  • Great news and love your determination to enjoy break in treatment and a period of feeling well. Love life. Maureen

  • So pleased for you, I can almost feel your relief after what you have been through. Enjoy yourself. Trix

  • Great news Clare. Enjoy your break from Hospital appointments. Ann xo

  • That's wonderful Clare, I'm so pleased. I was diagnosed the month before you and am now having 3rd line chemo, Caelyx and Carboplatin. What have you had so far?

    Lovis x

  • Hi Lovis

    After the op I had carboplatin and paclitaxol, then caelyx, third topotecan and then radiotherapy last autumn. I am platinum resistant high grade stage 3c to start, which may be why it is not the same as you, or just different consultant. I am Worcestershire.

    Love Clare

  • Hello, I'm high grade stage 3a and attend Ipswich hospital. I have had Carbo/Taxol then had a year before Gemcitabine, Carbo and Avastin. The Gem/Carbo/Avastin mix only got the CA125 down to 471 before it started rising again. It was 18000 before I started treatment on 6th Feb. Lovis x

  • I live in Bewdley and go to Worcester hospital, diagnosed 'technically stage 4' as had a pleural effusion or fluid between lining of lung but this had disappeared after 3 sessions of chemo. Diagnosed last May, had surgery at Cheltenham in August and an currently doing well. Would love to hear from you, maybe possibly meet up for coffee if you are up for that. I am quite a positive person and I try and exude a bit of cheer as I go, I went to the same school as Julie Walters but did not know her as she's quite a lot older than me but if I could aspire to be like anyone I think I would choose her as she makes me laugh (just so you know I am not a misery guts) xx

  • Meeting up sounds like a nice idea, and with anyone else in the Worcester area. I will try and work out how to contact you without posting arrangements to the whole group some of whom are a long way off!

  • Brilliant news. 😊

  • Claire, great news. The sort we all want to hear. I see my oncologist on Monday and hope for similar news. Enjoy your reprieve!

    Love Pat

  • That's wonderful Clare! Such a humble post which shows how grateful we should all be for the small steps forward. I know I am guilty of always wanting 'more' when it comes to getting results when I should be celebrating every positive, no matter how small.

    Enjoy your 3 months!!


    Annette xxx

  • That is great news. long may it continue, best wishes Pam x

  • Wonderful news indeed Clare, and a scenario few of us would even hope to dream of. Please go ahead and enjoy everyone moment of your hospital and treatment holiday. I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on! xx love Annie

  • Ah fantastic news for you to be able to share, thank you

    And all the best to you

    Dawn xx

  • Wonderful news xx

  • Great news nice not to think about treatment.better than winning the lottery.thanks for sharing your news so up lifting to hear positive news.good luck keep us updated.x

  • Great to hear that Clare, hope you have some great times you are so positive and I'm so pleased for you, Madeline.

  • good news - best wishes for your treatment holiday!

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