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Good News!

Hi I'm a relatively new member to the website, having been diagnosed with OC 1C having surgery and 6 taxol/carboplatin treatments. Just had my first scan and they are all clear. The nurse gave me the results over the phone as I can't get to see my oncologist until 16 March. I wasn't prepared to wait 6 weeks for the results so kept pestering my keyworker nurse. Its a a shame you have to do this but having waited 6 weeks for the first scan and having to wait a further 6 weeks for the results was causing me so much anxiety. Has anyone else experianced having to wait so long for results? Any way it was good news that I wanted to share with you. Love to all of you. Didy

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so so glad you have got the all clear it must be such a relief.. well done you.. xxx

im going to try and ring my oncologist secretary and see if she can do anything for me i dont want to wait till the 27th march its killing me... i dont have a key worker nurse never really had anyone through all this . but i will try the secretary...

again so happy for you. xxxx


Great stuff Didy, really pleased for you.



Great news, Didy! I had 1C and that was 9 years ago, I'm still OK (fingers crossed!!!) Long may you stay healthy. My nurse specialist (CNS) was lovely. I'm still in touch with her and do some support and fundraising at the hospital support group for women with gynae cancers. Having this b*****d disease sure makes you see life from a different perspective! Well done.

Love Wendy xx


Great news. So good to know that it was caught early. Thank you for sharing your good news.

Love Chris x x


Didy - thanks for sharing your good news. I'm really delighted for you as you have a very good chance of many happy years ahead of you. Congratulations. I hope we can raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer so that more women identify the symptoms early enough.

with best wishes. Annie


Hi All

Thank you for your well wishes, I do think more needs to be done to raise awareness. My GP sent me up to hospital, even though he didn't think that there was a problem. In his words "just in case, I will send you up to the hospital". My keyworker nurse said "that by my GP by sending me up to hospital, so quickly saved my life." Why are GP's so reluctant to send us ladies to see the consultants? I know the symptoms are hard to detect but I hadn't got all the symptoms and my GP had the wit to send me up to see the consultants and have a ultrasound scan. My GP surgery has a poster up on the notice board that makes ladies aware of the symptoms, which is a start, but more does need to be done.

love to you all Didy


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