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Hi I Just feel I need to share my news with you. I have just got back from Maidstone Hospital where I went to receive my results from my scan and all seems well. The doctor said things are looking good and I don't have to see her until 20th May. I have to go in April for a CT scan and a blood test but she did say the scan I has on the 9th January looks good. So tonight I am a happy bunny and I am looking forward to the future starting tonight with a nice bottle of wine x

Love and good health to all

Babs x x x

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  • Oh wow! How wonderful, Babs! Hev a great celebration with your lovely hubby and take a bit of time to relax a bit now if you can. I know you're probably at work tomorrow, but try to have a bit of time to enjoy your feelings of relief! So pleased for you :-D

    Love Wendy xx

  • Great news Babs,

    Love and best wishes x G x :-) :-D

  • Hi Babs

    Thanks for sharing your good news, really pleased to hear it!

    Have a good evening with Tony and here's to a long and happy remission.

    Love and hugs Linda xxx

  • Delighted to hear your news, Babs. Thanks for letting us know.


    Linda xx

  • Bloody excellent. x

  • This is fantastic news , enjoy the wine , you deserve it.

    Charlie XX

  • That's great Babs, have a very LARGE glass of wine, and just relax!!


    Sue xxx

  • Great news Babs, and a nice long spell without appointments.

    Chris xx

  • Great news Babs. You have come a long way since you first joined us. Your positiveness has paid off.

    Love Suex

  • Oh Babs that's brilliant news,

    You have done so well, working, staying cheerful and supporting others like me whilst you have been going through treatment,

    Enjoy your wine, well deserved,


    Jan xx

  • HI Babs that is wonderful news so pleased to hear all well . Have that well deserved glass wine and hope many more positive results in the future for you



  • Hi Babs,Fantastic news ,so pleased for you, well done and enjoy .

    Best wishes Love Sue xx

  • Really good news - so pleased.

    Monique x

  • Great news Babs. Enjoy your wine.

    Jean. Xx

  • Dear Babs

    I'm so relieved and thrilled for you. It's great you have a nice long break before the next check-up. I hope you enjoyed your glass of wine and celebration with Tony. Bet you did after having a few wobbles last week.

    You're an inspiration!

    Love Annie xxx

  • Dear Babs

    Great news! I'm so pleased for you you. Well done!


  • That's fantastic news Babs! Enjoy every sip of the wine!!

    MB x

  • Hi Babs, so pleased to hear your good news, hope you enjoyed the wine!

    Brenda X

  • Thank you Ladies for all you lovely comments. I enjoyed my wine last night and today I feel like I have been through a nine month battle and have now come out the other side. I know Im not cured but until they say its back I am just going to live my life to the full. I feel well and Im planing lots of treats for myself and Tony this year.

    Love to everyone and hope the snow where you are soon goes away.

    Babs x x x

  • Dear Babs

    I am so pleased to hear your good news and I am with you about living life to the full. Enjoy all the treats you have planned with Tony!!

    I am in the same boat as you and am going to live life to the full too this year since as you say we are not cured yet when we feel good we have to make the most of it. Bakul and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary yesterday and it was lovely to spend the day in London treating ourselves to a lovely Thai lunch and then tea at Fortnum and Masons. We had gone away to Hampshire on the weekend of the 11th and had a lovely time. I am so glad we went away last week since we would have been stranded if we had planned to go away the weekend of the 18th. I truly believe when we are positive things work out well.

    Keep up your positive spirits and look forward to a bright future. :-) :-)

    Have a super week and I really look forward to meeting you in May.

    Lots of love

    Samixa XX :-) :-)

  • Hi Babs

    I was so glad to read your posting this morning- we had to venture into Kent yesterday and kept seeing signs for Maidstone- I thought of you.

    Brilliant news!


    Anne xx

    PS Rob sends you and Tony his best wishes too.

  • good to hear - best of luck xxxxxxxxx

  • Dear Babs ,

    Just catching up ..and have seen you fab news xxx Just so delighted for you and all your family ..Bet the glass of wine tasted good ..

    Thanks for sharing your news as I need a little lift and your news hit the spot .

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Always good news is a great way to make us get that feel- good all over! Congrats to you! ~~~ peace& happiness!~~~~~ Chrissy 55

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