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Neutropenic Sepcis

Sandra admitted into Christies this morning with sepcis. Her temp raised to 38 degrees yesterday but fell to 37.4 so we did not call the hotline. This morning it was 37.8 and we were advised by Christies to come in. Even though her temp fell to 36.1 on arrival, she has been admitted and put onto antibiotics as her neutrophils were borderline low. Better to be safe than sorry.

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So sorry to hear this but at least she is in the right place for something to be done, it is always a worry when you are at home not knowing what to do.

Sending you both best wishes and love x G x


Hope Sandra feels a lot better very soon. I know what it like to keep putting it off when you have a temperature. This time last year mine went up to 39 but I still put it off, by the time I rang the emergency line I was very ill. I was suffering from pneumonia, tachycardia and neutropenia as well as low sodium and magnesium...I was in a right old state. Due to good care I was out in a week, but it made me realise how silly I was in my desperation to stay out of hospital.

Wishing you both well, keep us posted.

Love Linda xxx


Hope Sandra is feeling much better soon,

Christie's is a wonderful place, I had my treatment there last year, she is in very good hands


Jan x


Poor you, poor Sandra. I hope she's feeling better very soon. It was very reassuring to read Jan's comment that Christies is a wonderful place and she's in very good hands. I hate hospitals. They always make me feel ill. xxxx

Love to you both.


Wishing Sandra well and hoping she is soon back home and feeling a bit better. I know you'll be doing a great job of keeping her spirits up

All the best

Love Wendy xx


Sending best wishes to you both, and wishing Sandra a speedy recovery, hoping she soon starts feeling better.

Love Luanna x


As a fellow husband I can empathise with the dilemma. The situation you are experiencing with Sandra's temp is a constant worry. I hope she is quickly back on track and home with you soon, certainly she is in the best place to deal with it.

Best wishes to you both

Andy & Angie


Thanking everyone for your kind wishes, Sandra looking much better and will be home soon.

Love to everyone. Paul


Glad to hear that Sandra is looking better. Best wishes to you both.

Love Mary xx


Sorry to hear your news. I have ended up in Christies after all 3 chemo sessions this time and spent xmas there. Dreaded it at first but getting used to it and staff generally very good. But nobody wants to be there so I hope she is soon home.

very best wishes Francesca x



V pleased to hear that Sandra has responded to treatment. But what a frightening time you've had.

I know its horrible having to go to and fro hospital to be with a loved one. Your life is governed by visiting times. Remember to eat!

Love Sarah


Now a bit baffled, Sandra still in hospital but her temp still rises to approx 38 mainly afternoons and during the night even though on antibiotics. Now last night she wakes soaking wet which to me is not a good sign that everything is under control.


When I left Sandra this morning she was in good spirits and temp was going down. Hope she will be home soon. Hope you didn't speed back home last night hee hee.

Hilary xx


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