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New to site just saying hello

Hi everyone, I was introduced to this site by a lovely lady I met in Christies on Thursday. So Alikay if you're online this morning a special hello to you!

Alikay tells me that it is a great site with lots of nice people who have a like condition who can offer help and support.

I had my second session of chemo on Thursday, Carboplatin & Paclitaxel and have had no side effects so far. However, this morning I have really bad acid indigestion & heartburn. Does anyone have any natural remedy tips which may relieve the symptoms please?

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Morning Maggie. So glad you got logged on OK and can I say a huge welcome to the party that no one really wants to belong to. I hope you find it as supporting as I have and that you will make many virtual friends. Glad to hear that chemo went OK on Thursday and would suggest seeing gp on Monday for help with the indigestion and heartburn - unless someone else can offer any immediate remedy.

I won't be at the Christie when you are next scheduled ( unless I get deferred for any reason) but will look out for you each time I attend in the hope that we will meet up again. Take care. Ali. Xx

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Hi Ali, Nice to hear from you again. Pity we won't meet up at my next session but will look out for you when I'm there. Thanks for the advice about the doc will ring on Monday. PS managed to finish my bobble hat :-) Take care of yourself Ali speak soon.

Maggie x


Welcome to the party

I suffered with that too but found Gaviscon was great. If you want something natural chewing liquorice from Holland and Barrett is helpful too

LA xx


Thanks Lily-Anne, I will add both to my survival kit for future bouts.

Maggie x


Welcome also...

you may find any side effects particular to you will continue to get stronger after your next treatment and beyond as chemo is cumulative.

In my case it was the steroids which upset my stomach as I had been on them continuously for 3 months previous to starting weekly taxol treatment .( currently Wednesdays at Christie's )

I was prescribed lansoprozole which helped a lot, and I still take one over days I have to take oral meds including steroids.

Other than that I would choose 'gentle' foods until your stomach settles , avoid hot and spicy or high fibre , have smaller amounts more frequently and drink plenty.

Take care... you will find lots of tips on this site

Janet x🌈

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Hi Janet,

Thanks for the advice I will bear in mind for next time. I think eating lighter meals is a good idea also.

Thanks Maggie x


Hello Maggie,

Welcome to our club - we don’t want to be here, but we are here for each other!

I had awful heartburn and ended up with omeprazole which helped enormously!

Good luck,

Vicki x


Hi Vicki,

Yes I know what you mean about not really wanting to be here. Its good to be able to talk to you guys though. I did feel a little isolated wondering whether what I was going through similar to others going through the same type of nightmare. Now I have been introduced to the site I feel I have somewhere to go if I need help or advice from other unfortunate ladies who have the same condition.

Thanks Maggie x

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Hi Maggie

Try eating little and often if you can...plenty of water to drink xx


Hi Lyndy,

I managed to get some Gaviscon which seems to have eased it a little.

Thanks for the advise I will try this too.

Bye for now Maggie x


Welcome to our gang, none of us want to be in it but we are really glad we are fully paid up members and you’re so very welcome.

There is such a wealth of knowledge here and we are supported by the lovely nurses who are our admin and if we don’t know the answers they will so ask away.

I too used gaviscon for the reflux which really helped.

I’m back at the Christie in February so maybe see you then.

I hope you continue to have very few side effects from your chemo but you’re under a really good onc team so ask them if there are any issues, the nurses in the treatment room are really helpful too and love to chat while they’re canunulating you so ask them if clinic is really busy.

Keep as well as you possibly can be ❤️Xx Jane


Hello Maggie and welcome to our friendly group. I think my acid indigestion kicked in on cycle 2 also. I bought Gaviscon tablets, the turquoise formula rather than the lurid pink, for no other reason than I’m none too keen on lurid pink. I think the pink formula is stronger, not sure.

I don’t know what’s in them, but I think they must be pretty mild as the very first box I bought, my little working cocker spaniel stole, ran off and ate the lot including most of the cardboard. The vet said he would come to no harm and didn’t even need to see him, so I’m thinking they must be relatively natural and harmless.

It only lasted for a few days but I religiously carried the tablets around with me, this time the ones that come in a plastic turquoise container.

Two cycles done, you’re one third of the way already!

All the best



welcome too....the people are so nice here...good advice too whatever stage of the disease/ treatment you are at. Is a god send...! Chris xx


Hi Maggie and a big warm welcome to you.

Having always suffered with heartburn, I was prescribed Omeprazole which is great for me. Maybe ask your Onc to write a prescription while you are on chemo.

All the best

Debs xxx


Hi Maggie, Glad you have found us I've been on here for the last 3 years now and the advice and encouragement has been of great help to me, I'm sure you will find the same.

Always with any advice talk it over with your team.

This site is not only for advice and encouragement we are here for you to come if you just need to someone to talk to.

As for the acid indigestion I also take Gaviscon.

Best wishes take care Lorraine xx


Hi Maggie, sorry you have had to join us . I cant really help with heartburn issue but my onc did recommend Nexium 40mg -make sure you drink plenty of water every day and helps your kidneys and liver a lot if you add slices of fresh lemon. Good luck with the remainder of your chemo and stay strong, Stacey xx


I too suffered with acid indigestion after my second cycle. My GP prescribed omeprazole which has got rid of the problem for me.

Welcome to the site and I can only add to what others have said, everyone is really friendly and helpful and can offer lots of good advice to help you through this treatment.


Welcome to our family. Yes this site is very helpful.. I take omeprazole for my acid reflux.. Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care. X


Hi Mags , Im also under prof at the christie and am due back in Feb . Hope to see you there some time .

Agree with everything people have suggested . I take omeprazole and ir works great but its not a natural remedy im afraid .

Good luck with your treatment


Hi Maggie,

Welcome to the group. I took gaviscon liquid used to carry a huge bottle in my hand bag!!!

I think everyone has given you the gen on heartburn.

Every time I go to an appointment I take a list of questions that I have since my last visit. I find it helps me to know things but when first diagnosed I buried my head in the sand my daughters asked the questions and gave me the answers if I asked.

I havnt been on the group that long but read people po


(Sorry not much good at texting )

People's texts when I go to bed, I find it comforting.

Keep strong and welcome again.



Welcome to the group!


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