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Had quite a bad week one way or another. landed at out of hour surgery with a dreadfully ulcerated tongue and inner mouth, couldnt eat, last Sunday evening. was given 3 different mouth washes and thankgoodness has improoved loads. Wednesday went to see my OC on how things were going, she couldn,t tell me my results as the CA125 hadn,t been printed on my blood packet and the wrong count wasn,t given. The doctor was very concerned about my blood and ordered an urgent blood transfusion. On Thursday i was called in early 10am instead of my appointment of 1.30pm as i needed a cross match for transfusion and also to see if my Chemo could be administered that afternoon, fortunately i was able to have my 5th Chemo of Carboplatin by HB had gone up from 95 to 125 apparently if it drops below 100 it can,t be given. On the Friday i went for my blood transfusion 3 pints, after six attempts of cannula inserts i got going 9am till 3pm, i had forgotten what it felt like to be soo warm and rossie cheeks, i hopped out the hospital. The nurse wondered how i had got myself into the hospital i felt so ill. I have just been in touch with the hospital and my blood CA125 has now gone down yet again - started at 1148, then 199, then 16, its now 7 and this reading was taken on Wednesday the day before my 5th Chemo so im hoping to take 2 more readings from this with 2 more chemos off and who knows. love Margaret x

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  • Hi Margaret ,

    You have been in the wars, but at least the ca125 is going in the right I direction, sending you my best wishes love x G x

  • Thankyou. luv Marg xx

  • Hi Margaret

    What a rough time you've had, but that's wonderful news about the CA125. Hoping things go a bit more smoothly from now on.

  • Tons better today Monday thankyou. luv Marg xx

  • What an awful experience! Keep hanging on in there Margaret! I still get mouth ulcers and use bongela but yours sound beyond that!

    Good luck!


  • Hi Margaret, no bongela didn"t touch any of it, i was given corsodal, mind if you are ever given this mouth wash please be careful it can make an awful mess of your teeth (brown), it tells you on the label on the bottle, the trouble was for me i was so keen to use it i didnt read it in time, hence i need to see the dentist now. They also gave me diffilan. luv Marg x

  • doesn't itI found diluted hydrogen peroxide helped with the staining but not the ulcers! just!

  • Thanks for that (hydrogen peroxide) must give that a try, they look bit better but ive still got 2 more weeks to wait before seeing my dentist (app.26th) luv Marg

  • Brilliant news Margaret after all your troubles. Doesn't a blood transfusion make you feel great? I had 3 units during my op...I'm sure that's why I recovered so quickly!

    Take care Linda xx

  • Hi Linda, yes the blood transfusion was certainly what i needed, i feel soo much better now, not half so tired. luv Marg xx

  • Great news on the CA125 Margaret. Best wishes for a full post surgery recovery as quickly as possible.


  • Thanks very much. One more chemo on the 28th March, that will be my 6th soo hope it drops even more. luv Marg xx

  • Poor Margaret that all sounds rotten. Many of us have these kinds of catastrophic series of events so can empathise, they are just horrible to go through. But you do get out the other side, I promise! Seems worse right at the end of the series, I guess because by now your poor body has taken a hell of a beating. That CA125 result is great now though. One more to go, grit your teeth and stay strong


    Sue xxx

  • Hi Sue, thats sweet thanks, yes one more to go and i will grit my teeth. My arms are still very black with all the attempts of cannulas but i feel tons better since the new blood its stopped me being so tired. I am treasuring this week as i have no appointments yipee! back again next week so making the best of it even though its snowing lol! love Marg xxxx

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