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Well I had my hysterectomy on Monday, I didn't get into theatre until 16:00. I was so nervous. I came back from theatre at 21:00. I saw the Onc early Tuesday morning and he said I had a large mass on left ovary, not the right as the scans had said. It was sent away for rapid analysis and the results came back benign, what a relief. Everything else was taken away, he took a biopsy of the omentum, I will get results back on 15th March. He said everything looked & felt ok so he's optimistic. As well as the large mass on left ovary which was 12cm, I had 8.5 cm mass on right ovary and a large fibroid. He said my uterus was the size of a 12 week pregnancy, that explains why I kept tiddiling a lot!!

I experienced my first hot flush last night and again this morning!! Onc said I had to wait for histology results before I can have HRT.

I came home this morning and all I've done all day is sleep, I've never been so tired.

I would like to thank you all for reassuring me when I didn't know what's was going on or what to expect.

With best wishes you you all

Love Karen xxx

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I am so pleased to hear that the mass was benign, what a huge relief! Don't beat yourself up about being tired, try to enjoy a good rest, and before you know it, you will feel like yourself again, or a lot better hopefully! Take care and once again sooooooo good to hear some good news! Love Janx


Such good news best wishes love x G x :-)


Hi Karen, it is so good to hear your news. Mine was similar, except they found borderline tumours on ovaries and momentum, but I didn't need chemo and I am still ok (fingers crossed....) However, it is a big, major op. you need to follow the instructions your hospital has given you, rest a lot and don't pick up anything with any weight more than a cuppa. There are loads of threads on here about dealing with hot flushes, on the blogs page, juts use the search box. They are not great, but hopefully, they will be eased by the HRT. Just give it all time and revel in the feeling that you're OK! Wonderful :-)

Love Wendy xx


Dear Karen

This is brilliant news. It's such a shame that you're probably not in a fit state to be celebrating at the moment - and perhaps want to get the formal feedback before cracking open a bottle of bubbly.

Take care of yourself now. Absolutely no lifting, housework, ironing - even lifting the kettle. Be spoilt for a few weeks to make sure all the stitches have time to heal.

I'm really delighted for you. Love Annie x


Hi karen. Great news. Take care of yourself and rest.

Louise. Xx


That is good news Karen. so pleased for you.

You will need to get plenty of rest, your body has been through a lot and you've had the anxiety to cope with too.

Very best wishes.

Love Mary xx



This is fantastic news , I hope you get the final pathology report soon and that you can look forward to along and healthy and happy life.

However as the other ladies have said you really do need to rest a very great deal over the coming weeks. You only get one chance to recover.

Let us know how you get on.

Love and gentle healing hugs

Charlie xxx


Hi Karen

Great news. Just chill out, rest and recouperate! Hope you get good results from the rest of your reports.


Colette xxxxxx


Hi Karen, Wonderful news, Take it easy Best wishes, Sue x


Hello specialK,

Just do as the hospital tell you, you will be very tired for quite a few weeks, I am so glad that you got good news, I had the same operation 5 weeks ago for almost the same reason as you take it easy rest rest and more rest is the key please let us know how you are progressing xx


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