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Hi from Lynn

hi all my friends hope you are all ok! what i would like to know is about the CA125 blood test. I know its called a tumour marker test here in South Africa. What exactly does it measure? If there are no tumours present and does it also detect any cancer cells that may be left lurking? I have my 4th chemo on Friday(my birthday too) and then i have one on 21st Dec so i dont think i,ll be too hot over Christmas!! Never mind i,ll do dinner when chemos worn off Love to you all and God Bless and keep you safe Lynn XXXXX

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Hi Lynn,

The answers you want are at

The thing to remember is that ca125 is a good marker in some of us, and not in others.

Happy Birhtday for Friday - sorry it coincides with your birthday, but hopefully there will be many, many more to enjoy!

Very best wishes,



Thanks so much Isadora for your reply. I checked the web site and it was useful. My markers last time were 12 and are coming down. Im still not too sure if this means there are no cancer cells in my body or not but will try and ask oncologist on Friday (if i dont clam up as i usually do)! Thank you for birthday wishes too and i too wish for many more its my prayer every day Love Lynn XXXX


I don't think it's a guarantee that there are no cancer cells, but if it's as low as 12 you are fine. Mine is 5 or 6 always, and the oncologists always say that's lower than they would be (and they're men). Anything under 35 is considered fine in uk.



Happy Birthday for Friday!

When I see my oncologist or anyone else, I have a list of questions, or other symptoms I want to talk to them about! I kept notes in my diary of how I felt, or things like the pins and needle in my toes!(its nearly 3months since my 6th chemo) it meant that I didn't forget anything in the heat of the moment....especially as I could lose the plot at a moments notice. Have a good day on Friday, Chris


Hi sounds good!! Thank you so much for your help. I feel a lot better knowing this. Do you think thats a good chance of recovery i know thats a difficult question but would like your in put. Thanks again Love Lynn X



Looking back at your posts, I'm sure (for what it's worth) that you have a good chance of recovery. I'm certainly aiming for a cancer free future. Watch your diet, stress and exercise, and enjoy every day of what I sincerely hope will be a long and happy future.

I. xxx


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