Hello Everybody I hope I find you all in a good place a t the moment.

I just wanted to say sorry For not being around much at the moment Ive had so much on I have been reading your bloggs but just haven't had the time to reply.

Im up to my neck at work at the moment and homelife is stressful to say the least. (my partners 30year old son is staying with us and we dont gert on too well) Its not much fun.

My fatigue has gotten worse since christmas I can honestly say i haven't felt quite so tired in some time. I dont sleep very well which doesnt help.

Any way enough about me How are you all???

Lots of love suzanne. xxxx

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  • Hi Suzanne,

    So lovely to hear from you, sorry that things are not so great at the moment, but glad you feel you can blog, you are always a welcome sight on here, and we think of you a lot, friendship is like that people come and go, but when you are back we pick up where we left off, you are probably fatiqued because of lack of sleep we can all relate to that.

    But good to know you are ok (apart from being stressed that is) sending you loads of love.

    x G x :-) :-) :-)

  • Thank you Gwyn.

    Always so nice to see your messages. How are you doing?

    Love suzanne


  • I'm ok thank you Suzanne, nice new photo by the way lots of love x G x :-)

  • Good Im glad you are ok your always in my thoughts.

    Thanks it was taken on xmas eve.


  • Hi Suzanne

    What a beautiful and glamorous picture !

    How lovely to hear from you ....happy new year...but so sorry that you are feeling under the weather a bit. January is always awful and hey family stuff can be really really hard sometimes. No wonder you are tired , you have had a few very rough years.

    I am really well at the moment , on a big health kick for January, ran 4 Kms yesterday at the gym ...I would love to do a 10km run this year. It was 3 years since my first operation recently and this is the best I have felt since then. It really all takes ages to recover from and I didn't,t have chemo so had a far easier time than most other ladies on here.

    Take care of yourself and thanks for the update.


    Charlie xxx

  • Hi Suzanne!

    I'm sorry things haven't been so great lately. Hope that at least one of your problems eases soon. It's so good to 'see' you! Lovely photo. I always wonder what people look like when I feel as if we've all covered a lot of experiences together ;-)

    Just give it all time, try to plan some little treats and enjoy what fun times you can when you can.

    Hope that things look up a bit soon. It's good to know how you're getting on. Thanks for letting us know

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hello wendy.

    Thank you its so nice to hear from you. I think i will look at having sone treats it might spure on a bit. Glad you like the pic i was all ready for a xmas party and i did feel glam.

    Take care of yourself

    Love suzanne


  • Hi Suzanne. Loving the new pic. Hope things get back on an even keel for you soon. Fatigue and lack of sleep really wears you down.

    Things are good at this end.

    Take it easy


    Linda xxx

  • Thank you linda.

    Im glad all is good with you.

    Look after yourself

    Lots of love suzanne. Xxxx

  • Thank you linda.

    Im glad all is good with you.

    Look after yourself

    Lots of love suzanne. Xxxx

  • Dear Suzanne

    Lovely to hear from you again but I'm really sorry you're feeling tired and that home life is stressful. It can be difficult adjusting to children returning to the nest once they're adults. I hope you can find a compromise with your step-son so things ease for you. You hardly want additional stress at home if you're also nose to the grindstone at work.

    I love your new photo - very glamorous! Let's hope the longer days and the first signs of spring cheer you along. I think everyone had had enough of this incessant rain and the short dark days.

    On a bit of a different topic I approached Ovacome with the request that the Health Unlocked blogs default to 'visible to this community only' rather than 'visible to everyone' (recommended). I felt the advise to make blogs visible to the world at large puts us at risk of exposure. Ovacome suggested that I mention this to anyone who posts a public blog. If you think it's a good idea to change the permissions of any of your blogs you can easily click on 'edit' and change it there.

    Perhaps with another pair of hands in the home you might persuade them to do a bit more to spoil you and help relieve all the stress and tiredness.

    Sending loads of love and hugs.

    xxxxx Annie

  • Thank you Annie. Your words are so kind i admit i did feel glamorous at xmas first time i a long time.

    You know when i was writing this blogg i thought about ticking the members only box i think in future i definately will.

    I will maybe suggest that thet help me more at home. I do tend to just do everythin im quite fussy but i feel i need a rest.

    Thank you for the love and hugs. I send the same in return.

    Lots of love suzanne.


  • Dear Suzanne

    I think it may be time for you to let the others help you at home. The only thing is that when people offer to help you they're going to do things in their own way. When my husband helps he puts things in the wrong place, pulls the blinds up too high or at an angle, and vacuums the whole house except the stairs which is the most obvious place that needs the vacuuming.

    The important thing is that he does help and I feel better for it. You just have to think of help like a gift that someone puts a lot of thought into but might not be quite what you wanted. I try not to be too fussy because helpers get demoralised and the alternative is for me to wear myself out doing it myself. At the end of the day the house looks better even if it doesn't look exactly as I would have had it. My husband feels happy because he's done something to help, and I've had a much-needed rest, and look better for it. It's a choice - the house looking perfect or me - and I would come down on me every time!

    Loads of love xxx Annie

  • Your right Annie. Im going to ask for help. Its difficult though because everyone here seems to think i should be back to normal now.

    Thank you

    Love suzanne.


  • ah well that's another problem isn't it. I had thought they were willing to help but you found it difficult to accept. Can't quite believe anyone would think we're 'back to normal' after such a traumatic experience even if you've been told it's cured.

    We'll need to send you loads of cyber hugs. Hope the situation with your step-son eases. It's not easy being a step-mother. I'm lucky as my husband's former wife is very supportive and pleased Martin and I got together and married. I don't think I could expect them to help in the same way as my own daughters though they're really sweet and kind all the same.

    We'll obviously have to keep on taking care of you. xxxx love Annie

  • Thank you Annie its good to know your here for me and want to care about me. Makes things a lot easier.

    Its hard explaining to my family that im not yet back to feeling how i used or that i may never feel like that again. In there eyes im ok now but its just not the case at all. Infact i had a liitle cry earlier today because i dont like the person im left with at the moment I jsut wish i could live like I was before all this happened to me but I cant. But trying to explain that to someone who has never been through it is just impossible.

    Thank you again for being here.

    Lots of love suzanne. xxx

  • Poor you, Suzanne - it all sounds a bit much, not at all surprised you are tired, probably still with knock on effects from treatment. The more I talk to people the more I realise the impact of thus is far longer term than we realise after being declared "clear"- especially when we expect ourselves to be back fighting fit fast! All you can do is try to be a bit kind to yourself to compensate and make sure others don't expect too much either. Clearly a slightly sticky situation with your partners son... Hmm .. Maybe your partner needs to be the one who manages that problem down a bit? You can do without having to deal on top of everything you've been through I would think... Hope things settle down for you soon.


    Sue xxx

  • Thank you Sue.

    Yes your right it does take far longer than we realise Im not coping with that side of things at all I want to wake up vibrant and ready to go in the morning like i used to But now im having to dragg myself out of bed to go to work. I feel tired all day long. My weary body cant take it at the min I just hope i feel better soon and that im not forever like this.

    Thank you for your kind words. My Husbands son Is a delicate subject as we dont get on but my partner refuses too see that. He thinks all is fine but it really isnt im just biting my lip all the time.

    Take care of yourself

    lots of love



  • Hi Suzanne

    Good to hear from you though sorry you are feeling stressed at the moment. Hope you can organise the little treats so that you always have something to look forward to. I do agree with what Sue above has said about your partner's son, you shouldn't have to worry about that after all you've been through.

    Sending you love & best wshes

    Mary xx

  • Thank you so much mary. I hope you are well at the moment.

    Sending back lots of love for your kind words.

    Love suzanne. xxx

  • Hi Suzanne!

    You look great in your photo!

    Have every sympathy with your stress though having 3 stepsons of my own. They were never the tidiest and non- co-operation was the name of the game when I asked for any help! However, they have all left the nest now but I really don't know how I'd cope if they came home to stay for any time.

    Hang on in there,


    Anne xx

  • Thank you Anne I am trying me best not to explode with him. Its tough Going.

    Thank you I hope you are well at the moment.

    Take care

    Love suzanne


  • How strange. I was just reading the blogs as I usually do each day and you popped into my head and I was wondering where you had got to. Sorry to hear you are not feeling too good at the moment. Try not to get too stressed, you must take care of yourself. Virtual hugs coming your way.

    Chris x

    P.S. love the new photo

  • Thank you for the virtual hugs Chris they are always welcome and soooooo needed.

    I dont know what id do without all these hugs.

    I hope you are ok.

    Lots of love

    Suzanne. xxx

  • Hi there Suzanne ,

    So good to hear from you but sorry to hear you are not feeling too good at the moment .

    Love your new photo xxx

    Perhaps its time to take stock and ask for a little more help around the house ..only right to do so as you have your partners son with you for the time being .

    I think your body is telling you to stop and listen to it before you really over do things .

    Time for a glass or two of wine and a few treats ..chocolate ones are always good .....

    Even now I still get very tired but know when to stop and hubby is great at hoovering the stairs for me ....

    I am back at my lunch time job at school now and loving it ..the little ones are just great at keeping you smiling and laughing ..Have a new cleaning job for a young mum with MS and has three boys ..two under 5 .. She does have a amazing mum in law and mum who help her with the little ones ...

    Do take care now xxx

    Love Jan xxxxx

  • Thank you so much Jan. I did reply to this earlier but i have just notice that my reply hasnt gone through.. :(

    My body is very tired but my mind wants to beat it i think.. I am finding it tough asking for help. Becasue everyone at home thinks i should be back to myself by now. (how little they know).

    I hope you are well Jan And thanks again for your message.

    Lots and lots of love

    Suzanne. xxxx

  • Hi there Suzanne ,

    No worries re reply xxx

    I know how you feel ...just because you look ok folk tend to forget just what you have been through and expect you to bounce back to normal ..well that does not happen quite like that in the real world .

    I have been very lucky in that I have had folk telling me to take it steady and to go easy with what I do but back in 03 when I was ill after my blood clot and bleed on the brain I had lots of problems re my head and headaches ..I looked ok but my body told me different and just couldn't do what I wanted to do for a long while .

    At long last I do listen now to my body more and rest more in the afternoons and do put my feet up too . Not an easy task for me as always on the go .

    Try and pace your self and ask for a little bit more help around the house ..everyone needs to muck in and help out xxxx

    Take good care now xx

    Love Jan xxxx

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