Haven't posted for a while, and not at all on this new site, but just to give an update. I think the last time i said my wife was going to be 'hospice at home' palliative care. Well that has changed and she has now been in the hospice 2 weeks. Staff are lovely and apart from the reason she is in there - you couldnt think of a nicer place to stay.

Our daughters and her siblings from all over the world have visited and yesterday we thought she wouldnt pull through - but she did and today she is feeling much brighter and i have taken her for a spin in her wheelchair.

She had 5 litres of ascites drained 3 weeks or so ago and i guess she is building up to pretty near that again. She has very bad Oedema and this prevents her from standing, let alone walking.

Yet with all this she remains the most beautiful, caring and humble person i have ever known. I dont think she has too long left and i will die inside the day her battle ends, but i think god that i found her 44 years ago.

Take care everyone, and ANNIE - good luck at the Marsden, hope it works out for you.

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  • Dear Laurence

    Your post really has touched me. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this but I'm pleased that you felt you could post because I've been wondering about you both whenever I listen to the playlist. Please give Christina my very best wishes - from an online friend she's never met but who still cares very deeply about her.

    It was very sweet of you to mention me and my transfer to the RM. Thanks for that. It seems it was the right move for me.

    xx Annie

  • Dear Lawrence,

    Thank you so much for the update, I am sorry that Christina is not too good, every moment is precious isn't it ? you have always been in my thoughts....I PMd you but not having a reply I feared the worse I am pleased that she is brighter today, please pass on my best wishes.. thinking an praying for you both much love x G x

  • Dear Laurence

    I found your post so moving. My best wishes go to you both and I hope the fact that Christina is surrounded by love and the best of care will always be a comfort to you.

    Linda xx

  • Laurence, While I am delighted to see you post, the circumstances are distressing. It is nice that family and friends have been able to visit, this must be helpful to you both. Having you by her side, as you have been for so long, I'm sure will continue to bring Christina some comfort. Thank you for updating us.


  • Hi Lawrence, thanks for letting us know, we feared the worse but would like to thank you for the PM you sent me a little while ago. My thoughts are with you at this difficult but precious time. Rgds Paul and Sandra.

  • I was so sorry to read this post, I've not been on here so often, just fleeting glances but have been wondering how you are doing. Sending you both my best wishes.

    LA xx

  • Thank you for letting us know how things are. Thinking of you both

    Best wishes


  • I'm sorry to hear your wife is near the end, but she has you to cherish every moment left, with family and friends as well. I'm glad she was feeling well enough to go for a walk in the sunshine today, may the sunshine for a few more days yet, and wish you well for the future.

    Love n hugs


  • So sorry to hear the battle your dear wife is having, how wonderful that she had the strength to enjoy the sunshine with you today.

    Your love for each other shines through the sadness.

    With love to you both Suex

  • I was so sorry to read this, but glad that you took your beloved for a spin yesterday - I hope you share some more precious moments. You are both in my thoughts and my prayers and have been for some time. Cxxx

  • Thanks one and all.

  • So sorry that your time together here is drawing to a close, but so glad to hear of you enjoying the time that is left!



  • My thoughts are with you both.

    God bless. X

  • So sorry to hear this. Thinking of you both. Vx

  • Hi Lawrence, so sad to read your post. Still trying to find my way round this new site. Am so glad the weather has been good and your wife had a lovely time out in it yesterday. At times like this its nice to enjoy the little things we can do. My thoughts are with you at this time. Love keli x

  • So sorry to hear that Christina is so near the end! I am hoping for hospice at home care at the end but realise that I may end up at the hospice! Please give Christina my best and I am sending her as many positive vibes as I can manage!


  • All my thoughts and support go to you and your family at this most difficult of times.

    Christina, thinking of you. X


  • Love and prayers to you both all my best wishes to you from Amanda xxx

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