Hello everyone. just wanted to say Hi.

Im feeling a little better about things at the moment have taken some legal advice and i am just waiting to hear back from them.. I have had an ultrasound scan which has come back clear I get my MRI results on monday. Im going to have a week off work in a copuple of weeks to spend some time with my daughter while she is off school.

I hope you are doing well at the moment.

sending you all big hugs and love..



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  • Hi Suzanne,

    Thanks for keeping us informed... Not a day goes by without me thinking of you...have a nice break from work lots of love x G x :-)

  • Aww thank you G.. :) :)


  • Hi Suzanne

    Al the best for the MRI results and with whatever you decide re the legal advice.


  • Thank you Linda.

    The main thing is at the moment i seem to be feeling more up beat which is grrrrreat. xxx

  • Hi Suzanne

    Hope all goes well with the MRI scan and there is nothing to worry about . Have a great week off . Keep in touch



  • Thank you Ally..

    will update this afternoon on the MRI

    love suzanne


  • Hi Suzanne!

    What a good thing it is to hear from you, especially the news that the scan has come back clear. I'm keeping everything crossed that the MRI results are similarly positive. Enjoy the time with your daughter, it's lovely to have the time with her, I am sure. Are you planning anything?

    Thanks for keeping us informed. It's always lovely to hear that things are still going ok with our friends on here

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thank you Wendy..

    I will update later this afternoon..

    And Thank you again.

    Love Suzanne


  • Dear Suzanne

    It's really lovely to hear you sounding so upbeat and happy. I don't think I can remember another post when you seemed so pleased with the way everything is going for you. I wonder what your top tip is for getting through so much and ending up on top. We could all do with your advice!

    I really hope you have a lovely holiday with your daughter. A girlie week sounds brilliant and hopefully the summer is here and you'll benefit from some good weather.

    I guess the legal advice was about the problems with diagnosis. Sadly the law can be costly so it's sometimes a compromise between what we feel is moral and right and what we are prepared to accept in compromise. Whatever you've decided to do it seems to have been a good move to lift your spirits so well.

    Have a lovely week's holiday. Perhaps a holiday blog with pix would be nice.

    Lots of love xx Annie

  • Hi. Annie. Yes it is all new to me, feeling a little happier and more confident. I wish i could bottle it and send it out to all of you.. I guess i have just decided that i cant let this dragg me down ive been the lowest ive ever been and i didnt like it so now its time to climb the ladder back up to the top.. All i can say is we cant let it beat us.. Head high and keep fighting..

    This forum is the best.. I really love all of you on here and i pray for all of us every day..

    I will try and post some pictures of me and natalie i think we may go to scarbourgh fro a few days. hope the weather improves in 3 weeks..

    Lots of love



  • Good to hear from Suzanne ...

    Delighted to hear your scan was ok .... let us know re your MRI results too ...

    Do hope you have a wonderful break with your daughter you and her will have lots of fun I am sure ..hoping for sunny weather for you too xxx

    Take good care now xx

    love Janet xx

  • Thank you so much Janet..

    I go at 3.15 today for MRI results and if im honest im feeling pretty confident about it.. Which is very good for me as my confidence hasnt been great latley..

    I hope you are doing ok at the moment..???

    love and hugs



  • Hi there Suzanne ...

    Hoping all went ok today xx ....

    Doing ok thanks ..Just need my scan results ..rang hospital this am only to be told the consultant has not got the Ct scan report yet ! Two weeks on Tuesday .... The secretary is very good bless her and is going to see what she can do for me as we are going away next week ...

    Love and best wishes Janet xx

  • Great to hear from you Suzanne and even better that the US was clear.

    Fingers crossed your feeling better now is the turning point for you. I was told once that recovery is like a ladder, we need to try to do everything we can to get up it and equally to try not to loose any of the ground we have gained.

    Try to keep as busy as you can and if you can get some exercise outdoors. I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter.I'm sure she will enjoy the time with her beautiful glamorous Mummy.

    Love as always and good luck on Monday.

    Charlie xxx

  • AWWW Thank you charlie, Its a long time since any one called me beautiful or glamorous. Thank you.. xxx

    I am determined to get myself up that ladder!!

    I hope your ok Charlie???

    lots of love



  • I'm really well Suzanne thanks, this is the best I've felt for 3 summers , and so will you , but it all takes time.

    Hope you get a good MRI report.

    Charlie xxx

  • Hi Suzanne!

    Glad to hear things are looking a bit better for you! Good luck with the MRI and deciding what to do about the legal advice!

    Thinking of you always!

    Margaret xxxx

  • Thank you margaret.

    How are you???

    love suzanne.


  • I can only echo all the comments the others have already made, Suzanne.Super news re the scan. Good luck for Monday - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Have a well deserved break with your Daughter,

    Love Solange

  • Thank you Solange. I go at 3.15 today for MRI results..

    How are you at the moment???




  • Thinking about you, Suzanne, as I see it's nearly time for your appointment. Do SO hope it's good news and also - that the Doctor is running on time. Nerve racking enough without going in late - even though we try and tell ourselves it can't be helped.

    I'm not too bad at the moment, thanks. Getting pretty whacked out having to help my lovely husband as he's having to hop and balance all the time with the help of a walking frame after a foot operation. It makes what he CAN do pretty limited. I've mostly always managed to keep going, come what may, through sheer determination - but am finding it harder and harder. Have bouts of despair-making sheer exhaustion, when I feel sick and dizzy - but luckily they go if I make myself stop. Glad, now, that my Onco said no more chemo even though I have various tumours, and also in my Lymphatic System, as certainly couldn't be able to cope if I was having it. I suppose, too, I'm not very good at following the advice I give others, "Pace yourself" !!

    Had a scan (chest, abdo and pelvis) last Thursday but don't know when I'll hear the results. He said he will write to me and to keep the appointment I have for the begining of October.

    Golly, I've just re-read this - I have gone on, haven't I? Sorry.

    Love Solange

  • Hi Suzanne,

    What was the result of your MRI ? I hope all was well thinking of you love x G x :-)

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