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Hi has anyone else had this?

I hope you,re all ok . Ive got a nagging pain in my right side wondered if anyone else has experienced this type of pain. My op(TAH) was just over 6 mths ago. My tummy works ok (Im taking aloe vera) but this niggle is annoying me. Now im worried that myo/c is there or its in my bowel. Can anyone offer any advice? I see onc in 2 wks but have been in remission for 2 wks! God Bless and love to you all Lynn XXX

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Hi Lynn,

I had lots of pains in lots of places - but especially in my pelvis and abdomen. These went on for over 18 months in one way and another. Remember; your muscles have to re-grow, and when they do, they only have scar tissue to adhere to. I also had persistent pain from the area from which the drain was removed. There is a great deal to heal, and chemo lengthens the process - add to that menopause (if you are having a surgically-induced on), and you've got the full set. I actually always get pains checked out by my chiropractor- they know so much more about the mechanics of the body than the oncologists.

I would take a little ibuprofen and see if it goes away - if not get it checked.

Very best wishes,



Hi Isadora, thanks for your reply.Im not very up to date with all the after effects of the surgery. I was post menopause when i had my op. Im scared dont know if you get like that with every niggly pain!! Hell im negative arent I? I go back asa i said in 2 weeks and will tell onc but i just know it will be a scan or worse a colonoscopy!!! I was only 5 weeks post op when i startes my chemo dont know if thats anything to do with it too.

Can you tell me if my full body scan(From neck to bladder) would have shown up anything in my bowel?? The report says nothing but it does go thru the different organs saying that they are ''in-situ'' and whats wrong with some bits but nothing serious printed there. It doesnt mention my bowel though.

Thank you again Have great weekend!! Love and hugs to you. the scan i had was the one where you drink that funny liquid(tastes like aniseed) then they put an iodine drip in as you go thru tunnel.

Lynn xxxxxx


Hi Lynn

I think if you've had a recent scan, then there is probably not much to worry about, I have had continued discomfort in my lower right side since my op last August, I think that is because a lot of the cancer was there stuck to appendix which had to come out as well. However I did start to get pain high up in right side just below my ribs, which was new pain rather than ongoing pain, which has turmed out to be a tumour in my liver. So anything new, get it checked out, as the sooner it is found the better. Hoping that everything turns out well.

Love George x

Ps the full body scan should have shown something in your bowel if anything was there x

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Hi George ,thanks for reply. I too had my op in Aug last year. But i had my appendix out before that. Its a weird pain cant say its a pain more an ache. Its awful when you got/had cancer that every litle ache or pain you think ''Oh hell is it back???'' I think all of us are the same arent we?My pain is lower down actually just like the appendix pain(not so severe as mine burst) or even an ovarian pain. But i aint got my ovaries now so how can i have a pain ther? Heck im rambling on Once again thanks for your in put i do appreciate it Love and hugs Lynn XXX


Hi Lynn!

I had my second op in December and, for the last month, I have had stitch like pain under my left ribs above the new stoma, such an attractive shade of red! I too was scared, went to the GP and consulted the specialist nurse, who consulted the gynae/onc about my CT scan. There is a "hazy area" roughly where I am getting the pain that they think is post op adhesions. Nonetheless I am scared. Meantime I am taking paracetemol 4 times a day not just as and when. I too was post menopause at diagnosis but I am now experiencing hot flushes and night sweats which I did not get when I was menopausal.

I try not to let this b disease beat me so I push it to the back of my mind and get on with enjoying life.



Hi Lynn, sorry to hear about your nagging pain, just to throw a different angle into the debate, I have had the same, all through 1st and 2nd line chemo and despite repeatedly telling the experts about it, nothing was done. After my last scan when I got the all clear again, I mentioned that I had not been confident of a good result because of the discomfort. Guess what, I have a gallstone which had been showing up in my scans but no one thought to tell me. My pain is on my RHS up near my rib cage, worth asking the question. I am now waiting to see the consultant. Disapointing that they dont seem to take a more holistic approach to things.



Hi Margaret and Harley, many thanks for your replys!! Heck ive learnt a lot from all you girls and it is putting my mind a little easier thanks. I dont know what adhesions are( but like Isadora said scar tisssue forms and has to adhere somewhere!) Its definitely in my lowere right side so i dont think its gallstones but poor you Harley!

As you probably know i live in South Africa and dont know if things are different at home than here. We do get our results (except some biopsies) on the same day which is good but i think the treatment is exactly the same from what ive read on Ovacome. Thanks again and Hope you both get sorted Margaret with menopausal flushes etc and Harley with her gallstone. Love and hugs Lynn XXXX


appendicitis ?


Hi Suzy,thanks for reply. No its not appenicitis. I had a burst appendix when i was 50 and was in ICU for 2 weeks. What a mess. Im trying to think that its not anything bad cos i had a full body scan just 2 weeks ago and surely anyhting sinister would have showed up?

I go for another check up on 22nd March so will ask onc but i really dont want any more tests and internals and scans ive had enough the last 6 months! Hey but thanks for replying Love and hugs Lynn XXXX


Hi Lynn

Had op last Jan followed by 6 cycles of chemo, OC returned december this year so am on 2nd line chemo. Like most of us every pain brings dread into your life. I have to admit i cried like a baby when it came back and went into denial, even delayed my chemo, however 4 chemo's on i have been told that my ca125 is back to normal levels. I totally understand where you are coming from. I developed severe pain lower right abdomen after 2nd chemo and spiralled downwards emotionally, i was convinced something sinister was going on, even thought i might have appendicitis and just kept wondering how much more i would be put through. I waited out the weekend lying in bed hoping and praying it would go away, by monday it had eased and i went into the chemo unit to be told that it probably wouldn;t be appendicitis as it would not get better and that it might just be old scar tissue and i was to return if it got worse or i was overly concerned. It eventually went away. Last week i had my 4th chemo and the pain returned for a few hours, i mentioned it the the onc who told me to keep on top of my constipation medication as that was the likely cause, have to say i've kept on top of it and the pain has not returned.

I hope your pain vanishes sweetheart, I know only too well how awful it is to live with this horrible illness, one thing i've realised is that it is ok to have down days. This site is fantastic and i've learnt so much from it, it has definately pulled me up when i have been down. There is light at the end of the tunnel and most of all there is hope

big hugs xxx



Hi Shabila,Thank you for your reply! Glad you understand about every little pain thing. Sorrry your o/c came back but its looking good if your CA125 is coming down. I pray you will be ok.

I go back for a check up on 22nd and will mention it to onc and see what he says just scared they start with tests and all that. It is a horrible disease and i pray that there was a cure but maybe one day eh?

Go weel sweetheart im sending love and (((( healing hugs)))) to you and hope your remission is soon


Lynn xxxx


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