Treatment for recurrence ?

Hi all my friends, Was wondering if any of you can shed some light on my 2nd line treatment. I have the script for the chemo and it reads as such ....Carbosin( Carboplatin) 15ml.....Carbosin(Carbplatin) 60ml... then Dexona,Emend combi pack,Mylan ondansetron andCipla-ondansetron. On looking up these mesd it seems that the Carbosin is the only chemo drug the rest seem to be for nausea.Why do you think the oncologist is doing this? Is it because the recurrence isn't too bad or what? Im confused.I start on Wednesday but thought Id ask you girls first. Hope you are doing ok Love and big hugs to you all Lynn xxxx

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  • Hi Lynn,

    Nice to hear from you again, I am sorry I am not much help with your question,

    and seeing as you live in S Africa there is no point in me giving you the helpline number.

    I have noticed that most people on HU has been given Carboplatin and Gemsitabine for second line chemo with Avastin...this seems to be the combination that most people are given...Avastin has been passed by NICE for first and second line chemo so I think (at the moment at least) it is the only chance of receiving Avastin on the NHS (but it isn't suitable for everyone) for my second line chemo I had the same as the first Carb-Taxol for my third line chemo I had Carb-Caelyx.

    Best wishes for your next treatment love x G x

  • Hi Gwyn thanks for trying to help. It just seems odd to be given just carboplatin.Love Lynn xxx

  • Excuse my ignorance Gwyn but what HU?

  • Health Unlocked (this forum) but too long to write haha

  • Hi Lynn,

    I am sorry with all the other information I didn't realise it was single agent carboplatin you are going on.

    I have often heard of people having single agent carboplatin.

    Joyce (Revy) died recently (you know the one I wrote a tribute for) well she had OC for almost 15years and in that time she had twelve courses of chemotherapy....eight courses of single agent Carboplatin (so it worked for her) However she did eventually become resistant to Carboplatin and did have other types of chemo until of course the options run out...but fifteen years is an encouragement to us all. xx

  • Hi again Gwyn, thanks for reply. Yes that's a good run 15yrs wow wouldn't that be wonderful!! Hope you are well love xxx

  • Hi there Lynnrsa...

    I was just wondering what type of OC you have and the grade? I think I should know this but my head's not what it was! Love T xx

  • Hi Tina, heck I only know that I was stage 3b but now stage4 They have never told me the grade or what type. I have never asked as I always go blank and numb when I go for check up Thank you for reply love Lynn xx

  • I know the feeling about going blank or numb do you have a clinical nurse specialist you can talk to about your treatment? Otherwise you might have to ask your oncologist maybe take someone with you to take notes. I had single agent carboplatin for my first line treatment.

  • Hi im afraid my oncologist isn't the most sympathetic of Drs. I live in South Africa so I can imagine things different here. What stage were you? I know I had other drugs with my 1st treatment ( actually its my 3rd chemo as I had NHL in 2009). How were you on the single carboplatin? Were you ok? Sorry if Im asking too many questions. On Wednesday before I start the chemo I will make notes and take them in with me.If you have any suggestions as to what I must ask please let me know!.Glad you uunderstood about the ''blank'' thing !love Lynn xxx

  • Sorry me again. I meant to say my CA125 was slowly going up for the full 2years of check ups In November it was 24 then they still said ''DontWorry'' this time its gone up to 41. I was wondering about this being if the higher your CA125 is meaning that there is more cancer present in your body.Heck I hope that question makes sense xx

  • Yes it does mine is currently 121 but I know people whose levels are in thousands. It's more an indicator for inflammation

  • I am Stage IV but low grade and I was absolutely fine it's the best tolerated of all the agents and although it is often given in combination with other drugs it provides the main benefit. I assume they will be monitoring your bloods whilst you are being treated so if it's not effective they can switch treatments

  • Wow those are high CA125 figures. I don't know if im low grade or what only that its now stage IV .I must make a list of questions.I will be having bloods taken and I also have 2 full scans a year from my neck to the pubic bone but Ive had one and the medical ins only pay for 2 so will possibly have to pay for the next one.Thanks for replying and I pray you stay in remission Love Lynn xx

  • Hi Lynnrsa

    I didn't cope very well with Carboplatin as a single agent. However, I think this was because my underlying health at the time wasn't good and I was already tired. I didn't sleep very well because of the steroids, but I think this happens to a lot of people. I've gradually got stronger since then physically although I have a recurrence and so am on pain medication for that. I'm hoping that I'll be much better this time if I have the same. Really, every third week, we gave ourselves a treat by going away overnight somewhere just to be together. I can't say my heart was fully in it, but I'm glad we did it as a distraction and I look back on those trips with fondness .It'd be interesting to hear what other people think of carboplatin as a single agent. Love to you. .. T xx

  • Hi Tina, Im sorry you,re not feeling too well hope you get better asap. I start treatment on Wednesday so will let you know how I go on. This time Im taking a notepad and going to ask lots of questions Take care love Lynn xxx

  • Hi Lynnrsa

    I had a laparotomy is September which made me feel better and I've recovered from the actual op now. I was referred to the local hospice and my doctor and nurse helped me so much, I'll be forever grateful. Hospices aren't necessarily for end stage only any more. They've helped me to not have to use my wheelchair for most of the time which is astonishing in itself. I have disease progression but I'm happy. Thank you for your good wishes. Love T xxx

  • Hi Tina, im glad you,re feeling better and not having to use your wheelchair that's wonderful. Thinking of you love Lynn xx

  • Hi Lynn,

    My Mum has advanced Ov/C and was given Carboplatin first of all. It was the chemo with the fewest side effects and she felt fine on it. It seemed to work wonders for her, she was given 2 weeks to live and she's still around 6 months on and quite determined to be around for a while yet. I hope you have an easy ride with it too.

    Very best wishes, Emma

  • Hi Emma, thank you for your reply I am so glad your Mum is doing well. She seems such an inspiration too tell her I said so please. The Drs aren't always right are they? Love xxx

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