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February 2012 I had a laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy which thankfully gave me a diagnosis of pcos. Ca125 was 8. After various follow ups through the year, in october I discussed with my gyne symtoms which I had recently noted. I have had backpain particulary on left side, change in bowel habits, weight loss which I have put down to being on the go . During the Christmas period I had a popping sensation followed by excruciating pain, nausea and for some time have noticed incresed frequency in urine. Between Christmas and new year I attended a uss trans abdo and trans vag. I explained my symptoms and the radiolographer said I have pcos on right and a 3 cm cyst on my left the scanning was a good half hour and on my left was very uncomfortable. A couple of days later I recived an appointment. I googled the Dr, hospital etc as it didnt state if with a consultant. So here I am the night before the appointment worrying that im seeing a gynecological oncologist tomorrow morning. I really hope and pray its good news.

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  • Hi Sarah,

    I hope and pray it is good news too, I hope all goes well tomorrow, but it is good news that you are seeing the right person.... sending you my best wishes love x G x

  • Hi Sarah,

    I hope it's good news too but if there is anything going on that will need investigating, you will be in the right place. Have a look at my profile, there are a few similarities. Whatever the outcome, you will be reassured that you are going to have the correct tests done. No one can tell the outcome for sure unless all the investigative tests are done.

    All the best to you. Do let us know how you get on. Good luck

    Love Wendy xx

  • Dear Sarah

    Wishing you luck for tomorrow's appointment. This is the worst - worrying about it the evening before.

    Let us know how it goes tomorrow. It does seem as though you're in a good place at the moment and have an efficient and responsible team around you.

    Love and best wishes. xxxx Annie

  • Dear Sarah

    Wishing you good luck for tomorrow, as Annie said the night before appointments and results is always the worst. I hope the anxiety turns out to be needless.

    Love Suex

  • Dear Sarah

    I hope everything goes well today, the day before is always a worrying time but whatever the outcome they will get you sorted out.

    Take care


  • Good luck for today! You do not say whether you are going alone! I was going tomyself but my sister insisted on accompanying me and I suggest that you take someone with you. At this stage you need a second pair of ears / notetaker so that you can take everything in.

    Best wishes!


  • PS I have just noticed that you are on the Wirral. I lived in Hoylake as a ghirl and know the area.

    I presume you are going to Clatterbridge. My sister had treatment for breast cancer there last year and speaks highly of them. I had treatment for post op infection at Arrowe Park in 2010, while staying with my sister in Wallasey, and cannot speak too highly of the standard of care I received there.

    Just to reassure you (I hope).


  • Thanks everyone. Today has been a nightmare I arrived 20mins earlier booked in and half an hr passed then 45 mins, I questioned things. The receptionist had entered the wrong information which meant it was classed as DNA. My partner was so angry, I cant belive I was sat in the waiting room for so long. Another appointment is being arranged. Not very happy at all. I went to the women's in Liverpool, the receptionist that I complained to told me she will be having a word she was discusted :(

  • Oh Sarah! What a fiasco! After getting all ready for it and then ....... I am sure you'll have really good attention the next time though.

    There are a few more women on here who have been treated at the Women's in Liverpool. I know it's been highly spoken of.

    Let us know when your next appointment comes through and keep on trying to stay positive and keeping busy.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Oh no, try not to worry meantime. I would say that you should ring appointments direct to make sure there is one being processed. The same thing happened to me last year (ophthalmology), I arrived, booked in, they told me I would be there all day, for first appointment, they registered me as DNA and said they cannot reverse it but I would get an appointment, when I chased it they said I had to go back to my optician who would write to the doctor who would refer me, so do keep on top of it as this is much more important.


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