Scan Results for Christmas

Hello all

I haven't posted in quite a long time but finished second line chemo (carboplatin) for recurrence diagnosed at end of July (first time diagnosed in October 2012). CT scan followed with my results on Monday. Was relieved to hear good news, no evidence of any cancer left :) and CA125 at 7 (was 195 in July)!

Back to work in January and some kind of normality, just need to get my head round not worrying about another recurrence! My oncologist was great and said still plan for next year and the year after and each day worrying is a day wasted which is so true I know but easier said than done. They have a psychologist in the team at the hospital especially for Gynae cancers so I think I'll make the most of what's offered and have a couple of sessions with her as it can't do any harm. Any coping strategies from the girls out there welcomed as first time I had complete hysterectomy then followed by 6 sessions of back up chemo just to mop up any cells remaining and I was sure it was all over and done with so this time has been a bigger shock and more to take in as I'll probably face another recurrence at some completely unknown time!

Anyway onwards and upwards and wishing you all a lovely Christmas and a positive new year - here's to 2016 being a better year for us all!

Lots of love

Jo xxx

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  • Great, great news. Happy Christmas to you and heres to a wonderful 2016 xxx

  • Thanks and happy Christmas to you and your family too! 🎄 Xx

  • YAHOO !!! Long may it last. Time to enjoy your Christmas, and the New Year. Take Care. Love Trish xx

  • Hi Trish

    Thank you and I intend to enjoy as much as possible before going back to work in January!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Xx 🎄

  • Exactly the same as me. Your post has made me feel much better, especially with your CA125 result. I expect to start chemo in January (maybe), I do think recurrence is a shock, especially when the consultant is so positive about precautionary treatment etc. This OC is such a tough cookie to crack.

    Best wishes for 2016 and good health

    LA xx

  • Hi Lily-Anne

    I read your posts and see you've been through a really tough time and recently with your op, I hope you're feeling a bit better now in time for Christmas.

    Thank you for your reply, I know chemo is tough but it's worth doing and this proves it can do what it's supposed to do!

    I hope you can enjoy your Chrustmas and New Year and that you have some nice plans with hubby and family!

    Good luck for the new year a new start for us and hopefully a positive one!

    Take care

    Jo xxx 🎄😃

  • I think the first recurrence is always the worst from my own experience then you learn to deal with it as it hops in and out of your life. I wish you well, as for coping well, use all that is available to you ie counselling etc, live in the moment forget about yesterday and dont worry about tomorrow. I am a huge worrier but a course in Mindfulness has helped me quite a lot.

  • Thank you for you're reply I will make the most of what's offered after all it can't do any harm.

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas and new year and that 2016 bring positivity for you and you health.

    Jo x

  • That's excellent, very good CA125. Hope you can rejoice. Vxxx

  • Thank you yes very pleased with CA125.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family and a positive 2016


  • Brilliant news Jo. Happy Christmas. Ann x

  • Thanks Ann, happy Christmas and New year to you and a healthy 2016

    Xx 🎄

  • fantastic news Jo, have a great xmas and happy and healthy new year

    love francesca x

  • Great news, Jo!!!! Here's to a happy, healthy new year. Judy

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