Post Op/Chemo Results

To say I've been shell shocked is an understatement. Had the results last Thurs, but still coming to terms with it. The 3 cycles of carbo/taxol post op has done nothing to reduce the tumours left on my bowel and diaphragm. There is no disease south of my navel, considering my pelvis was almost frozen I can be very grateful to my surgeon. Further surgery that was an option at one time is not on now.

Outcome of MDT is to do nothing as I'm asymptomatic. My disease is stable.Will have a follow up appointment in the New Year.

Considering I look and feel well I can take comfort in that and I'm quite happy

not having chemo if I'm not going to benefit from it.

I'm almost afraid to meet with the team, the news is worse every time we meet for results

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  • Hello

    I am so sorry to hear your news. Please do try not to worry. I know that you're still coming to terms with what you have been told but please take comfort from the fact that there are other chemos out there that they may wish to try instead of the carbo/taxol.I know that the MDT won't do anything now but the follow up appointment which they have booked for you in the new year clearly shows that they're not done with you yet so please don't loose hope.

    It is a good sign that you are well and strong. You're right, there is no point of having a certain chemo combination is it isn't doing anything for you, but please remember that carbo/taxol is not the only thing out there.

    We're all thinking and praying for you.

    SA 100 xxx

  • Thank you for your comments, I feel a bit better since I have committed my fears to print. I will be content as long as the beast remains dormant and I can go about my business.

    There are other chemo options out there, they wouldn't use carbo/taxol on me again.

    Onwards and upwards,

    Chris x

  • I'm glad you're feeling better. I know what you mean, a long remission is the goal. Stay strong xxx

  • Hi Chris,

    I am so sorry to hear your news sending you my best wishes and love x G x

  • Hi Gwyn,

    thank you for your kind thoughts. These things are sent to try us.

    Love Chris x

  • And don't they ? xx

  • Hi Chris

    Stay strong, I know it's hard, but if you feel well that's half the battle. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year and try to put it to the back of your mind. My CA125 started to climb in September after only 3 months remission, I am seeing my oncologist on Monday to find out where I go from here and really hoping no chemo until the New Year. I am remaining positive and know there are other options.

    Take care

    Love Linda xx

  • Hi Linda,

    Thank you for replying. If I stay as well as I am I'll be more than happy. Realistically as stage 1V it is going to raise it's ugly head again. By which time I'll be ready for it.

    Hope your raised CA125 isn't significant and doesn't rise too far or better still drop.

    Mine has been dropping in leaps and bounds from over 3000 to 96 and one more blood result to come.

    I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well on Mon and if you need chemo you will be able to delay it till after Christmas

    love Chris x

  • Hi Chris

    I can only echo other's comments. Just draw some strength from the fact you are feeling well and are a symptomatic at the moment. If there are any further developments, which there may not be, there are several treatments which may keep you well. I am glad you don't have to have any more chemo at the moment. It gives you time to re-group and rest a bit. Try to spoil yourself, food, wine, TV, films, whatever takes your fancy. We will all be there with you, sending posivibes and wishes and prayers. Stay as strong as you can :-)

    Love Wendy xx

  • My iPad separated the a and the symptomatic, you know what I mean, I hope ;-)

    Love W xx

  • Hi Wendy,

    I have the same trouble and it's only my laptop won't do what my fingers tell it.

    I'm trying to be as upbeat as possible. I will indulge myself as much as possible, that won't be hard.

    I'm just hoping it will stay asleep for as long as possible.

    Thank you for your kind words

    love Chris x

  • Hi Chris. So disappointing for you that the results weren't better but I hope the disease stays dormant for a long time and you get the chance to do some things you enjoy. And who knows, any option they suggest in the future may have a better outcome.

    Here's hoping

    Linda xx

  • Hi Linda,

    I was more shocked than disappointed, I've been so well and look well (Annie can confirm this) that I fully expected to be told I was in remission.

    This is but a set back, we will come out fighting with more determination.

    Love Chris x

  • Hi Chris, sorry to hear this. It is good that you're feeling well though and I hope that you will have a really good Christmas and that the New Year will bring more encouraging news.

    Love & best wishes

    Mary xx

  • Hi there Chris ..

    So very sorry to read your news but you sound so very positive and determind to battle the beast ...

    Take good care ..Thinking of you xxx

    Love Janet xxx

  • Thank you ladies for your words of encouragement, there really isn't anything else to do but get on with it, the cards are dealt and we have to make the most of it. We get these setbacks that throw us for a while but then we just climb back on and start again.

    I have a few small goals to aim for and looking forward to London in May

    hope you are all on top form,

    Love Chris xx

  • Chris, there are other chemo drugs that you have not tried yet. You've only tried carbo taxol. I'm sure your oncologist will offer other ones.

    Jackie x

  • Hi Chris

    I agree with jackie.... My OC never left really ca 125 was 128 after 6 rounds of carboplatin /taxol... within 10 weeks up to 900 and went into bowel obstruction! OC pushing from outside of the bowel inwards, blocking off the bowel....really poorly, but shrunk down now with steroids and a different chemo... carboplatin and Gemcarb... on 3 rd round and ca 125 down to 325.... my oncologist says there are loads of different chemos which we may have to try.... it is the carboplatin which is the main form of treatment, so one has to hope not to get resistant to it x xxxx

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