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Waiting for my results of ct scan


Happy Christmas and new year to you all <3

I have had my ct scan on the 23rd dec and i now have a pre-op appointment with my gynacologist on january 7th but no arrange date for my op, when i spoke to him on the 3rd dec - which was when i went to get my results for my mri scan which i have every 6 months but this time it was bad news after an internal examination and he said my disease has returned. but he said i have something on my pelvis which is defonately the disease back ( he gave me a internal examination) but i was abit shocked with the news when he told me that i wasnt really taking in fully what he saying but he also said something about my bowel and it getting cut and tied i dont know what he means. he said the diesease has returned was on my pelvis or in my pelvis i dont know i dont like waiting i know its not a long wait but i have so many uncertainties and been trying to understand borderline tumours and its so hard to explain to people that ask what i have. I just think that if the disease has grown back within a year then thats got to be quite bad. i will just have to wait and see on the 7th and he said something about further treatment but he said we will discuss further treatment. i hope everyones well and can enjoy christmas and new year xxx

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Its hard sometimes to take in what is being said while upset with bad news. Hope you get sorted and Happy New Year. Love Carole xx

Please try yo get someone to go along with you on the 7th. Even a f r Iend. Tell him/her of your uncertainties and questions that you wsoull like answered, they can write them down and ask the consultant for you if you find it all a bit too much for you. Good luck. Ann xo

Hi Jasmine. I know just what you mean about how difficult it is to explain Borderline to other people.

My surgeon said it's difficult to explain even to pathologists! Ovacome has a very good factsheet on Borderlines which might help. I always start with what Macmillan says - that it's different from ovarian cancer, but has some similarities. The cells can move and form another tumour, but they can't invade another organ, like cancer. They just sit on it and slowly get bigger. This can cause problems, too, but they are usually dealt with by surgery.

The waiting for appointments is the worst thing. I'm sure you'll feel better when you have a plan. Ann is quite right. Make a list of questions before you go and take someone with you to make notes. It really does help.

Good luck!


I wish you the best for your appointment on the 7th January, I would agree it is wise to take someone with you to this appointment, someone who will be able to take in the facts and who will also a strength to you. You need support at this appointment and maybe once you have a plan of action, you will be far more able to cope with this. Its the waiting which is the worst for you now at the moment, sending you hugs,

Sorry to hear your news. I would agree with the other ladies that if you can take someone with you for the appointment. If you can get your thoughts around things it is a good idea to write down as many questions as you can to take with you .

Hopefully once a plan is in place you will be far more able to cope with the treatment that is needed

Sending you kind thoughts



What a worry for you when we're all supposed to be being jolly....

I hope you have managed to set the worry aside for at least some of the time.

How about making a note every time you think of something you didn't understand?

It's difficult for all of us managing our understanding of disease. And communicating to others.

You can work through getting the answers - not necessarily all from the same person, or at the same time.

The idea of making sure to have someone with you at appointments is a good one. Sometimes they understand things which you don't. If they don't, they may be more able to ask. And they can be good at making sure you've covered everything on your list.

All the best with it xxx

I know that feeling far too well. It feels like a cartoon, you see the consultants mouth moving but can't (or don't want to) hear what he is actually saying. I remember the first time we were told.............it was like tunnel vision! Horrible! Great advice below, take a friend partner or relative with you for a) emotional support b) 2 pairs of ears are better than 1. It makes me recoil to think that the news we have both received over the last 5.5 years, and the way we both come out of the consultation picking up on completely different parts of the conversation. I wish you well Xx

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