why doctors advise for 6 sessions chemo and not more for ccoc ?

please could any one inform me why doctors suggests to make only 6 session of chemo for clear cell adenocarcinoma of the ovary and not more sessions 7 , 8 , 9 ...?

.if we make more than 6 sessions of chemo does it increase the chance for not having recurence or it is the same ?

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  • Chemotherapy is a term that covers a good many drug therapies; but what they have in common is that they tend to be a very blunt instrument. They hopefully (and it often is a 'try-and-hope' process) kill cancer cells and reduce tumours; but they also do a great deal of collateral damage to cells of blood, bones, skin, tendons; everything. Depending upon the patient's ability to withstand the collateral damage, some will be left with problems caused by the therapy itself. It has therefore become an accepted protocol that 6 sessions of some chemo drugs are the best way to hit the cancer hard, whilst giving the rest of the system a chance to recover more or less completey.

    I suspect that, in some people with some cancers, more than 6 sessions run the risk of increasing the chance of reoccurrence because the body's resources are so depleted that cancer cells can return more easily.

    It is a balancing act; and one that not everyone is convinced has reached the correct balance.

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