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Is this the end?

Mum was diagnosed with OvCa march 2013. 3 bouts of chemo and attempted surgery (cut her open and then stitched her up (too much disease))

She then endured 9 more sessions of chemo (carbo and toxo) then surgery where they cleaned up inside but left the primary area still in!!!

Was told she was in remmission to be told a month later 'it's back' - gutted

2 sessions on carbo and gem, blood transfusion and now they've told mum she's too weak for any more. Saddest news ever

Despite that news mum believes she'll get better for more chemo so she's remaining positive. She looks really well but bed ridden.

Guess I have to make the most of my time with mum and enjoy her for the rest of her days/weeks/months and fingers crossed years.

Thank you for letting me share this.

Alison xxxx

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Hello Alison and welcome. There are so many woman with great stories of remission periods on this site. We are all different but there are words of wisdom from those of us fighting the same battle as your mum. OC is a nasty disease. We all continue to forge ahead and fight. I have been battling for 5 years and currently on my 6th line of chemo. At this time I think the best thing for your mum is to concentrate on her surgical recovery to rebuild her strength and keep her comfortable.

Best of luck to you both. Prayers coming your way.




Thank you Carol-B

Keep remaining positive xx


Dear Alison

I'm so sorry you and your family are going through this and I hope we can help to provide some support here. I think you're doing the right thing with your mum concentrating on recovering after what is major surgery and you are spending time with her to help that recovery and keep up her spirits.

Sending you much love and hoping your Mum's situation improves.

xx Annie


Dear Alison.

I'm Sorry you mum is so poorly at the moment. try to stay as positive as you can. Many women here have been bed ridden and very low and are still here today. If your mum makes a strong recovery you could always ask for a second opinion regarding treatment if it was something she wanted to explore.

Lots of love to you both




Thinking of you bothxxx


Hi Alison,

I'm so sorry to hear your mum is a having a rough time but hope and pray she gets stronger and gets good news soon. I know its easier said than done but try and stay positive.

Lots of love and hugs to you both xx


Sorry to hear your Mum has been so poorly, it really is a horrid illness. Just keep on hoping and things may be better than you think. Gill


Dear Alison just read your post and like Carol-b there are so many women on here with fantastic advice and stories,as for me very new my self diagnosed Xmas eve first line treatment of 6 carbon/taxol finished on 4 June ,no surgery for me at stage 4 cancer ,but when I was going through my chemo I was the youngest at 48 all the other ladies were 50s,60s,70,and late 70s all different stages of treatment and fitness and some I thought would not see the chemo through because they looked and where so ill ,but they showed me and made me feel very humble ,yes they may needed blood or draining but the one thing they passed on to me was how to fight ,and I know things do not look good at the moment for your mum but keep her fighting and get her strength back .much love xxxAnn

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HI ANN I haven't ever wrote on this site but I do follow it every day. I was diagnosed nov 4th 2013 with serous grade 3c I also couldn't get surgery but had chemo which finished end of may but I am so disappointed as I had to go in last week to get drained Onc says that he thinks that it must be aggressive as it has came back so soon ca125 up from 50 to 115 .I have had scan and have to get kidney function test tomorrow have an appointment for friday I have been so positive but I feel not so positive now talking about chemo weekly dont know how I will cope. sorry for going on sadie (sadiedoll60)


I finished Clemo feb my ca up slightly see my guy at the end of the month , just would rather have took my chances with the surgery , like you not feeling so positive now


Yes I was devastated doctor said that she wouldn't, be able to take it all out spread all over pelvic area and on the wall of small bowel I live in ABerdeen and unable to get avast an feel everything is against me will just have to wait see what happens on Friday .



Hope things go ok on Friday.

As for the oral drugs and you not getting it - why?

Again, my mum was too old too unfit to have it (she's declined in health over a few years)

Let me know how things go xxx


Did you ask for a second opinion , my guy did think I would get surgery and said he'd see me after for a sweep up , couldn't believe it when at the meeting they decided no surgery would not be able to get yo the tumor lying behind the cavity if the pancreas


Did you ask for a second opinion , my guy did think I would get surgery and said he'd see me after for a sweep up , couldn't believe it when at the meeting they decided no surgery would not be able to get yo the tumor lying behind the cavity if the pancreas


Hi there

Hope you are ok

2nd opinion - no.

Mum is too weak to endure more chemo so the oncologist said 'go live your life and enjoy it while you're well enough'

So, we're taking her places where she wants to go.


Be honest mum looks well albeit fail

Fingers crossed for you.

Awful disease



I was also not able to get surgery I'm thinkin off asking for a second opinion as I feel iv seen women much worse than myself who've had surgery , do you find it hard yo accept no surgery ,


Celtic6648 - mum has been into surgery twice.

First time they opened and closed her up and 2nd time removed the parts they could get to. They left the 'dodgy' ovary as that had stuck to the bowel and mum wouldn't have been well enough to withstand the surgery. So they left it there. I don't feel hard done by as they did what they could for mum. Was a lot worse than the scan showed up.

Keep on going. You are doing well so far. Go for a 2nd opinion if you feel that'll help. It's worth a go.

Hugs to you x

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So sorry Alison to read this, your Mum has been through a lot and so have you. I do hope that you have access to help and nursing assistance. Your Mum needs time to recover from her surgery and the treatment she has had and I hope then you will have many happy days together


Sorry to hear about your mom. I have been battling on since the last 4 years and have defied all the odds of still being here. I was told a couple of weaks ago that there is nothing else they can do for me. I am at present in a hospice and receiving the best pissible care and i feel fantastic compared to last week. As hard as it may be right now, stay positive. If your mom has the will to go on sje will. Sending lotsa positive energy your way.

Shabila xxx


Thank you to everyone who has responded and I send huge hugs to you all

You are all VERY STRONG ladies and I take my hat off to you all

Kisses to you all




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