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I was diagnosed with ov last year.I had surgery to remove a huge mass in October followed by 6 chemo sessions. I had a ct scan last week & am seeing the oncologist on Thursday 21st May for the results.

I'm pretty worried about what happens if the scan is not good as I'm not sure if I want more chemo! I feel very alone in this situation as I am recently widowed & my only son & grandchildren live in the USA.

I'm pleased to have found this site as it is helpful to find people who can relate to the situation.I would love to hear from anyone with the same dilemma

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Hi There,

I am sorry you feel so worried and it must be hard with your immediate family over seas. Please don't feel alone, if you have friends reach out to them and let them know how you feel. We are also here for you in those dark hours. First line chemo is very hard if you were on Taxol and Carbo it certainly took the wind out of my sails. However I have now finished 3rd line with a big dose of Avastin in-between and I have to say I have not felt as good since before all the treatment. Everyone is different and reacts differently but there is certainly a world of experience here on this site. What ever you decide I wish you all the best. If you want to ask me any questions about my treatment please PM me or write here on the site. I've been 4 years on this journey.




Thanks for the reassurance....I can't imagine going through all that for so long & don't know if I could if that's what is advised.I suppose I'm jumping the gun a bit as the scan might be ok! I'll keep you posted.


Hopefully the scan will be OK and you will continue in remission for a very long time. Try to relax as much as you possibly can under the circumstances, do things that you enjoy that will distract you. I know its hard and I am thinking of you xxx

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Trishley - just was reading your postings and just sending you kind regards and hope all is well with you.



Aww thanks Daisies hope you are keeping well xxxxx


We all worry ourselves sick about scans, bloods and doctors appointments. Some times we get nice surprises. It is very hard on you with your family away. Is there any Cancer support group near you or Macmillan nurses that you can talk to. We are always here to help and advise but it is also good to seek cancer groups in your area if there are any. I would hope that the treatment was successful and that you will have a long remission, The carbo taxol is a tough regime it takes a while to recover from it. When finished treatment it is like being set afloat on a raft to nowhere because you dont have the security of the hospital visits etc. Will be thinking of you and come on and chat any time no need to feel alone

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While not in the same position as you, I can understand how lonely you must feel and can only send you warm wishes & hugs and will pray that you will only receive good news when you meet your Onc on Thurs.

Have you someone to attend with you on Thurs - have your list of questions and ask your friend/relative to write down the answers so that you can concentrate on what is said.

Love & Best Wishes.

Daisies xxxx


Hi, I was diagnosed in June 13 with stage 3b OvCa. Like you I had surgery followed by 6 cycles of carbo/taxol which finished week before Christmas that year due to complications with bloods dropping too low. My CA125 had gone above normal levels in Aug 14 and scN at that stage showed a recurrence. I was devastated with this news and was very concerned that I was going to have to face chemo again so soon however the good news was that the tumours were small and I could be left of the watch and wait for 3 months. Scanned 3 months later, watch and wait. Scanned again in March 15, watch and wait again. Next scan due June 15, time will tell but I feel so much stronger in myself now, I am also more at peace with my disease and am grateful that I did not have to rush into more chemo straight away. We all worry coming up to review following scans, its natural. Hopefully your news will be good. Ann xo


Hi my wife is 69 years old and has got ovac stage 3c it was diagnosed in october 20014. She had 3 chemo and then they were going to carry out surgery, until she found they wanted to take more of her organs than expected and finish up with a stoma, and be very pooriy. So she opted to have 3 more kemo and then go on to Avastin, which is where she is at present. I know where the ovac will go in the end, but am not sure what to expect, and would appreciate some guidance, all she wants is stay and enjoy her home as much as possible and not go in hospital. Which i dont no if that is possible, knowing what the future could hold for her

All my love K


Hi Thorntke,

So sorry your wife has this blasted disease. I'm sorry I can't give you the information you seek, but advise you to speak to a Macmillan nurse for help. Also you can chat to a nurse on the cancer chat website. Lots of people here may have more experience than me but I just wanted to send you and your wife a hug. Sometimes we surprise the doctors and I have heard of people surviving and enjoying life for years. I hope your wife is one of these.

Thinking of you both

Aemi xx


My scan was clear! Now it's just "keeping an eye". Who knows if or when this horrid disease will return? In the meantime I intend to make the most of every day starting with giving a home to a pretty little cat!

It's 2am so obviously the insomnia & neuropathy is not ready to set me free just yet!

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend everyone x


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