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Finding out grouping for drugs trial today and first chemo tomorrow!

FInally things have got organised and after spending practically the whole of the last two days at the hospital having every test know to man I am being entering for the mEOC drug trial for mucinous O.C this morning. My first chemo will be tomorrow (it has to be tomorrow as trial stipulates chemo MUST start 6 weeks post surgery which is tomorrow!). So I'm in the slightly werid suituation of not actually not knowing whay chemo drugs I am getting and if I will be having avastin too. I might be all day at hospital tomorrow or just 2 hours.

Feeling slightly sick and nervous at the throught of it all and am feeling like a pin cushion already from all the needles...would love to hear any tips to get thought it all and come safely out the other side?

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Lets not pretend that any of this is nice because it just isn't. But you will be surprised at just how well you can deal with chemo. Without knowing what drug you are on its difficult to talk about side effects except to say that I only suffered from a fraction of the list I was presented with. And normally came home and ate a hearty supper. It helped me to focus on the idea the the chemo was going into battle for you. Its just a shame that battle has to take place inside! Also once you start the sooner the course will be finished and normal life will begin again.

Will be thinking of you.



Thanks, I know I am getting oxaliplatin and capecitabine now (no avastin). At least this means I will only be there a few hours instead of all day.


How you doing? Hopefully feeling relieved to have got one dose under your belt. I keep thinking that I should learn some relaxation techniques to use when having chemo but have never got round to it. Did you have someone with you to chat to?


Heffmeister, Good luck with the trials and well done for getting on them. Keep us posted as to how you are getting on. Yes trials are daunting as you are going into the unknown, I am now on my 2nd lot, but they keep me going and so far no major side effects.

Anna x


Yes my mum took me but it was bit of rush to get back to pick the children up! The trials nurse said it would be only two hours but there was much faffing about first before they started the drugs. Next time will get someone else to take me and mum will do school pick up. Feeling bit sick today but meds are helping plus hand and mouth sensitivity to cold is quite unpleasant. Parts of my arm the oxaplatin went in feel numb still. The capecitabine I'm taking as tablets x2 daily for the following two weeks.

Just hope this different bowel chemo regime will do the trick.


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